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Derek Watches Benelux Seasons

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On 9/24/2021 at 12:06 AM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches SYTYCD NL1


Remember, I don’t have any context like auditions or rehearsals or judging or even eliminations or what styles people are. Just routines.


Top 18 Week

  • Group routine - acceptable
  • Uri/Anuschka Broadway - Acceptable until Anuschka did terrible chaines and then couldn’t recover from her split at all lol
  • Ivan/Sigourney samba - his hair is bad but he tried to make something out of this. She was like.. a sedated sack of potatoes
  • Gianinni/Anne-May - I love how they just stood there for like four 8 counts lol. AND THEN SHE KEPT STANDING THERE LOL. He seemed pretty good but she could kind of be anyone. THEN THE BAD LIFT! Oh and she’s running/flailing. Oh man, she’s got some clothes. she’s on the ground. she’s spinning clothes. she’s leaving. This was wild in a bad way
  • Bram/Julia Jazz. Holy sh*t they take forever to start dancing on this show. This was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen
  • Giotta/Ceraldo Disco -  OH. OH OH OH. This girl is SCARY. She’s going to sneak into my house while I’m sleeping. The lift into the spin while he’s doing the pony is making me lol
  • Alessandro/Dapheny Waltz - This seemed whatever-but-passable until her dress got stuck which was distracting and then they did the… idk what it was… natural rolls while she’s limp like a corpse? Horrifying.
  • Giorgio/Marielle Contemporary - I hope he’s not a contemporary dancer because his ankles and feet… no. Wtf was getting into that first lift??? And a very UNFLATTERING lift at that. Ew wtf is happening. Another awful lift set up then he grabs her with his flipper feet and throws her WHAT IS HAPPENING. Oop and there’s a camera in the shot lol
  • Timor/Annemiek Rumba - This is when I first discovered how Timor carries this season on his back through the Top 10 and beyond. But it will still be a while before I am able to differentiate Annemiek from the other “A” named girls lol. GIRL FIX YOUR KNEES AND ANKLES. I swear these girls are like bags of joints. I love a developpe that extends and then just stops before the knee is fully flexed because the girl has awful knees. Even so, this is easily the best of the week.
  • Boris/Eline Hip Hop - Are all these guys hip hop dancers? These two really fought to make this routine work. Decent for what it was. LOL the camera gets a huge glare from a spotlight and just STAYS THERE. Who is directing this?? I’m blind now.
  • DFYL: I only have boy solos and idk which ones are from Top 18 week so I’m going to guess the first 3?
    • Alessandro: WTF HAPPENED???? BBY R U OK??????? WTF he starts over again????? I don’t have anything in between idk what is going on lololol. Well he’s a ballet dancer I guess
    • Giorgio - and he’s a break dancer lol. This is basic but I like that he can split
    • Bram - kind of odd but worth keeping him around. If he calms his facials
  • Eliminated (based on the front page lol):
    • Dapheny and Alessandro. I’m giving them the side-eye for dropping the dark-skinned girl first but overall this is fine.


Top 16 Week

  • Group Hip Hop - This is whatever (LOL at I think Ivan just sadly clapping in the middle) but the music mix is awful and WHO CUTS THAT BUSTA SONG RIGHT THERE???
  • Bram/Julia Jive - Not these two again. lol wtf happened when they suddenly dropped out of the camera frame?? GIRL THAT KICK. GIRL THAT LIFT. She’s like 95% elbows. And another insane music cut at the end.
  • Giotta/Ceraldo Lyrical - Uh oh scary girl is back. And she brought her ankles. Some of these dances do this thing where there’s choreo on only 1-2-3-4 and nothing on 5-6-7-8. Or choreo on 1-2 and nothing on 3-4. Odd.
  • Uri/Anuschka Hip Hop - This was basically the running man for 2 minutes. Poor Anuschka could not function by the end of this lol get a stretcher for her
  • Gianinni/Anne-May - who invited this girl lol. Fell out of her 2 tiny pirouettes. And the cane section was excruciating. Get this guy a new partner. OMG HER LAST JETE. I don’t think she even knew what heels were before she got this routine.
  • Timor/Annemiek Hip Hop - This is good in any context. But after watching the rest of these routines it’s magical.
  • Giorgio/Marielle Cha Cha - Giorgio did the impossible and was worse than one of the NL1 girls. No really I’ve been hating on the girls but whatever is happening with Giorgio in this is unacceptable. Like Cedric levels. With insane face pulling.
  • Boris/Eline Foxtrot - this was fine until she slipped and then whatever tf that lift was. I guess they recovered. Oh, this boy has kicks
  • Ivan/Sigourney Contemporary??? - after all those terrible dances these two still managed to pull the most bizarre choreography of the season so far. They kept looking like they forgot it and were just looking at each other. WTF the chest bumps I can’t. She pets his hair in the end. Sure.
  • DFYL from this week maybe????
    • Boris - oh man is he a contemporary dancer??? Now I’m not sure about him anymore lol
    • Uri - you can stay
    • Giorgio - you can leave
  • Eliminated:
    • Eline and Giorgio. idk what her solo was but she didn’t seem like the worst girl of the week. Giorgio was the worst boy though, bye


