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SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 3 - Diana's turn)


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1 hour ago, FrogLenzen said:

Andrew has Robert Green vs. Delano Spenrath and then it will be JC's turn!

Oh snap, if anyone has faves they would like me to avoid, please message me, I am happy to oblige! 

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 3 - JC's turn)

@JC is up! 24 hours for 16 nominations. You can't nominate bolded names on the front page and also these:



Channing Cooke

AdeChike Torbert

Robert Green

Shavar Blackwood

Tommy Franzen

Kirsty Swain

Rithiely "Rithy" Pereria

Hessel de Graaf

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Ariana DeBose

Marquis Cunningham

Melissa Sandvig

Billy Bell

Ricky Jaime

George Lawrence, Jr.

Malece Miller

Carlos Garland

Emily James
Malene Ostergaard

Bridget Whitman

Kate Harpootlian

Amy Gardner

Loredo Malcolm

Ben Veitch

Sarah Mancini

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Malene Ostergaard



Malene was a Latin Ballroom dancer from season 11. She was somehow put in the top 20 which I don't think I will ever understand? That season's top 20 was all over the place. She only lasted one live show and was the 20th place dancer during that season. I don't remember her solo much or her at all. During that first week she was paired with Marquet Hill and they danced a pretty basic  samba choreographed by Louis van Amstel. It wasn't anything very memorable. It's a miracle she has made it this far into our rankdown but it is really time for her to go.


SAVING: Emily James

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Bridget Whitman



So Bridget is one of the contemporary women from the dreadful season 11. Why is she still here?? I have no idea. I didn't mind her in her season but she wasn't a favorite either. I think her best and only standout routine was the contemporary she did with Emilio. It was also one of the best dances of that season, not like the standards were too high tbh. She also did a contemporary with Stanley that I liked, a hip hop with Emilio that was terrible, a jive with Emilio that was fun but nothing special, a jazz with Emilio that was pretty meh and a bollywood/disco with Brandon that was bad as well. Oh I just remember that she was the only dancer that has all of her dances performed on the tour, pretty random tbh as she wasn't even a judges favorite I believe.







Saving Billy Bell

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Marquis is a Contemporary dancer cast as pure fodder for Season 4. Definitely just one of many Floridian competition kids. Except he failed to leave a mark. He was partnered with Salsa dancer Susie during the competition. The partnership produced zero good or memorable routines. First week of the show he danced a Waltz that I do not remember. He was safe afterwards. Second week of the show he danced a Salsa routine choreographed by Alex Da Silva. This landed him in the bottom with his partner. He danced a solo to OneRepublic, which is exactly why he was eliminated. LOL. Also my justification for eliminating him. Why is he still here?


SAVING: George Lawrence, Jr.

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Malece Miller


I don’t necessarily think that Malece would have been my top cut from this list but 1) most of those top cuts have already been taken and 2) Malece has the easiest write-up when I’m just using my phone. And I wanted to get my write-up in because NO WAY IS SARAH GETTING CUT BEFORE HESSEL. 

Anyway, Malece is a contemporary dancer from Season 10. She made it to top 12 after initially being partnered with Jade and then Alan after Jasmine M’s elimination. I remember none of her routines except her EXCELLENT showcase with Carlos and Hayley. I just looked her up on IG and she’s doing Simone Biles’s Gold Tour so even if she isn’t winning this rankdown she’s clearly winning in life.


Saving: Sarah Mancini

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 3 - Diana's turn)

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