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Megan's Top Routines of All Time (Currently ranking: Season 14)

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Megan's Top 50 Contemporary Routines: #41-50


I am sure this will be one of the more controversial rankings I will do because I'm not a stickler for things like technique when a routine moves me. That also means that I'm more susceptible to things like ranking a routine highly if I'm in a certain mood when watching it. I can't say that all these routines are set in stone but this was the ranking that I came up with at the time that I'm still mostly happy about. :haha: In some cases I think that I wanted to put a routine on here because it's interesting over a routine that might be objectively better. Especially in this set of routines.


Also. I clearly have a thing for contemporaries with hip-hop dancers. In a lot of ways I think the lack of formal training leads to choreographers being more creative. But I could also just be a big fan of extraordinarily talented hip-hop dancers and giving too much credit to choreographers!


Ok let's go.


#50: Essence & Koine - US17 - “Slow Me Down” by Jaci Royal

I tried to be dedicated for like 5 minutes and try to make gifs for each routine from the videos to make this look good but I was INCAPABLE of having the patience to make good looking gifs with the technology I have available. Anyway, maybe I'll get around to it! Anyway, coming in at #50 is the lesser routine to "Slow Me Down." Which kind of sounds like a knock against this, but the first one was like Stacey Tookey's first routine and stars Lisa and Vincent so a lot to live up to. I think if you don't have that routine in mind when you hear this song, this routine probably hits a little bit better. But I had to have it on my list because Essence was my favorite of season 17 and Koine's one of my favorites of all time and I have a real determination to get as many woman/woman contemporary routines on this list!


#49: Demi & Graeme - AU1 - “Reptilia” by Sarah Boulter

Watch Here: https://vk.com/video/playlist/-33795674_41932886?section=playlist_41932886&z=video-33795674_161798337%2Fclub33795674%2Fpl_-33795674_41932886

Here's where I start getting weird. If you thought my ONE Au1 contemporary was going to be Kate and Graeme's "Fix You" then you must be a little surprised to see Demi and Graeme's routine here. But here's the thing. I in my brain know that OBJECTIVELY Kate and Graeme's routine is a better danced and reluctantly I'll admit better choreographed than this. But I love the weirdo contemporary routines where instead of traditional "here's a tale of romance" we get "I want the dancers to be INSECTS." Insects! Give me more of these routines! Anyway, my major ding on this routine and why it doesn't rank higher on my personal subjective list is that I think the choreography should have gone even harder on the insect route.


#48: Ashleigh & Maddie - AU4 - “Higher Love” by Jason Winters

Watch here (about 24:15 in): https://vk.com/video/playlist/-14440724_48546242?section=playlist_48546242&z=video-14440724_168393389%2Fclub14440724%2Fpl_-14440724_48546242

You know this really had potential but if you watch the package they are just kind of no-homo-ing it even though it feels like Jason Winters really wants to homo it. It really plays with my pre-conceived gay notions of Australia but I think that's because all the Australians I personally follow on Instagram are gay. I really enjoy this. It could have been gayer. It was supposed to be about love but this is one time where two women are like touching each other and I just get waves of heterosexuality. All right, I'll come back and add screenshots to the ones that don't have YT videos later.



#47: Gaby & Hailee - US12 - “Do Not Hang Your Head” by T----

I refuse to watch the intro to really cut down on the time I have to spend on Tr*vis so I don't remember if this was supposed to be an explicitly gay routine. I feel that it was. Anyway, despite that this got NEGATIVE points because while I am easily emotionally manipulated, I don't like having to feel like a routine is an "important" "special" moment just for being gay. I am a complex being. Also I forgot that this routine existed before @Deeee was like "Megan move on the sapphic routineS from season 12" and I was like "there's more than one" and when I forget about a routine that usually means it doesn't make the list! So in actuality I did make an exception.



#46: Kathryn & Legacy - US6 - “2 Steps Away” by Stacey Tookey

Can you believe that I one of the most die hard KATHACY fans on this forum almost didn't include this routine! And now I'm regretting not having it a little bit higher because it fits all the criteria of what I believe makes the best contemporary routines in this show: a BBoy breaking. I'm only like 50% joking. I opine how Kathacy is one of those really optimal partnerships that made both partners way more likable than how they were presented when coming on to the Top 20 liveshows, but I think when people think about this partnership they really attribute a lot of that to Kathryn's technical skill, but I think Legacy lends a real maturity to this routine that wouldn't have been achieved if Kathryn were paired with like Nathan. I think this routine easily could have been too saccharine but it's the maturity that both Kathryn and Legacy convey that keeps it from that. I am glad Stacey moved on from her signature bicycle pedal in the air move as her choreography evolved through the show's lifespan though.



#45: Talia & Charlie - AU2 - “Warwick Avenue” by Debbie Ellis

I already wrote about this one. So I'm copy and pasting: "This a routine that's faded with time. Not because it isn't great but because there have been so many good contemporaries that a standard contemporary like this doesn't stand out nearly as much. Still love it though. Talia is predictably amazing."



#44: Jeanine & Kayla - US5 - “The Four Sections” by Mia Michaels

I did add like every F/F routine on here (though I think I may have skipped Season 1's routine) but I did subtract points from them when I felt they could have been gayer. This routine should have been GAY. The Jeanine vs. Kayla fanwars could have all been solved if like Kayla and Jeanine just kissed a little at the end! Is that too much to ask for SYTYCD!!!!!! (It's fine, my wish to see Jeanine kiss a woman on my TV screen would come true later!!!!)



#43: Melanie & Sasha - US8 - “Heart Asks Pleasure First” by Stacey Tookey

A routine that also could be gayer! I feel like I dinged some of these contemporary routines for not being gay enough and really I shouldn't be looking for gayness in everything but that's my GOD GIVEN RIGHT as a queer person. And considering this routine features Sasha, an out lesbian non-binary dancer, I think Stacey Tookey really could have taken this a step further. Melanie also has short hair but somehow in like a straight way. If this was choreographed today it would feature a song from the Carol soundtrack and Melanie and Sasha would have a clandestine glove lunch. Also LOL at the camera angle panning too wide too quickly and the other camera person having to run away.



#42: Mariah & Carlos - US10 - “Dead in the Water” by Stacey Tookey

LOL another routine I almost left off the list but then I remembered that Nigel was a psychopath the first week of US10 and made Carlos (and Brittany) dance AFTER finding out they'd been eliminated! The real downside for Stacey Tookey having so many of my Top routines (a full 18% of them) is that unfortunately 3 of them ended up here in the first set!



#41: Renee & Phillipe - AU3 - "Silence" by Debbie Ellis

Another routine with a hip-hop dancer. Give them to me!!!!! I really liked the Renee/Phillipe partnership and I think it's underrated around these parts. And also in general because Renee got cut at Top 12. In a move that really is an attack against me. This is just a beautiful mature contemporary routine. I like to see those.


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20 hours ago, totes4totes said:

US12: 5


Wow finally somebody understands that S12 produced some of the most interesting routines. And yay for Jasmine Harper, she deserves it!!

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