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DWTS30 Week 5 - Grease Night Discussion Thread!


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Really cute and fun Quickstep from Melanie. It did feel a little slow and timid at the start of the Quickstepping part but she did bring the energy more as the dance went on. She danced and performed it very well, as a whole. :yes: 

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1 minute ago, *Diana said:

Cody is like Mel where he would have benefited from a different a pro. 



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Think the biggest thing he would have benefitted from is not getting COVID. (Not that I blame Cheryl at all because it doesn’t seem like she broke protocol) (that we know of)

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3 minutes ago, Solaris said:

Melanie was good, but like after the last several of routines I'm very meh aboot it

I kinda felt the same. 🙈 Ugh I probably would have loved it more if it was on earlier in the night.


4 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I usually don’t find Gleb hot. Tonight however:

scary movie 2000s GIF
GIF by Canal Megapix

daddy fonsi GIF

LMAO I can't wait until Alex sees this post. :lmao: 

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