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On 9/24/2021 at 1:14 AM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches SYTYCD NL1


Top 14 Week

  • Group Routine - NO THEY DID NOT put the boys in hot pants for a Kylie song. I live. Kylie rankdown when? omg they put the word “WOW” on the screen confirming that I’ve lost my mind
  • Timor/Annemiek Quickstep - acceptable. You can tell by the way Annemiek carries herself that she’d be hard to lift (I speak from experience lol) but Timor never struggles whatsoever
  • Uri/Anuschka Jazz - Aww I liked this. Is that Natasha Bedingfield?
  • Bram/Julia Hip Hop - she has like 40% of his energy in this and that hat is killing me. But otherwise passable
  • Boris/Marielle Hip Hop - Thank goodness she lost Giorgio. Have I lost all my standards or was this also kind of good? idk about the lip syncing tho lol
  • Giotta/Ceraldo Broadway - Scary girl is back and she’s easing on down the road to murder you in your sleep. Idk what Ceraldo did in this besides wiggle his tongue because I was so fascinated at the disaster happening with Giotta.
  • Gianinni/Anne-May Contemporary - WTF THE CHEST BUMPS ARE BACK. One of the most unmusical pieces of choreography, it’s like the wrong song was playing. But apparently Anne-May is not totally useless
  • Ivan/Sigourney Paso Doble - Oh, this was dancers actually dancing a dance. Who would have thought.
  • DFYL from this week maybe:
    • Ceraldo - this was fun
    • Bram - Weird, I think I’m over him
    • Ivan - was he really in the bottom after the Paso?
  • Eliminated:
    • Ceraldo and Giotta - Hmmm not sure I would have sent Ceraldo home but at least Giotta now has more free time to steal teeth from small children or whatever her day job is


Top 12 Week

  • Group Routine - Is this Fame but in Dutch? Why are they all wearing 80s workout clothes? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. OMG there is a live singer what is happening
  • Ivan/Sigourney Hip Hop - This song makes me think of Jack/Kate. And this routine also makes me think of another season because it’s actually decent haha. But I don’t understand the rose petals at the end, wut. But I guess this is the week Ivan fixes his hair, good for him.
  • Bram/Julia - Bram you forgot your shirt. Cute concept that led to some insane styling. Cute choreo. Wtf style is Julia and why does she let Bram of all people outdance her
  • Boris/Marielle Tango - Ummm what kind of Tango opens with the guy just casually jogging onto the stage. Ooo and he’s ACTING now. I feel like a red tucked in turtleneck is kind of an oddball costume. omg the ending is all over the place
  • Timor/Annemiek Contemporary - Lol Timor casually doing a ponche in the back. Thank goodness he’s here. Annemiek next time just ask the choreographer to not give you any unison with Timor. And work on your ankles
  • Gianinni/Anne-May Hip Hop - ooo this girl is dead weight again
  • Uri/Anuschka Pop - They got through it, not the worst
  • DFYL
    • Giannini - best solo of the season yet
    • Uri - fine
    • Boris - Uri is dull but you have to do better than this to beat him, bro
  • Eliminated:
    • Anne-May (finally, geez) and Boris


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On 9/24/2021 at 2:58 PM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches SYTYCD NL1


Top 10 Week

  • Solos
    • Bram - his faces, the music… I don’t understand what this is.
    • Anuschka - this was whatever but I literally jumped when she went off stage in the end lol
    • Uri - really really really questionable feet
    • Sigourney - what style does she think she is? I’ll tell her: bad commercial dancer.
    • Giannini - thank you
    • Julia - see Sigourney
    • Timor - see Giannini
    • Marielle - best girl
    • Ivan - standard male ballroom solo
    • Annemiek - passable
  • Group Salsa - a mess. they didn’t even touch each other until it was half over. terrible ending
  • Anuschka/Bram hip hop - Hmm I think I hated this. What was up with her being in that back bend position for like 2 hours in the middle there? Bram is past his expiration date.
  • Uri/Sigourney Waltz - Is this Bjork…??? Uri looks like he has a gun to his head forcing him to do this. I’m over Sigourney
  • Giannini/Julia contemporary - okay fine this was great. dammit Julia.
  • Timor/Marielle hip hop - haha is that the PCD performance mix of this song? This was kind of crazy but I didn’t hate it
  • Ivan/Annemiek - I’m dying at Ivan going out there wearing a regular ass T shirt for this. Props to Ivan for always trying to do the most to make things work. The double death drop was terrible and the last pose was bad.
  • Eliminated:
    • Uri - he’s dull so not surprised I guess
    • Marielle - ………..CHOICES


