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DWTS30 Week 5 - Grease Night Discussion Thread!

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Melora does really shine with these broadway/musical esque themes with her routines. A really good and fun dance from her. The song was a weird match for a VW (as it was more of a fun type of dance), but she danced it beautifully and performed with fun and joy there. :yes: 


When I read she got some criticism, I thought she had some lower scores than 9s. :haha: 

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12 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Glad you are here although a bit behind. 

Thanks. Me too! Ugh something came up that made me a little later than usual but here none the less. ❤️ 


14 minutes ago, aliasocfan said:

The song and style of dance wasn't a perfect fit for me. 

I felt this same way. 


13 minutes ago, aliasocfan said:

Melora is great at bringing personality and character to her dances. 



10 minutes ago, *Diana said:

Oh okay judges, I see how it is. the one week I DO predict Melora to get a ten you don't give her one?


slap slapping GIF

Ugh I know.... me too. :dead: 

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Just now, rpryor03 said:

also, apparently maryse is a quebecer? i stan her already

She was born in Quebec but was raised in New-Brunswick, literally 45 minutes from my hometown. 

I actually know people who are related to her :haha: 

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