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DWTS30 Week 5 - Grease Night Discussion Thread!

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Wow, really gorgeous, stunning and impressive VW from Amanda! I was really looking forward to her in that style and she did not disappoint. Beautiful dancing - great frame, hold and footwork. 


And that leg extension she did in the middle? DANGG. :omg: Amazing dance. And so deserving of the 10s she got.

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Just now, Solaris said:

That was a fun routine from Suni, but parts of that felt more Lindy Hop then Charleston to me

I felt that Lindy Hop should have been in the lineup, this week. 

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11 minutes ago, totes4totes said:

Lol if this were real Grease, Amanda would be the most miscast Frenchie. Should have made her a Sandy tonight.

LOL yeah that was the most disappointing thing for me. :haha: 


But her dance was amazing as it is..... so I'll forgive it, lol. :haha: 

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