Top 8 Week

  • Solos
    • Bram - …
    • Annemiek - KNEES. FEET.
    • Ivan - it took me a while to realize this was Ivan lol. I don’t even know what to say about this
    • Giannini - work
    • Anuschka - .. this is a Top 4 girl, how
    • Timor - work
    • Julia - ……has anyone ever played QWOP?
    • Sigourney - I don’t think I have a video of this solo but I’m sure it was bad
  • Group hip hop - the host lady just shot them all to death at the end, wtf
  • Guest routine: Burn the Floor. If this wasn’t so blurry I might be able to pick out someone like Sharna in this
  • Bram/Annemiek contemporary - I actually didn’t hate this
  • Ivan/Sigourney hip hop- omg Ivan just cannot get rid of this girl lol. The feathers were pointless but this was acceptable
  • Giannini/Anuschka Rumba - she’s still a bit scary but this was fine
  • Timor/Julia Broadway - she was getting outdanced when she was with Bram so you can imagine how this went for her
  • Eliminated:
    • Bram - finally, the only option really
    • Sigourney - wow I didn’t like her but I’m also surprised Anuschka has stuck around this whole time wtf


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On 9/25/2021 at 12:13 AM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches SYTYCD NL1


Top 6 Week

  • Solos
    • Timor - last freeze was cool but otherwise just fine
    • Anuschka - this went nowhere, who is voting for her
    • Giannini - a little static for him
    • Annemiek - I’ll allow it
    • Ivan - interesting, clever, cheeky. this f*cker lol
    • Julia - her best, easily
  • Group Routine - the triple butterfly was cool but otherwise why did they bother with this
  • Timor/Anuschka hip hop - imagine working your ass off to make the Top 6 of a competition show and then you have to be partnered with Anuschka. lol actually it didn’t really matter because this was 99% unison
  • Giannini/Annemiek Jazz - …………. this was a waste of their talents. Her party city bra thing is offensive.
  • Ivan/Julia Contemporary - so I guess this is when Ivan decides he wants to win the show. If this was the only week I saw Julia I might not hate her.
  • Timor/Anuschka Samba - Timor says “don’t forget about me guys.” 
  • Giannini/Annemiek Waltz - lol this song. They tried. someone put shoes on this girl so I don’t have to look at her lazy ankles
  • Ivan/Julia hip hop - wtf was this???? SexyBack into Thriller? Drugs were involved here. They tried but this was bad
  • Elimination:
    • Giannini - ugh bummer but against Timor and Ivan it was a tough battle
    • Anuschka - I can’t believe I’m saying “FINALLY” to another girl elimination while Julia is still here



  • Group routine: costumes by CA1 Nico lol. Timor carries this like he’s been doing to everything the whole season
  • Solo
    • Timor - HE THROWS IN A SWITCH LEAP. Am I a Timwhore?
    • Julia - aaaaaaand the Top 6 spark is gone and I’m very much over her again
    • Ivan - this was whatever but then he gives the rose to his mom or something. THIS F*CKER
    • Annemiek - no thanks
  • Judges dance together - this guy is scary
  • Group routine??? - this is like Dutch Footloose and I am wondering why they are all wearing cowboy hats… did I forget that Footloose is a country western movie or is this just how they see America????? I’m dead.
  • Ivan/Annemiek Contemporary - this is some high-concept sh*t and I didn’t hate it
  • Timor/Julia hip hop - posters of Timor in your room? Believable. Posters of Julia in your room? Not believable. For the love of god put shoes on these girls to hide their feet
  • Timor/Annemiek Tango - This guy is just a master salesman. also it wouldn’t be NL1 without an oddball music cut at the end
  • Ivan/Julia Jive - wow this was so much better than her last jive. thank you Ivan
  • Annemiek/Julia Broadway - there was really no reason to do a girls routine this season. The surprise voguing remix at the end had me gasping for breath
  • Timor/Ivan hip hop - this was fun
  • Top 2:
    • Ivan - obviously
    • Timor - obviously
  • Winner:
    • Ivan - aside from Ivan having a stunning face I’m not really understanding how this happened lol


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On 9/25/2021 at 11:38 PM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches NL2


Week 1

  • Els/Angelo Cha Cha - omg it’s been so long since I’ve seen a girl with actual lines, I’m in shock. The phone number banner was a little distracting. The last section with the rolling was cool, that last flip with her leg up LOL I guess there’s been a sliiiiiight glow up from NL1
  • Kris/Shiobian hip hop - oh look they have a new host this year. REALLY questionable camerawork and the cinderella shoe moment was not what I want to see lol but after that this was actually solid and cute
  • Samuel/Suzanne hip hop - oh we’re doing SexyBack again lol. She looks like Tahlia from Cycle 12. Can someone please explain to me how you are going to do an open shirt reveal to a f*cking Tshirt. How many layers does this guy have on???? Anyway this was actually decent as well. Has there ever been a glow up as hard as NL1 —> NL2??


