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DWTS30 Week 4, Night 2 - Disney Villains Night Discussion Thread!

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3 minutes ago, *Diana said:

I have a super yikes feeling with all the talented females we have this season, we are going to end up with a final 3 with 2 men who dot not deserve it because the judges over score them for breathing.

Jimmie, The Miz, and Suni Final 3 incoming I fear... 

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1 minute ago, *Diana said:

I think one of those and the Miz (I think the Miz is a lock the general public LOVES him)

Oh true. Forgot about him because I actually like him :dead:

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10 minutes ago, rpryor03 said:

I hate people that wear matching shirts as a couple, and I hate it even more when they do it at Disney. Also, this routine is not as good as John and Johannes's from Strictly this weekend.

You said it all perfectly here.


9 minutes ago, Solaris said:

im over the reused songs paired with the same styles


9 minutes ago, sublymonal said:

BAG is by far the worst contestant left in this

Yeah, agreed. At least Matt and Iman are improving. Brian.... Is not. :(


6 minutes ago, *Chris said:

They want him gone. 

Only reason to explain him being scored fairly, and them overscoring others. 

Yeah, I feel certain he is going tonight.

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2 minutes ago, rpryor03 said:


I know someone says every year what we need Craig over here, but I'll say it again - I need Craig's scoring over here too.



As annoying as his refusal to give great dances 10's is, at least he is actually harsh and critical of the bad dancers.

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Ooh I really liked that routine that Lindsay choreographed for Matt.


I thought he danced it fine. He had some good moments nug had moments where he needed to give sharper lines and more passion. A very good effort.


I think he is improving. I don't think he's as bad as IDF says he is. 🙈

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