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SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown


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On 9/14/2021 at 1:12 AM, FrogLenzen said:


  • For Cycle 1: No write-ups required
  • For Cycle 2: 50 words (or 25 words and an embedded video)
  • For Cycle 3 through the Top 100: 75 words (or 50 words and an embedded video)
  • For the Top 100 through the Top 20: 100 words (or 75 words and an embedded video)

Now that we have the official number of dancers in the game, 686, I was able to finalize the math for Cycle 1.


And because of that, I have now updated the write-up requirements for Cycle 2!

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Cycle 1: The Cattle Call




We have dancers from all over the world flying in for a shot to be the winner of the SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown! However, not everyone will get a chance to dance a solo in front of the panel. There is a part of the audition process that is not usually televised: the cattle call. All the dancers first have to get through the initial screening: improvising in groups in front of some co-producers.


Cycle 1 is a save-only cycle. There will be no cuts, and therefore no write-ups. No immunities. There will be no bring-backs for any dancer left behind when Cycle 2 begins.


Cycle 1 will take place in 9 rounds. All 686 dancers will be randomized and broken into 9 groups of varying sizes. Every ranker will get a certain amount of saves per round. Saves are first-come, first-serve. But 24 hours after I start a round, I will step in and make any remaining saves for you. There is no special bonus for choosing certain dancers. You aren’t making your own little teams. The dancers are simply in or out.


All I need is for someone to choose a number from 1 to 9, and then I’ll post the first group of dancers tomorrow!

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On 9/14/2021 at 1:12 AM, FrogLenzen said:

The Judges and Co-Producers of

So You Think You Can Dance Worldwide






Amanda - @*Amanda

Andrew - @sublymonal

Dee - @Deeee

Diana - @*Diana

Elliott - @Elliott

JC - @JC

Megan - @totes4totes

Rei - @.Rei

Zoey - @Zoey


Cycle 1: The Cattle Call

I will be updating the front page with links to each cycle as we go!

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 1 Posted)

The Cattle Call

Cycle 1 - Round 1


Screening 686 dancers is a lot of work! Lots of people and names coming at you very quickly with not a lot of time for people to stand out. I won't be adding any country or season information to the names, but you are welcome to use the front page and figure it out for yourself. Which names will you recognize??? Will anyone slip through the cracks???


Reminder/Clarification for the 24 hour host rule: After 24 hours, the host MAY make all decisions for you. But if I haven't made it to the thread yet, you can still make your own decision. No one but the host can steal your decision from you. The point is that I can decide to move the game along after 24 hours if I'm ready to post the next set of rules or whatever.





Ashlee Nino
Ariana DeBose
Janelle Issis
Danny Tidwell - SAVED
Eden Petrovski - SAVED
Jakub "Kuba" Mędrzycki
Marquis Cunningham
Courtney Walter
Sebastian Piotrowicz
Marielle Constancia - SAVED
Klaudia Sadlo
Charlie Wheeller
Brian Poniatowski 
Ashley Valerio
Melinda Sullivan - SAVED
Bram Blankestijn
Allan Frias
Jonathan Arsenault
Danielle Gardner
Lee Crowley
Erin Ellis
Martha Nichols
Issi Durant
Edgar Gilbert-Reyes - SAVED
Adam Kościelniak
Remy Vetter
Delano Spenrath - SAVED
Ash-Leigh Hunter
Thabang Baloyi
Janaya French
Giotta Kulaleen
Travis Wall - SAVED
Renelle Jones - SAVED
Malik Mohammed 
Sebastian Mersch
Teya Wild
Gianni Grot
Kent Boyd - SAVED
Jaymz Tuaileva
Kassandra "Kassy" Lee
Sydney Tormey
Chris Koehl
Mariah Spears - SAVED
Stanislaw Korotyński
Nick Geurts - SAVED
Marleen Suurmeijer
Jessi Peralta
Jesse Rasmussen
Max Francisco
Noi Pakon Schuijffel
Stephen "tWitch" Boss 
Lauren Seymour - SAVED
Wadi Jones
Ashlee Langas
Pasha Kovalev - SAVED
Jenna Johnson - SAVED

Lizzie Gough - SAVED


The first group of dancers contains 57 people. Every ranker must save 4 names from this group.


4 names left:

@sublymonal @Deeee @JC @totes4totes @Zoey


1 name left:


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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown

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