Week 2

  • Els/Angelo Quickstep - this week they improved the phone number banners a bit. Ummmmm this routine blew me away and I was literally applauding at my laptop afterward.
  • Saartje/Michael Modern - omg WHAT he’s a beautiful dancer. I loved this routine and she was good too. every contemporary dancer in the country watched NL1 and decided to fix the problem


Week 3

  • Els/Angelo Fast Hip Hop - lots of partner work for a hip hop and they nailed it, obvs they nailed the unison as well. Y’all have been hyping me for these two but it’s definitely clear they were meant for this kind of show


Week 4

  • Els/Angelo lyrical Hip Hop😭 I’m assuming Els is a contemporary dancer based on her legs in the other routines… have we ever seen a contemporary girl get the subtleties of a hip hop like this before?? Genius music choice
  • Michael/Suzanne hip hop - oop I guess Saartje is dead. I just watched Els/Angelo do two hip hop routines, so this needs to go away


Week 5

  • Kris/Els Popping - jfc Els pulls another hip hop, when is she going to do contemporary.
  • Michael/Shiobian hip hop - I don’t understand the styling but this was good enough
  • Angelo/Suzanne contemporary - WOW okay, I see you. So apparently Suzanne can dance? This was amazing


Week 6

  • Els/Angelo Waltz - Els is forever a ballroom hip hop dancer lol. I’ve almost forgotten the state of ballroom on this show during NL1 because these routines have been so good. GORGEOUS. Els is obviously sleeping with the costume person because her outfits are on point


Week 7

  • Els/Michael Quickstep - wait has Els gotten Quickstep TWICE but no contemporary??? And she still wins lol.
  • Angelo/Evelien Paso Doble - oh look, a new dancer lol. And she’s wearing a big ugly tarp for a dress, smh you have to be nice to costuming Evelien, just ask Els. The last lift section was slick as hell and thank goodness NL2 doesn’t have awful music cuts at the end anymore.
  • Evelien/Angelo hip hop- um who tf is this person at the beginning, another host? Two hosts? I’m lost. bad song and bad choreo. That last pose was…. something
  • Kris/Suzanne Modern - hmmm I’m on the fence here. music great and some really nice moments by the end, but in the beginning there was nothing happening at all


Week 8 Finale

  • Els/Angelo - IS SHE EN POINTE? cruel twist of fate that this is the most ratchet video quality of them all hahaha
  • Evelien/Angelo Tango - ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm HOT. this made me feel things, I need an adult
  • Els/Michael Rumba - I bet this would have looked even better with Angelo
  • Evelien/Michael Hip Hop - cute, fine. next.
  • Michael/Angelo Hip Hop - remember that time contemporary dancer Nick L danced with hip hop dancer Jamile in the finale and the contemporary dancer actually did well? This was not that
  • Els/Angelo Battle - um are finale battles a thing here? the camera operator needs to go die



  • Not much to say except Michael’s DYFL tumbleweed thing was bonkers. But then in his next solo he’s got shoes on… I will not accept a contemporary solo in shoes, sorry. Then he’s also hopping in all his balances and plays leg-guitar… jail


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On 9/30/2021 at 11:03 PM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches NL3


Top 18

  • Raquel/Stefano - Disco - Boogie Wonderland: not once in the history of the world has that lift swinging the girl around the guy’s legs looked good. Oh well. Also lol at his tilt in the beginning. These are the kinds of clues I need to figure out what style everyone is, hahaha. This was whatever overall. Oop Dan didn’t like it
  • Stephanie/Caggie - V.Waltz - Hijo de la Luna: okay well I didn’t really follow the drunken storyline here and it was pretty bumpy in hold. Uh oh Euvgenia looks kind of mad lol.
  • Cheroney/Junes - Hip Hop - The Way I Are: her look is giving me Julia Mitomi vibes. Also why do I hate this guy instantly?? Biting finger to be sexy is automatic disqualification. This piece was a big nothing and the camera went cuckoo at the end.
  • Hettie/Floris - Jazz - Rehab: omg Jay-Z is on this track lol. I hate that move where they get off the floor backward over their toes. This guy is kind of goofy and forgets he’s performing sometimes, yet Hettie is still letting him outdance her in parts smh. Umm Dan really loves Floris for some reason. At least he admitted it was far from perfect because a lot of the partnering was just bad
  • Lise/Chico - Modern - One: idk about this song, but this was fine. Some interesting moments but mostly whatever. wtf is going on with this guy’s hairline. Also lol at her just standing there for like three 8 counts
  • Agar/Jesse - Cha Cha - Let’s Get Loud: this was mostly passable. he looked kind of like a ballroom dancer but she looked labored by the middle/end of this. Also what is up with this show’s obsession with the foot cam lol
  • Natascha/Eldrick - Lyrical Hip Hop - Love the Way You Lie: oooo look at this couple 👀. omg she’s taller haha. I’m on the fence with this routine. Didn’t do enough. But I think I like them
  • Evelyne/Joren - Broadway - When You’re Smiling: idk if it’s his outfit but something seems unusual about his body proportions. Anyway, ew the movement they were given didn’t match this song at all. And they put like 5% energy into it, which made it worse. Ok, Dan hated it too lol I’m not crazy. OMG Dan’s comment to the audience is hilarious.
  • Enora/Lorenzo - Modern - Sorry Seems to Be: WHAT is going on with his hair, it’s like he left the barbershop in the middle of his haircut. And this song is atrocious. Even with all that, this was my favorite of the night. Why did they cut to some random guy in the audience at the end. Okay I don’t speak Dutch but I’m hearing padre and papa and they are hugging now so I think I get it lol. Oh and he wears a hat on the weird side of his hair. Doesn’t excuse it but okay
  • Group - Animale: um why is the host molesting people before the routine. Oh wow Chico can move. This was probably better than all their previous season group routines. But Cheroney kind of dances ahead of the beat… UM who tf is this random guy who comes on stage in the middle of this
  • Eliminated
    • Cheroney: kind of a random choice except for the group routine but whatever fine
    • Joren: yeah that tracks


