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Charlie Mason Voice S21 Reviews and Grades


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The Voice Recap: Night 2 of the Battles Tees Up 2 Saves, 3 Eliminations and Sends Jershika Maple to Team


Team Blake: Hailey Green (Grade: B+) defeated Lana Scott (Grade: B-) on “Girl” — Lana saved by Blake 

Team Blake: LiBianca defeated Tommy Edwards on “Save Your Tears (Remix)”

Team Kelly: Xavier Cornell defeated Carolina Alonso on “telepatía” 

Team Ariana: Katherine Ann Mohler (Grade: B-) defeated Vaughn Mugol (Grade: C) on “Dilemma” 

Team Legend: Brittany Bree (Grade: A+) defeated Samara Brown (Grade: A) on “Something He Can Feel” — Samara saved by John

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The two artists he gave an A+ In blinds were both in this episode


I thought his grade for Hailey was more reasonable this time


I wouldn’t personally give Brittany an A+, but Charlie already did for her Blind, so it wouldn’t be too much of a difference. Glad that Samara also got an A


 Vaughn with a C also makes sense. 

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