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KO Montage Prediction Time


KO Montage Prediction Time (SPOILERS)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Peedy Chavis vs Berritt Haynes
    • Lana Scott vs Carson Peters
    • Other (if you have one, although I doubt it)

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So here's the thing regarding the non steal pairings:


Shadale and Jim/Sasha were already montaged, so they will be shown in full this time around.


Jeremy/Xavier are the only Team Kelly pairing not on this week, and they are not gonna leave her with nothing on a 2 hr episode, so they are in full as well.


Gymani/Kinsey, LiBianca/Hailey G,

Hailey M/TCS, Wendy/Jonathan and Joshua/Sabrina are already being shown this week


Bella/Katherine were already shown in a KOs promo.


So that leaves us with two candidates for the montage:


Peedy/Berritt and Lana/Carson.


Both from Team Blake. Who do you think will get it? 



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Carson being a fiddle prodigy and the fiddle being his downfall on the show is a storyline that wrote itself, so…


Also, the sh*tshow of the kid who talked about being a “Make a Wish” kid getting the first triple montage in eleven seasons has potential to be highly chaotically entertaining.

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I can honestly see Berritt being a triple montage.

Also, I’m guessing it could also be a way to separate Wendy from Peedy, since Wendy is Blake’s TCO and Peedy is getting a PV anyway. 

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So Peedy was shown, and Jeremy is part of Kelly's only pairing next week on a 2 hr video, so in logic it would be Lana vs Carson.


On the other hand, there is a comeback likely happening, and the most obvious Blake returnee would be Carson. If it happens, they obviously won't montage his KO.


I officially have no clue. We'll see next Monday lol.

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