Top 16

  • Stephanie/Caggie - Jazz - Stepping Stone: I liked her in this. He kind of danced like he took some Nyquil before coming out. This song makes me think of Amy and Damien
  • Lise/Chico - Disco - Daddy Cool: oh no they totally beefed the very first lift. and there was nothing good enough after to save it
  • Evelyne/Junes - Foxtrot - NY, NY: ugh not this guy again. WHOA this was like actively bad. And the music excerpt is awful too. One of the worst ever yikes.
  • Enora/Lorenzo - Hip Hop - DJ Got Us Fallin: was this good or was it just after the worst routine???
  • Hettie/Floris - Modern - Try Sleeping: the ending was kinda weird but this was better than last week. ummm are Floris and Dan dating or something
  • Agar/Jesse - Lyrical Hip Hop - Cry Me a River: failure to launch. really questionable choreography and way too intense of a storyline for this song
  • Raquel/Jesse - Jive - Ik Leef Niet Meer Voor Jou: this was the angriest weirdest f*cking jive I’ve ever seen in my life. No no no no no no no
  • Natascha/Eldrick - Modern - Use Somebody: surprise surprise, Derek the contemporary dancer liked the contemporary routine. But the thing where the spotlight shines directly into the camera needs to stop
  • Group - Bad Romance: WHO DID THIS??? omg this was embarrassingly bad. wow wowowowowowowowowowowow
  • Eliminated
    • Jesse: meh
    • Evelyne: how is she the one who gets cut from her partnership while her donkey-ass partner is still here, he must be a mind-blowing soloist or something



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On 10/2/2021 at 12:56 AM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches NL3


Top 14

  • Natascha/Eldrick - Samba - Bumpy Ride: This was fun. Hmm the judges don’t seem on board. Is there behind the scenes drama with this couple or are the judges just turning on Eldrick for no reason
  • Stephanie/Caggie - Modern - What’s Up: omg this song is so random. Why is this couple always going 1st or 2nd. This had some interesting moments but I wasn’t blown away.
  • Lise/Chico - Quickstep - That Man: good song alert! It shouldn’t be so hard to get a good song and good costume and good choreo. and Euvgenia is standing. yeah this was good
  • Hettie/Floris - Hip Hop - 99 Problems: umm this song is kind of heavy for a sytycd duet like this but okay. Floris tried to make this work. of course Dan loved it lol
  • Raquel/Stefano - Modern - Ne me quitte pas: this started a little shaky but they recovered well. nice
  • Agar/June - Jazz - Clap Your Hands: wow he totally missed his kip up and his back tuck. this poor girl getting this joker lol
  • Enora/Lorenzo - Lyrical Hip Hop - Wolken: I don’t know if I was supposed to know the exact storyline with her letter in the beginning, but this was 😭😲😍😢❤️❤️❤️💔😭🥰🥰💖🥲❤️
  • Group - Storm: WHAT IS GOING WRONG WITH GROUP ROUTINES ON THIS SHOW? This song. The sneakers. The tank tops. The weird movement. The totally sloppy sloppy sloppy mess of an effort by the dancers. Where are my legendary group routines like Canada and Australia
  • Eliminated
    • Stephanie: rude
    • Junes: good god finally bye bye bye bye


