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DWTS30 Week 5 - Grease Night Discussion Thread!

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A nice tender VW from Iman there. He did work on and had some elegance in some of his movements when he's out of hold. But yeah.... when he gets in hold, he is quite hunched over and the posture is off/not good for ballroom dancing. :( He did perform it nicely but yeah dancing wasn't too great.


Wow Bruno was the tough one and Len was the nice one to Iman. Shocking.

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14 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Honestly wish someone would’ve done a routine inspired by the iconic Grease 2 because I would have no choice but to stan


13 minutes ago, *Chris said:

What is with Carrie Ann & Bruno getting boo'd and Len getting applause? What a journey!

IKR? That really shocked me. :haha: 

11 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Carrie Ann giving two women a 9 and the man a 7? Is she feeling okay????


10 minutes ago, Solaris said:


She's prepping to giving Cody 10s

We'll see. He's the only man she hasn't really scored that high yet. :haha: 

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I love "Greased Lightnin." A great fit for The Miz there. :yes: 


Really fun and entertaining Jive from The Miz. He's such a great and energetic performer. Light on his feet. He did seem a little excited which messed up some of his technique and I do think technically, he could have had some sharper kicks and flicks. But still a very fun and enjoyable dance.

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