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DWTS30 Week 4, Night 1 - Disney Heroes Night Discussion Thread!


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Just now, *Diana said:

well, I expected a lot more. I hope tomorrow is more slayage.


Just now, aliasocfan said:

Absolutely beautiful

The song is one note so it's hard for the dance to go anywhere. 


My feeling exactly. 

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Just now, *Wallace said:

I feel like we always have JoJo's VW song on Disney Night, over these last few years. :lmao:


Really beautiful and elegant VW from JoJo & Jenna. It was smooth and JoJo led that very well.

It's such a basic song and the routine never really go anywhere. 

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15 minutes ago, rpryor03 said:


At least it's not another "sketch" like the last few weeks.

Thank goodness. :haha:

7 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Was it out of this world ? Not really. But it was beautifully danced from start to finish. 



7 minutes ago, *Diana said:

JoJo first? I can NEVER predict that question right like ever LOL

Ugh, me neither. :dead:


6 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Same. Worst part, I was debating between her and Suni :dead: 

Lmao I never expected a VW to open the show. :lmao:

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