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Favorite Contestant On Team Ariana(Post-Battles)

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Favorite Contestant On Team Ariana(Post-Battles)  

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  1. 1. Choose one

    • Bella DeNapoli
    • David Vogel
    • Jim and Sasha Allen
    • Katherine Ann Mohler
    • Katie Rae
    • Manny Keith
    • Raquel Trinidad
    • Ryleigh Plank

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1. Bella

2. Ryleigh 

3. Katie Rae

4. Raquel

5. Katherine

6. Manny

7. David 

8. Jim & Sasha*


I think Jim & Sasha could go higher. Watched some of Sasha's tik toks and he can definitely sing. Their audition song was a poor choice to show off their vocals - it was lovely and sweet but that's about it. Of course they were montaged for battles so can't judge there. 

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