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DWTS30 Week 4, Night 1 - Disney Heroes Night Discussion Thread!

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Just now, *Amanda said:

So, they have Cody who's one of the better male celebs of this cast and HE'S the one the judges decide to actually critique. :dead: 

They never cease to amaze me :wub: 

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46 minutes ago, sublymonal said:

We just drove into Quebec.


Elliott is currently arguing with me about the translation of French signs.


Keep in mind, I speak French and he does not.


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Fun dance from Cody. He does really with with the side by side content.


I do.wish there was more Jive content, as I do think he's capable of it. The 6 was kinda low, I think.

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Just now, *Chris said:

Again, another overused song when they could have used "Into The Unknown" or "Show Yourself".

Exactly. But this show has never been creative with its Disney night song choices. :haha: 

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3 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Start calculating the scores now since I want to predict for tomorrow night & flop again :wub: 

I.don't think I'll have time to do so tonight, as I got to prepare the next form. :haha:


Plus there are parts I can't calculate yet.


3 minutes ago, *Diana said:

I just had a scary thought both Jimmie and The Miz in the finals 🤢although i think Miz is a lock. He is so likable 


Jimmie is likable too.


But I think this could be possible, but I'm not sold on Jimmie getting there yet.

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