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DWTS30 Week 6 - Horror Night Discussion Thread!


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Oooohh wow.... that was beyond creepy. Some amazing storytelling and great choreography from Daniella. Iman's dancing/technique wasn't perfect.... but he did do well with his own dancing, and of coruse he nailed the lifts there.


I actually..... really liked it. 🙈 I'll be in the unpopular opinion and will join Megan.... but yeah really liked that from Iman.


Although I know the scores will be way higher than they should be. :dead: 

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Just now, Elliott said:

Not my fault they’re more entertaining than half of the remaining cast. 💅 

omgg you.:dead: 

Just now, totes4totes said:

I’m starting our fan club now ❤️❤️❤️❤️

omgg. :dead: It's probably a one week thing for me though. 🙈

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1 minute ago, Elliott said:


omgg ok I'll join you. I just think of Megan as the ultimate Iman fan. :lmao: 

Just now, *Chris said:

RIP all of us predicting him to be in the bottom. 

Well I predicted Kenya, so I'll get points there. :haha: 

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