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DWTS 30 Week 1 Discussion Thread


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2 minutes ago, aliasocfan said:

Brian is decent. 

His connection to Sharna was obviously there. He needs to connect to the crowd. 



1 minute ago, *Lily said:

Spoiler alert the 16th couple is Chrishell and Keo :wub: Dating couple vs. bitter exes we love to see it!


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Just now, Elliott said:

I meant Bonner and David making it further than HeMo 

Ooh OK. I agree with that. And we're good. 😘


Just now, *Amanda said:

Oh, so they are mentioning that JoJo was on Dance Moms unlike when they completely ignored that bit of info for Kenzie on the Juniors version. :dead: 

Ugh no. I just changed to a no.for that question. :/

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JoJo & Jenna:  29
Amanda & Alan:  28
Suni & Sasha:  28
Mel C. & Gleb:  27
Melora & Artem:  26
Kenya & Brendon:  26
Olivia & Val:  25
Christine & Pasha:  25
The Miz & Witney:  24
Cody & Cheryl:  24
Matt & Lindsay:  24
Brian & Sharna:  24
Jimmie & Emma:  22
Iman & Daniella:  21
Martin & Britt:  13

The spread is 16 points and 4.37%.

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