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DWTS30 Week 4, Night 1 - Disney Heroes Night Discussion Thread!


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Oooh Matt dancing his Quickstep to the same song as Milo is such a tall order.


Hmm interesting dance from Matt. Distracting and odd outfit there. But I thought he did mostly well, and (probably) his best dance yet. It was fast and he coped with it. i did like it.

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Pretty good Paso from Jimmie. I did feel some parts were a bit slow with some walking through it and could have had more attack. But other parts had really good and sharp attack to it. He had the character down for the style. And he did very well with the Mickey dance challenge. :yes:


Overall, pretty good and really enjoyed it!

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3 minutes ago, *Diana said:

How is Jimmie on the same level of JoJo last week? 🤔 like no lol 


1 minute ago, aliasocfan said:

I get a headache thinking about comparing scores from one week. 

Let alone multiple weeks.

Yeah, its not a good idea to compare scores from last week to this week, as scores are bound to get inflated for Disney night. :haha:



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