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The Voice 21 ● Premiere - Blind Auditions 1 ● Discussion


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Catching up with the first three.


Girl Named Tom strikes me as the first group in which I thought that all of the individual members were great, and that no one was carrying anybody.  I felt like Mia carried Jacy and Tara in Worth the Wait, Katey and Ryan carried Megan in The Bundys, and Myla carried Chelsea in Hello Sunday.  Very strong group, and Kelly hit the jackpot with them.


Katie was good, but a better song choice might've netted her Blake's turn, as well.  I did like how she made "The Bones" her own, though.  Good (edited) first get for Ariana, but it'll be up to her to make sure she lasts on her team.


Peedy was obviously bound for Blake.  But I do admire his on-stage confidence and his tone.  But I hope he has more up his sleeve than Elvis impersonations.

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