Top 12

  • Raquel/Stefano - Lyrical Hip Hop - Unfaithful: friendly reminder that I ranked this song dead last in the Rihanna rankdown. they tried but most was not in sync
  • Enora/Lorenzo - Rumba - Hou me vast: idk if this had the most Rumba content I’ve ever seen but she is stunninggg
  • Agar/Caggie - Hip Hop - California Gurls: yo Dan just called him “Chuckie” lmao. It’s nice to see Caggie be confident for once but this was kind of a vapid routine overall
  • Lise/Chico - Jazz - Make You Feel My Love: aww this was nice. Dan agrees.
  • Natascha/Eldrick - Modern - Don’t Speak: omg I love love love her. but why are the judges bussing Eldrick so hard I don’t get it
  • Hettie/Floris - Waltz - Moonlight Sonata: this was kind of silly after watching the previous two routines. This song is like… in the top 5 pieces of music ever written and it was way too much for them imo. Let’s do this again with Els and Danny Tidwell or something
  • Group - Dynamite: whoa, Taio is actually there hahahaha what. I need to know what producer I need to speak with to explain that no one is tuning into SYTYCD to watch sloppy generic backup dancing to pop singers.
  • Eliminated
    • Agar: I guess they dragged her far enough, oh well
    • Caggie: for the performance episodes, this poor guys danced 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Either way he was kind of the obvious choice to go with so many hip hop guys


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On 10/3/2021 at 12:20 AM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches NL3


Top 10

  • Natascha/Floris - Lyrical Hip Hop - Just the Way You Are: I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen an engagement dance that I’ve liked and I don’t think so. Dan was probably mad jealous that Floris proposed to someone else. They were good enough but my mind is still blown that a dancer would choose Floris over Lorenzo lol
  • Enora/Eldrick - Jazz - Circus: these two dancers get partnered for a jazz to Britney and it’s some of the worst choreography I’ve seen. What a missed opportunity. Dan saying that the choreography and Eldrick were fine and that Enora was the problem is making me want to throw my laptop across the room
  • Raquel/Chico - Tango - Por Una Cabeza: Jeanine forever owns this track. They get the only ballroom of the night and kill it.
  • Hettie/Lorenzo - Hip Hop - Sexy Bitch: Jayme Rae forever owns this track. The transformers sh*t was dumb but otherwise Lorenzo ate this. Hettie might has well have been backstage still.
  • Lise/Stefano - Modern - Geef Mij Je Angst: this was pretty. Why don’t I like him more though, am I being a hater?
  • Group - Kat DeLuna medley: Please see last week’s comments regarding pop singers.
  • Solos
    • Natascha: good
    • Floris: Dan is in love and he literally says it. this was fine I guess
    • Enora: disappointing. Girls just shouldn’t do jumps in seconde or fuetes for solos on this kind of show imo
    • Eldrick: good
    • Raquel: ew that outfit. this was basically Natascha but worse
    • Chico: if I never saw a back handspring in a solo ever again I would be better off. Ummm and now he’s breaking?? Wiki says his style is “all-around” apparently lol
    • Hettie: fuetes again. this was basically Enora but worse.
    • Lorenzo: I need to see footage of the Lorenzo injury
    • Lise: ok werk. wtf style is she
    • Stefano: still trying to figure out why I don’t like him very much. I think his technique needs to be better for me to be on board
  • Eliminated
    • Raquel: ummm Hettie was right there
    • Chico: so Floris, Lorenzo, and Stefano all get their own styles and do ok but Chico kills a tango and goes home lol



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On 10/5/2021 at 8:50 PM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches NL3


Top 8

  • Solos
    • Enora: she removed the fuetes and the jumps in seconde so points for that, but I still disliked this a lot
    • Stefano: male pointe! Not mad at it. I think I just need stronger lines in order to stan
    • Hettie: actively bad. How is she in the top 8
    • Eldrick: I like his style of hip hop
    • Lise: not my fave from her, but at least I never know what I will see her do
    • Floris: maybe I’m a hater or I’m spoiled from watching US hip hop but this seems average to me
    • Natascha: this ended weird but I love her anyway
    • Lorenzo: so shocking that this guy is the one who injured himself before… not. I’m sorry but watching you prep and do a front tuck off of some stairs is not dancing
  • Enora/Stefano - Hip Hop - Day N Nite: omgomgomgomg what is happening I love it what is going on help yaaay what ummm these are the last ones who I would have thought, how. Did Dan just say “queen out” rofl
  • Hettie/Eldrick - Modern - Ayo Technology: they really put these two together and gave them modern on the same night as Mad World lol. But actually this is my favorite thing she has done. They should have been partnered from the start.
  • Lise/Floris - Paso Doble - He’s a Pirate: sexual assault is my favorite way to start a routine. This girl is fired up! And if I’m going to compare Floris to US I have to give him props and say that is better than what we would have gotten from Glitch, Twitch, etc.
  • Natascha/Lorenzo - Jazz - Mad World: jaw dropping. holy sh*t yes. I think I’m ready to admit that Natascha is my favorite this season.
  • Group - Slow Me Down: probably the best group routine so far. Now this song will be in my head for the next 4 days
  • Eliminated
    • Hettie: at least her last routine was decent for her. But bye.
    • Eldrick: I expected him to have a better trajectory going into the Top 10 but he faded away



On 10/5/2021 at 9:33 PM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches NL3


