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S21: Favorite Audition (Ep 4)


S21: Favorite Audition (Ep 4)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Bella Denapoli - Damaged
    • David Vogel - breathin
    • Janora Brown - Angel of Mine
    • Kaitlyn Velez - Please Don't Go
    • The Cunningham Sisters - Never Alone

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Creativity prevails

1. David - If you introduce rock elements into a pop song, you better be compelling. And damn it if he wasn't. Always down for an acoustic arrangement, and even more for his tone. Absolutely loved it.


2. Bella - Like David, creativity was brought into the table. Loved her phrasing and choices throughout. Its clear that she is a producer. My only issue here is that I'm not big on her tone, but that doesnt take away what she did tonight. Well done.


Creativity still prevails, but...

3. Kaitlyn - I liked the arrangement better than her vocal, but props for her for it.


Didn't do it for me

4. Janora - Pleasant vocal, but I dont see myself replaying it.


5. The Cunningham Sisters - Congrats on the closing spot and the chair turns, but not for me.


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Very impressive!

1. Bella DeNapoli - I don't understand how she wasn't chosen as one of Ariana's premiere artists, she's like her mini-me! Great display of tone, control, and range. A perfectly executed flip of an upbeat pop song as well.


Good for what they tried to do

2. David Vogel - He was a little weak to start, but he got better as the song got bigger. He's got a very current voice and style, and that falsetto is a great weapon.



3. The Cunningham Sisters - I think there were some good moments here, but they're definitely a little under-baked. Lots of potential, but needs some work.



4. Janora Brown - Tasteful runs and sweet tone, but her higher range lacked power and it wasn't very memorable.

5. Kaitlyn Velez - I thought I was going to like this based on the first few lines, but the novelty of her vocal style wore on me quickly. Nice belts, I guess.


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Upon my first listen to tonight's blinds, I wasn't super impressed, but with more listens I liked it more and think some people were being too harsh.


Welcome to My Sig:

1. Bella DeNapoli (9.5/10) - I was heavily anticipating this one from the spoilers and it lived up to and exceeded the hype for sure! I may have a new favorite for the season. Everything about this was fantastic and I'm so excited for what's next!

2. David Vogel (8.5/10) - Starting to hate Ari stans so much based on the feedback. David did a fantastic job here and I needed another indie/alt rock guy to root for this season! David just did an awesome job overall. Hope the stans can see that.


Good but need a lot more training:

3. The Cunningham Sisters (8/10) - I honestly needed a few listens to get into it and while it's not the most fantastic version I've heard, they definitely have potential. Hello Sunday comparisons are inevitable, but they definitely feel more even than HS was. Kelly's a good pick for them.

4. Janora Brown (7.5/10) - A lovely voice, but it didn't have much that made it stick out to me. Compared to Zoe's version which I felt gave a bit more taste, I just wished she'd given a tad bit more.


Not ready :(

5. Kaitlyn Velez (5/10) - This didn't feel like a vocalist ready for the competition. She's really sweet and obviously very gifted, but this was super weak compared to the rest of the chair turners this season.

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1. Bella - A breath of fresh air. 10/10 song choice, great vocals, cool arrangement... If I liked her tone more it might have been my favorite audition.


Pretty good

2. David - Nothing mindblowing here but I thought he did a great job! The criticism on SM makes no sense.





3. Kaitlyn - This wasn't good by any means but her tone was interesting enough for me to put her above the other two.

4. TCS - The potential is there but I didn't care for this.

5. Janora - I liked the beginning but everything else was really weak.


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4 hours ago, FloorWax said:

Agree that the notion that Ariana only turned for David out of pity is outrageous. Sure, it wasn't mindblowing, but he was on pitch almost all the way.

Yeah true. It’s surprising that David got better Minivan reception than Ari stan reception

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1. Bella - gorgeous from the very first note.

2. David - right up my alley, since I love pop-punk and rock music. I thought he was pretty good.

3. Cunningham Sisters - decent individually but harmonies need some work, and I think Kelly's coaching will help.

4. Janora - it was too inconsistent for me, and there are little things that were distracting as a listener.

5. Kaitlyn - interesting tone but a bit too rough around the edges for me personally.

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1. Bella - Loved her twist on the song, very creative. She also has a great voice



2. Janora - She was beautiful, clean your ears people



3. Cunningham Sisters - They were good, nothing more nothing less



4. David - meh, worse than the original

5. Kaitlyn - meh, better than the original

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