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Canada's Drag Race Season 2


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  • Solaris changed the title to Canada's Drag Race Season 2

I didn't get a chance to do a pre-season ranking yet but very excited for Icesis Couture - I do wish Savannah would have been on at the same time but one will do!

Also happy that there`s a few more QC queen this season :wub: 

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Copying this here so @Wallace can delete the other thread:


Spoilers ahead:


@Elliott and I just watched the first episode in Ottawa and I thought it was really good.


Judging was much better and more constructive than last season and it felt like they had the right tops and bottoms, minus Kimora who should have been in the bottom but she sold her garment on the runway.


I found the lipsync disappointing though. With Gia and a Nelly Furtado song, I expected greatness and we got… that.


But so happy to see Icesis win. I expected Stephanie to win but happy our Ottawa queen took her first win!

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First of all, the cast is incredible - I was impressed by many of them with their entrance look, and they really brought it during the mini-challenge.  Like Andrew said, the lipsync was meh especially to a great song - I was excited for the song but yeah, it went nowhere.  

Let me try to rank these queens now, as I like a lot of them :

  1. Icesis Couture : Win or lose, she was going to my number one as she's a queen that I've been following for a while especially when I used to live in Ottawa.  This week she really hit it out of the park, and I think she's a top contender for the crown.
  2. Kendall Gender Her name ? A+  Her look outside of drag ? A+ Entrance look ? A+ Photoshoot challenge ? A+ Runway look? Flawless. Watch out for her!
  3. Stephanie Price Not attached to her as much as I am attached to some of the queens below her but she brought it this week, and deserves this spot. 
  4. Pythia I am in love! Everything about Pythia, I am loving - her runway look was very Club Mado from Montreal, and the way she painted her face reminded me of another Montreal queen. I think she has ton of potential, and I think she'll be a contender. 
  5. Suki Doll Already an icon. 
  6. Synthia Kiss I like Synthia but I need to see more from her - I am afraid that she will be outshined by the other Vancouver queens. 
  7. Adriana : First, I love that she's from Quebec City to show that drag is outside of Montreal.  Really love her personality and I look forward to seeing her friendship with Icesis. In term of drag, she was good on the runway but there was a little something missing though - a bit basic. 
  8. Oceane Aqua-Black The way that she's giving me old school drag race >>>. Her personality is infectious, despite her drag not being up to part with everyone. I expect her to be an early boot eventually as I think her injury will be her detriment in the competition :( 
  9. Kimora Amour Her entrance look was everything but her runway look was a BUST. Good thing she was able to sell it because, it wasn't it. 
  10. Gia Metric The first part of the episode, I was feeling Gia until the runway.  The look was basic, didn't really scream redcarpet premier, and her lipsync was a choice. I am sure that she will redeem herself for me though. 
  11. Beth I had high hopes for Beth - I mean the name is iconic. I wish she was more confident cause I think she could have been out of the bottom if she was more confident and selling her runway look; I thought she did okay in the lipsync - I would have given her the win cause she didn't end up shirtless.
  12. Eve 6000 We know she's bringing the drama and we love her for it. But I just care for her drag ? She's a superfan who thinks she has cracked the code but clearly she didn't - should have focused on her design instead of trying to tell Stephanie that her design won't work. Worst part is that Eve is super hilarious on social media but on TV, her humour ain't really coming through. 
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haha im playing catch up to chris!


1.  Icesis couture - has the best look the first week.

2. Pythia - love the name origin, i like what ive seen of her drag already!

3. Suki Doll - mini challenge winner, almost won the main challenge!  I hope she goes far!

4. Adrianna - I like seeing the start of the friendship with her and icesis.  Hope that continues.  I liked her run

5. Kendall Gender - I now understand her name!  I liked her first photo when she threw her hair up! 

6. Oceane Aqua-Black - she gives me Latrice-lite vibes.  I like her personality.  Are we going to have yet another knee injury? 

7. Stephanie Price - Cute runway, not sure on the rest yet!

8. Synthia Kiss - I could she could do well!  Sort of just there for me.

9. Eve 6000 - Also not a fan yet.

10. Kimora Amour - not a fan yet!

11. Gia Metric - keep your clothes on!  All I could think of during the lipsync was that's a dude! :haha:

12. Beth - more like Meh-th.  I did like what she did to the corset with the cup shards.  The lipsync was weak though.

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