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SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 3 - Diana's turn)


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Welcome to the new So You Think You Can Dance Worldwide Rankdown! I am your host, Cat Deeley Derek, AKA Jeff Thacker the executive producer of the rankdown. I am looking for rankers AKA judges AKA producers to help me find the #1 dancer in the world. But to get there, we need to audition dancers from around the world to create our Top 100 for the live shows, and then continue on from there until we reach our grand finale with a Top 20.


How will the audition process and live shows shake out? Prepare for some twists, immunities, bring-backs, battles, drama, pettiness, etc.





The application is simple. Just send me a list of every SYTYCD season you’ve seen, including countries and season numbers. There will be rules in place for everyone depending on what seasons you have seen, so please be specific and honest!


All dancers from SYTYCD US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Benelux are part of the game. If you want dancers from other countries, you may include up to 12 dancers from other countries in your application and they will be added to the game. Please list the country and season number for each added dancer.


You may also pick a judge representative for the game. It can be anyone who has ever sat on the judges’ panel in any country for any audition or live show. That includes any choreographers for callbacks. However, the person must not have ever been a contestant on the show. If you don’t pick a representative, one will be chosen for you.


I encourage everyone to read the following before you apply!



General Rules:



  • We will have a predetermined amount of rankers that will embark on a mission to collectively rank every dancer from the SYTYCD franchise globally, including the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Benelux, and more.
  • The game will be split up into pre-planned cycles that have been created by the host (AKA the executive producer :wub:).
  • Each cycle will have its own rules for how certain dancers are nominated for elimination from the game, and how the nominated dancers can be eliminated. The cycles will be themed based on the SYTYCD audition process and live shows. Expect to see some traditional cycles (public nominations, random nominations, battles) but with a SYTYCD twist. Each cycle may contain multiple rounds.


  • For normal nominate/cut/save rounds: after you post your cut/save, you have 30 minutes to prepare a new post with the required write-up. You can reset your time once while you prepare the write-up by posting “refresh” in the thread before the 30 minutes expires.
  • If a set of nominations does not comply with the rules of the cycle, the entire round is VOID and must be reset completely.


  • As mentioned above, there will be rules in place depending on what seasons people have seen. Specific rules will be revealed when we choose the rankers.






Host Powers:



I am going to be upfront with the host’s powers in this game. Obviously, all the cycles will be made up by me, and they have been pre-planned (but certain adjustments will have to be made depending on how many rankers are participating). I will not be participating as a ranker. At the end of it all, I will submit a ranking of the Top 20 that will be combined with any/all public rankings to create one ranking that is given equal weight as the other rankers’ scores.


There will be two times during the game where the host will get to contribute in the same way that the rankers do. Hint: one of those times is for immunities. The other time will be revealed when we arrive to it. For the immunities and the [confidential] time, the randomizer will also be contributing. Details on that later. The host does not get his own bring-backs.


IMPORTANT TWIST FOR THIS GAME! PLEASE READ: The 24 hour rule applies in this game. After a set of nominations (or whatever) is posted, the rankers will have 24 hours to make their decisions. After 24 hours passes, neither the nominator nor the other rankers get to swoop in and steal the decision. Repeat: NO ONE CAN SWOOP IN AND STEAL A DECISION AFTER 24 HOURS. Instead, the host can to make the decision and we move on. Whoever was slacking and didn’t make a choice in time will still be required to do the write-up for anyone that is cut. If there are ever multiple slackers in the same round, the host can assign write-ups per the host’s discretion.


The new 24 hour rule also applies to nominations. If it is your turn to prepare nominations, you have 24 hours to put it together or else the host will do it for you. Rankers may, of course, request extensions and I am available on IDF, Twitter, and Instagram to chat about anything like that. I am also open to discussing substitution rankers as the need arises. If you miss too many deadlines, I reserve the right to either remove you as a ranker, replace you with someone, or just PLAY THE WHOLE GAME BY MYSELF 24 HOURS AT A TIME MUAHAHAHAHAHA. The new 24 hour rule also applies to bring-backs, final cuts… Watch yourselves.



Write-Up Requirements:



Each write-up until the Top 20 must have the dancer’s picture, their name, and the season they were on (including country and number). An embedded video of the dancer is worth 25 words! That’s right, if you include a YouTube video in your write-up, that counts as 25 words toward your word count. However, multiple videos are still worth collectively as 25 words. You can’t just post 4 videos lol.


  • For Cycle 1: No write-ups required
  • For Cycle 2: 50 words (or 25 words and an embedded video)
  • For Cycle 3 through the Top 100: 75 words (or 50 words and an embedded video)
  • For the Top 100 through the Top 20: 100 words (or 75 words and an embedded video)


These are easy requirements and I reserve the right to pause the game and wait for missing write-ups to be posted and/or comply with the above rules, or just keep going and punish you later. Like maybe take away immunities or put you automatically first for every new cycle.


For the Top 20 write-ups, the picture and season number is not required. Also, the embedded video bonus doesn’t apply.


