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Best Blind Audition Of Season 21


Who had the best blind audition  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick one

    • Wendy Moten
    • Holly Forbes
    • Libianca
    • Jeremy Rosado
    • Gymani
    • Girl Named Tom
    • Bella Denapoli
    • Samuel Harness
    • David Vogel
    • Hailey Mia
    • Brittany Bree
    • Shadale
    • Cunningham Sisters
    • Samara Brown
    • Jershika Maple

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Who had the best blind audition of season 21?


If your favourite is not on the list, don't vote and mention who it is so I can tally up that contestants votes.


Peedy Chavis - 1 vote

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personal rankings 

1 Samuel Harness

2 Gymani

3 Joshua Vacanti  

4 Jerkisha Maple 

5 Jim And Sasha

6 Wendy Morton

7 Jeremy Rosado

8 Samara Brown

9 David Vogel 

10 Libianca

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My top 10



3.Wendy Moten

4.Bella Denapoli

5.Hailey Mia

6.Samuel Harness

7.Brittany Bree

8.Holly Forbes

9.Samara Brown




HM:Jeremy and Jack

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1 minute ago, VoiceFan! said:

I love that half of team kelly is in this poll

Exactly her team , is the most stacked and versatile ,it’s practically a war zone.

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My personal top 10:


1. Samuel

2. GNT

3. Wendy

4. Jeremy

5. Gymani

6. Bella

7. LiBianca

8. Holly

9. Shadale

10. David


I really like this group of 10. Despite there being tons of average auditions this season, I'm happy to find myself loving more than just a few.



Also, loving the fact that all these people made lives.

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1. Wendy Moten

2. Gymani

3. Bella Denapoli

4. Brittany Bree

5. Girl Named Tom

6. Holly Forbes

7. Jeremy Rosado

8. Jershika Maple

9. Samara Brown

10. Shadale 


Wendy moten with the most votes as expected. A bit surprised Gymani has more votes than Holly and GNT, and I thought those 2 would have more.



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