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SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 7 - Amanda's vote then turn)


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34 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

Dmitry Chaplin

Clarice Ordaz

Gino Cosculluela

Ezra Sosa


For @Elliott & @sublymonal


32 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

I'll probably make these choices later this afternoon, so I encourage our favorite married couple to get here before then and at least select who they'd prefer is saved


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4 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

omfg my hearing got cancelled today and has to be rescheduled, I've never been happier weeeeeeeeee


But I already said I would wait until afternoon for this lol. I can still wait.



What did you do? #badboy

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Sorry for going MIA, Andrew and I had some real life stuff happen this past weekend. Anyway, I do like all four remaining dancers, but I'll go ahead and cut Dmitry since he probably won't last much longer. Dmitry Chaplin was a Russian ballroom dancer from S2 of SYTYCD, so naturally he was one of my gay awakenings. Dmitry unfortunately was not popular with the voters, as he landed in the B3 fairly often during his run. Then gain, he was partnered with people like Joy Spears for two weeks, and then Aleksandra (despite the memes) for his third week. I did really enjoy his partnership with Ashlee Nino, but sadly it wasn't meant to be. He looked really f*cking hot in that Pop routine they did though. At the Top 10, he was with Donyelle, and she survived the partner killer curse while Dmitry was eliminated over the likes of Ryan Ranking. Ew. Post-SYTYCD, he was on DWTS for a few seasons and most notably won with Mya in S9 despite a sloppy freestyle. He's come back to choreograph a few times, most notably in S10 when he and Hayley delivered a flawless rumba that got her eliminated somehow.


SAVE: Gino

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 3 - Andrew's turn)

Ooops, @sublymonal faked me out again and I was expecting a write-up hahaha.


The front page is updated, and it's Andrew's turn next! So he has 24 hours from now to post his 16 nominations. He can't nominate any bolded names on the front page or any of the following:


Thayne Jasperson

Clarice Ordaz

Bailey Muñoz

Gino Cosculluela

Arassay Reyes

Jessica Prince

Jaimie Goodwin

Ashley Galvan



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My nominations are:

Alisa Floryńska

Anna-Alicia Sklias

Danny Arbour

Eliane Nsanze

Eliza Kindziuk

Evelien Ceulemans

Ilona Bekier

Loredo Malcolm

Morgane Ribbens

Raquel Tijsterman

Ricky Jamie

Robert Green

Sarah Mancini

Stéphanie Evenepoel

Oona De Cleyn

Shiobian Dumas

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Alisa somehow made it this far? LOL. She is a Hip-Hop dancer from the sixth season of SYTYCD Poland. Initially, Alisa auditioned for Season 5, but was cut at the Top 36 stage of the Tel Aviv Week. Season 6 just so happened to be her lucky year. Alisa spent her first two weeks in the competition dancing with Sebastian P, performing Broadway and Pop routines across the first two weeks. Her third week in the competition saw her dancing a Samba with Paweł, which ultimately landed Alisa in the bottom. But her solo saved her from elimination. She then danced a Jazz routine with Michał the following week, which I vaguely remember her being her best routine of the competition. Alisa advanced to the Top 8, which would be her final week in the competition. Alisa danced a New Age Hip-Hop group routine with the other competing women, along with a Hip-Hop routine with Dominik. She landed in the bottom six after these dances. Alisa would perform a Dancehall solo to “Bobblehead” by Christina Aguilera. LOL MUST HAVE BEEN AWFUL. Alisa was eliminated, but she would later return as both a choreographer and All-Star. She choreographed a Commercial Twerk routine during Season 8 with fellow alumni, Roofi. Then she returned during Season 9 and choreographed a Hip-Hop routine for Michał K. Alisa also danced this piece with Michał, which subsequently landed him in the bottom and got him eliminated. That is all.


SAVING: Raquel T.

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 7 - Amanda's vote then turn)

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