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Best Knockout That Sent Someone Home

British Man

Which of these performers least deserved to go home based on their Knockout?  

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  1. 1. Which of these performances was the best?

    • Beth Griffith Manley - I Put a Spell on You
    • Marina Chello - I (Who Have Nothing)
    • Tayler Green - Time After Time
    • Julia Cooper - Wish You Were Gay
    • Savanna Woods - Black Hole Sun
    • Other (Please State Below)

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The title pretty much says it all. From the past 5 seasons, I chose a performance in the Knockouts that caused the artist singing it to go home, and now they're all in a poll, for you to choose who you think was best. If you believe that there was one I didn't choose that was the best, choose 'Other', and state who you would've put.



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3 of them were in voting rounds, which I’m disqualifying and out of the two left, Marina > Tayler. 

There's a lot of great ones from older seasons though, but I would probably say Michael Sanchez gave my favorite performance out of those

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5 minutes ago, MatthewPalermo said:


Toia gets my vote too. Every thread about unexpected/undeserved knockout losses should have an obligatory acknowledgement to Toia. 

She would have destroyed the live shows without a doubt and I will always be disappointed that we didn’t get to experience that

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