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DWTS30 Week 4, Night 1 - Disney Heroes Night Discussion Thread!


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7 minutes ago, *Diana said:

say that to Amanda and Alan LOL...........

Lol good point.


It applies to some people. :haha:

6 minutes ago, *Amanda said:



IIRC, they haven't used Can You Feel the Love Tonight. That is like the perfect Rumba/Contemporary song.

For real.


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Oooo wow, I really liked The Miz's Quickstep. That was a lot of fun and very good.


He had a good frame, light and fast on his feet and really liked how he handled the Mickey challenge. Yeah lack of body contact at times. 


But Witney is doing wonderful with him. :yes: My favorite from him so far!

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1 minute ago, ILuvCarrie4eva said:

Is there an elimination tonight, this week would be a perfect double elim week, but they havent said it once yet.

It's not even clear if we will have an elimination tonight or tomorrow.

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2 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Fun dance from The Miz. Definitely feel like he's finale-bound and that the casuals love him.

That + he's growing and getting better each week. :yes:


1 minute ago, *Amanda said:

So, Kenya has Contemporary so I'm just waiting for them to complain about how she incorporates this dumb challenge into a dance that doesn't work with it. :dead: 

I THINK it can work well with a Contemporary? But we'll see. :haha:

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