Top 6

  • Enora/Floris - Jazz - Apologize: bad choreo. A lot of standing around, walking, running… Floris didn’t get to do a whole lot
  • Lise/Lorenzo - Hip Hop - The Time: lol she ate him in this. but the ending lift is borderline disqualification territory
  • Natascha/Stefano - Cha Cha - Sway: GODDESS. What is Dan talking about with Stefano? Did I miss an entire season’s storyline about Stefano??? What is the other judges’ problem with Stefano?????
  • Enora/Floris - Lyrical Hip Hop - Empire State: this was good I guess. Enora really put in the work
  • Lise/Lorenzo - Foxtrot - Autumn Leaves: lol I’ve never heard the term “Slowfox” before. hmmmm why is Lorenzo not stepping up for Top 6 week?? He has Lise for crying out loud. It feels like his momentum fell off. Is this why he loses?
  • Natascha/Stefano - Modern - Yesterday: how come the US choreographers never surprised contestants with pointe shoes?? omg we’re doing a suicide routine.. this is pretty but kind of triggering
  • Group - Flamenco: some weird remix to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. Cancelled. there is nothing good about this
  • Eliminated
    • Enora: I adore her but I think it’s the right choice. tbh I’m just happy Natascha is through
    • Stefano: HIS SHIRT SAYS SUPERGAY, ROFL. Is this what Dan was talking about? Did Stefano get the “too feminine” storyline? So weird because I didn’t see most of the video packages and I never had that problem with his dancing. “I AM GAY SO WHAT” that’s a King right there, y’all


On 10/5/2021 at 10:20 PM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches NL3



  • Natascha/Floris - Quickstep - We No Speak Americano: am I a Natascha stan or was this good? I didn’t hate Floris either
  • Lise/Lorenzo - Rumba - Heaven: they really had me going to Google translate to figure out this drama. Something about wanting more time to rehearse last week? Lise was hopping around in the beginning for some reason, but otherwise beautiful.
  • Lise/Floris - Lyrical Hip Hop - I Hate This Part: this girl is pulling out all the stops. Liked this a lot
  • Natascha/Lorenzo - Modern - Kissing You: Goddess. pretty routine
  • Floris/Lorenzo - Hip Hop - Like a G6: omg the video quality could not keep up with this one, haha. too fast with too many lights. I’m guessing it was good
  • Lise/Natascha - Jazz - This Is the Last Time: aww, this was actually really good. But it doesn’t have the finale hype that the boys had, obviously
  • Elimination
    • Natascha: she doesn’t even get to do a solo, ruuuuuude
  • Solos
    • Lise: WHIP MY HAIR. I think she makes a decent top girl. really strong showing this episode
    • Floris: fine. seems like he hunches over a lot.
    • Lorenzo: more of the same from him
  • Elimination
    • Lise: the whole studio seems pissed lol. not excited about this Top 2
  • Floris/Lorenzo - Battle: Dan talking about not wanting to battle Floris… lol why he didn’t do much. A lot of walking around
  • Runner-Up
    • Lorenzo: he lost because Top 6 week was meh and he never cut the hair on that one side of his head
  • Winner
    • Floris: sure


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On 10/23/2021 at 1:46 AM, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches NL4


Top 18

  • Laura/Jeffrey - Hip Hop - Titanium: Not a great start to the season lol. So much was unison and it wasn’t together. The breakdown didn’t do anything, the running around at the end was dumb, the jumping was off, the ending was awkward...
  • Marissa/Michiel - Jazz - Everything: this was such a nothing piece. I feel like she has potential but this did nothing for either of them
  • Celine/Gianni - Jive - Don’t Stop Me Now: they made this look… very very difficult lol
  • Karen/Christiaan - Modern - Somebody That I Used To Know: I didn’t hate this. They could have used another day and I’m not convinced Karen has great technique but it kept my attention
  • Nina/Anthony - Disco - Moves Like Jagger: intro way too long and kiss way too unnecessary. But otherwise cute.
  • Stephanie/Meysam - Lyrical Hip Hop - No Air: another kiss lol. Can’t help but think of Katua but this was good. She needed to tie her hair back because she was a little too into hairography
  • Sandrine/William - Modern - De Waarheid: OOP rehearsal drama. Got me running to Google translate. oh, actually she has really nice lines. He could be anyone
  • Rebecca/Sedrig - Hip Hop - Party Rock Anthem: meh they got through it. She is way too presentational. her face was glued front the entire time, makes it loose the groove and the chemistry. Oh whoops, Dan liked this for some reason
  • Anna/Juvat - Tango - Vuelo Al Sur: umm okay Dan loved this too. This was fine. A little unstable and tentative. The piece didn’t really have any progression
  • Group - Contemporary Hip Hop? - Heartbeat: omg WHAT? A good group routine on NL???? I’m in shock I can’t believe it. I think I liked this better than all the duets.
  • DFYL
    • Sandrine: I don’t hate her but this needed a lot more energy since it’s a DFYL
    • William: um excuse me wtf is this mess bye
    • Rebecca: again, kind of dull for a DFYL but not bad
    • Sedrig: that’s a keeper
    • Laura: is she a better dancer than the other girls? idk but this was the better solo
    • Jeffrey: oh this was fun to watch
  • Eliminated
    • Sandrine: oop they saved Rebecca first. I think Sandrine is more interesting. Oh well
    • Jeffrey: William was right there. questionable


