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The Voice App Turn Percentages

British Man

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5 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

Highest four chair : Holly (93%)

Lowest four chair : Aaron (69%)


Highest three chair : Samuel (84%)

Lowest three chair : Raquel (48%)


Highest two chair : Jeremy (78%)

Lowest two chair : Chavon (30%) (The lowest chair turner overall)


Highest one chair : Hailey G (71%)

Lowest one chair : David (41%)


Would you mind if I added this to the original post? (credit will be given)

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On 10/5/2021 at 9:30 PM, British Man said:

Team Kelly: 68.7% (Without Xavier and Parker)

Team Legend: 67% (Without Sabrina or Keilah)

Team Blake: 64.7% (Without Clint or Berritt)

Team Ariana: 54.75%


On 10/5/2021 at 9:30 PM, British Man said:

Highest Team Kelly member: Holly (93%)

Lowest Team Kelly member: Jershika (38%)


Highest Team Legend member: Samuel (84%)

Lowest Team Legend member: Joshua (42%)


Highest Team Ariana member: Vaughn (78%)

Lowest Team Ariana member: Chavon (30%)


Highest Team Blake member: Wendy (85%)

Lowest Team Blake member: Kaitlyn (47%)


Added more stuff (How is Vaughn the highest Team Ariana member)

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On 10/5/2021 at 9:30 PM, British Man said:

Battles Percentages


Katie Rae vs Bella DeNapoli (59% for Bella DeNapoli)

Samuel Harness vs KJ Jennings (41% for KJ Jennings)

GNT vs Kinsey Rose (64% for Kinsey Rose)

Peedy Chavis vs The Joy Reunion (22% for The Joy Reunion)

David Vogel vs Chavon Rodgers (17% for Chavon Rodgers)

Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple (58% for Jershika Maple)


Hailey Green vs Lana Scott (39% for Lana Scott)

Katherine Ann Mohler vs Vaughn Mogul (56% for Vaughn Mogul)

Brittany Bree vs Samara Brown (76% for Samara Brown)


Joshua Vacanti vs Keilah Grace  (47% for Keilah Grace)

Carson Peters vs Clint Sherman (32% for Clint Sherman)

Raquel Trinidad vs Hailey Mia  (63% for Hailey Mia)

Gymani vs Aaron Hines (48% for Aaron Hines)

Sabrina Dias vs Jack Rogan (44% for Jack Rogan)

Wendy Moten vs Manny Keith (56% for Manny Keith)


Ryleigh Plank vs KCK3 (27% for KCK3)

The Cunningham Sisters vs Parker McKay (63% for Parker McKay)

Paris Winningham vs Jonathan Mouton (71% for Jonathan Mouton)


Here are the Battles winners and steal rates on the app

The name on the left is the actual winner, while the bolded name is the app winner. As you can see, only 4 battles had winners that differed from what was decided by the coaches.

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On 10/5/2021 at 9:30 PM, British Man said:

Knockout Percentages



Wendy Moten vs Jonathan Mouton (56% for Jonathan Mouton)

Raquel Trinidad vs Katie Rae (63% for Katie Rae)

Gymani vs Kinsey Rose (55% for Kinsey Rose)

Joshua Vacanti vs Sabrina Dias (43% for Sabrina Dias)

LiBianca vs Hailey Green (71% for Hailey Green)

Girl Named Tom vs Holly Forbes (79% for Holly Forbes)


Samuel Harness vs Brittany Bree (34% for Brittany Bree)

Hailey Mia vs The Cunningham Sisters (46% for The Cunningham Sisters)

Ryleigh Plank vs David Vogel (60% for David Vogel)



Shadale vs Samara Brown (40% for Samara Brown)

Lana Scott vs Carson Peters (41% for Carson Peters)

Bella DeNapoli vs Katherine Ann Mohler’ (34% for Katherine Ann Mohler)

Jeremy Rosado vs Xavier Cornell (38% for Xavier Cornell)

Jim and Sasha Allen vs Manny Keith (30% for Manny Keith)

Jershika Maple vs Paris Winningham (92% for Paris Winningham)


Ok here are the percentages for the Knockouts.


I didn't include the shortclip, however Peedy beat Berritt

(Kaitlyn also beat Berritt on the app during the 10 seconds of their battle. Obviously, the app doesn't like him that much)

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On 10/5/2021 at 9:58 PM, British Man said:

Battle Steals (Bolded Names were either stolen or saved)


1. Samara Brown: 76%

2. Jonathan Mouton: 71%

3. Kinsey Rose: 64%

4. Parker McKay: 63%

4. Hailey Mia: 63%

6. Bella DeNapoli: 59%

7. Jershika Maple: 58%

8. Vaughn Mugol: 56%

8. Manny Keith: 56%

10. Aaron Hines: 48%

11. Keilah Grace: 47%

12. Jack Rogan: 44%

13. KJ Jennings: 41%

14. Lana Scott: 39%

15. Clint Sherman: 32%

16. KCK3: 27%

17. The Joy Reunion: 22%

18. Chavon Rodgers: 17%


Knockout Steals


1. Paris Winningham: 92%

2. Holly Forbes: 79%

3. Hailey Green: 71%

4. Katie Rae: 63%

5. David Vogel: 60%

6. Jonathan Mouton: 56%

7. Kinsey Rose: 55%

8. The Cunningham Sisters: 46%

9. Sabrina Dias: 43%

10. Carson Peters: 41%

11. Samara Brown: 40%

12. Xavier Cornell: 38%

13. Katherine Ann Mohler: 34%

13. Brittany Bree: 34%

15. Manny Keith: 30%


Ok I've done a ranking of the Battle and Knockout Steal Percentage

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