Top 16

  • NOTE: some of these people need to be arrested for their intro
  • Marissa/Michiel - Cha Cha - Rain Over Me: they put the right out of energy/performance into this but it was kind of on the edge of disaster. Aww Dan is being mean to this guy
  • Karen/Christiaan - Disco - September: lol why is he wearing sneakers? this was awkward and scary
  • Rebecca/Sedrig - Modern - Marry You: passable
  • Celine/Gianni - Hip Hop - Stronger: she tried but she was in way over her head
  • Anna/Juvat - Modern - The Lonely: I’m not yet impressed with them individually but this was EASILY the best duet of the season so far. Awesome
  • Nina/Anthony - Lyrical Hip Hop - Not Over You: aww they’re cute. they can stay. good song helps
  • Laura/William - Slowfox - Got You Under My Skin: why is she sitting in a regular-ass office chair in her ballgown. I’m mad that this was actually okay because I want to get rid of him lol
  • Stephanie/Meysam - Jazz - For Bitter Or Worse: okay, I’m not mad at that at all
  • Group - Save the World: William stop it. Okay we’re back to the usual wack group routine lol. I think the choreographer was just horny or something
  • DFYL
    • Karen: good effort. she can stay
    • Christiaan: good effort
    • Rebecca: meh
    • Sedrig: work!!
    • Marissa: I can’t tell if her wrists are distracting or interesting. but this was good enough to stay
    • Michiel: he tried
  • Eliminated
    • Rebecca: not mad about it
    • Michiel: sorry bro, not surviving against those other guys


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15 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

Derek Watches NL4


Top 14

  • Marissa/Sedrig - Lyrical Hip Hop - Lighters: this should have been a promising match-up but they got this atrocious song and routine. One of the most boring, tedious choruses is all of music and they got a routine to match that perfectly.
  • Karen/Christaan - Viennese Waltz - Everybody Hurts: another boring song. Didn’t like this. Was very static for a waltz, and when they tried to move together it was bumpy. also why did they get on the floor for a waltz while wearing those outfits
  • Nina/Anthony - Modern - Skinny Love: I don’t really have any complaints with these guys. This was good.
  • Anna/Juvat - Hip Hop - Got 2 Luv U: fire whoever choreographed this stupid mess. also the dubstep remix at the end was out of place.
  • Laura/William - Jazz - Just Say Yes: hmmm I didn’t hate this. They don’t have the most mind-blowing technique but this was a solid little piece for them
  • Stephanie/Meysam - Samba - Whenever, Wherever: uh oh
  • Celine/Gianni - Modern - Always: FEET. I think this was way too much for them to handle. Oh well, the judges loved it
  • lol what is David Guetta doing there
  • Group - Without You: the backstage stuff was fun but on stage it was kind of a nothing routine
  • DFYL
    • Marissa: fine
    • Sedrig: GREAT
    • Karen: not good
    • Christiaan: suffers by going after Sedrig, but not bad
    • Laura: um what. She thinks she’s Lise lol
    • William: his lines are wack
  • Eliminated
    • Karen: why not
    • Christiaan: wow I’m never getting rid of William


Top 12

  • Nina/Anthony - Hip Hop - Just Can’t Get Enough: meh no thanks.
  • Celine/Gianni - Jazz - Be Italian: omg is it Fergie night?? beefed the ending but a lot of this was fun
  • Marissa/Sedrig - Quickstep - Mr. Saxobeat: wtf is this and wtf are they wearing? why do they hate these two dancers so much?????
  • Stephanie/Meysam - Modern - You Are So Beautiful: kinda dull, not smooth enough. Awful song
  • Laura/William - Lyrical Hip Hop - Broken Strings: This actually wasn’t bad but they’re not really making me feel anything. These blondes are blurring together for me
  • Anna/Juvat - Rumba - Just Hold Me: this had good moments and bad moments. Ugh for a top 12 week I’m underwhelmed with everything
  • Group - Carmina Burana: this might be tolerable with a different song
  • DFYL
    • Celine: meh
    • Gianni: that hat is one of the most distracting wardrobe pieces I’ve ever seen
    • Laura: better than Celine’s
    • William: not this song lol. bye please
    • Stephanie: wow all three interchangeable blondes are in the bottom. idk what she thought this solo was
    • Meysam: you can stay
  • Eliminated
    • Laura: well I guess she was in the bottom too much
    • William: bye
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