  • For your personal Top 6 and bottom 4 (17, 18, 19, and 20): 100 words
  • For your personal 7-16: 15 words


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The Judges and Co-Producers of

So You Think You Can Dance Worldwide






Amanda - @*Amanda

Andrew - @sublymonal

Dee - @Deeee

Diana - @*Diana

Elliott - @Elliott

JC - @JC

Megan - @totes4totes

Rei - @.Rei

Zoey - @Zoey


Cycle 1: The Cattle Call

Bonus Round: Review the Tapes

Cycle 2: Solo Auditions

Bonus Round: Travel to a New City (Part 1)

Cycle 3: Choreography Round


Nomination order for Cycle 3:

1. Zoey

2. Elliott

3. Amanda

4. JC

5. Rei

6. Andrew

7. Dee

8. Diana

9. Megan

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Cycle 3 ↓
















243. Gino Cosculluela (US16)

244. Tommy Franzén (UK1)

245. Sigourney Körper (NL1)

246. Janick Arseneau (CA3)

247. Ashlé Dawson (US1)

248. Ellenore Scott (US6)

249. Rithiely “Rithy” Pereira (UK2)

250. Lukas Zięba (PO4)

251. Thayne Jasperson (US4)

252. Kirsty Swain (UK2)

253. Ilona Bekier (PO5)

254. Eliza Kindziuk (PO4)

255. Shiobian Dumas (NL2)

256. Oona De Cleyn (NL2)

257. Loredo Malcolm (AU2)

258. Robert Green (US14)

259. Ricky Jamie (US8)

260. Alisa Floryńska (PO6)

261. Ezra Sosa (US16)

262. Dmitry Chaplin (US2)

263. Danielle Gardner (CA3)

264. Shavar Blackwood (CA3)

265. Lara Smythe (CA1)

266. Channing Cooke (US6)

267. Victor Smalley (US6)

268. Audrey Case (US9)

269. Ariana DeBose (US6)

270. Ben Veitch (AU2)

271. Carlos Garland (US10)

272. Amy Gardner (CA2)

273. Malece Miller (US10)

274. Marquis Cunningham (US4)

275. Bridget Whitman (US11)

276. Malene Ostergaard (US11)

277. Delano Spenrath (NL5)

278. Bree Wasylenko (CA3)

279. Joel Rasmussen (AU4)

280. Benjamin Castro (US16)

281. Jonathan Arsenault (CA3)

282. Dorian "Bluprint" Hector (US10)

283. Cristina Santana (US7)

284. Chelsea Hough (US15)

285. Anthony Grafton (CA2)

286. Geisha Chin (CA4)

287. Alexa Anderson (US9)

288. Chris Piper (UK1)

289. Matt Dorame (US4)

290. Kloé Schultz (CA3)

291. Travis Wall (US2)

292. Ashlee Nino (US2)

293. Michal Pawlowski (PO3)

294. Phillip Chbeeb (US5)

295. Nathan Trasoras (US6)

296. Cody Bonnell (CA2)

297. Cole Mills (US15)

298. Burim "B1" Jusufi (US12)

299. Du-Shaunt "Fik-Shun" Stegall (US10)

300. Arno Brys (NL5)


Cycle 2 ↓


301. Brian Poniatowski (PO7)

302. Michal Maciejewski (PO6)

303. Pania Taku (AU2)

304. Anthony Benjamin (NL4)

305. Stefano Silvino (PO9)

306. Mateusz Sobecko (PO8)

295. Tim "Timomatic" Omaji (AU2) SAVED!

296. Boris Schreurs (NL1) SAVED!

307. Sebastian Piotrowicz (PO6)

308. Marielle Constancia (NL1)

309. Israel Donowa (UK2)

300. Jess LeProtto (US8) SAVED!

310. Sam Malseed (AU4)

311. Suzanne de Bekker (NL2)

312. Paulina Przestrzelska (PO6)

313. Rudy Abreu (US11)

314. Jakub "Kuba" Piotrowicz (PO5)

315. Malik Mohammed (NL7)

316. Izabela "Iza" Orzelowska (PO3)

317. Julie Mannekens (NL7)

318. Piotr Jeznach (PO4)

319. Rowan Hoppenbrouwers (NL6)

320. Giovanni Kemper (NL6)

321. Tugba Cetinkaya (NL6)

322. Henry Byalikov (AU1)

323. Sedrig Verwoert (NL4)

324. Anna Matlewska (PO7)

325. Edson Juarez (US12)

326. Cheroney Pelupessy (NL3)

327. Lee Crowley (UK2)

328. Frederic De Smet (NL5)

329. Fabio Carcieri (NL7)

330. Aleksandra Borkowska (PO9)

322. Gaby Diaz (US12) SAVED!

331. Hanna Szychowicz (PO9)

332. Liam O’Callaghan (NL6)

333. Stephen Perez (AU4)

334. Manuella Verzwyvel (NL7)

335. Romina D’Ugo (CA1)

336. Tom Shillcock (UK2)

337. Iveta Lukosiute (US8)

338. Ashley Rich (US8)

339. Gill Requiere (NL7)

340. Juvat Westendorp (NL4)

341. Kaylee "Impavido" Millis (US14)

342. Joey Arrigo (CA4)

343. Drew McOnie (UK1)

344. Snejana "Snow" Urbin (US1)

345. Michael Dameski (AU4)

346. Doug De Voogt (AU3)

347. Amber Jackson (US9)

348. Evan DeBenedetto (US15)

349. Martha Nichols (US2)

350. Mandy Montanez (UK1)

351. Ryan Conferido (US1)

352. Jordan Nata'e Wandick (US13)

353. Jonathan Platero (US5)

354. Ashley Valerio (US5)

355. Melinda Sullivan (US7)

356. Rodrigo Basurto (CA4)

357. Dwayne "Boneless" Gulston (CA4)

358. Corynne Barron (CA2)

351. Teddy Coffey (US11) SAVED!

359. Carlena Britch (CA4)

360. Matt Geronimi (AU3)

361. Will Thomas (US9)

362. Jim Nowakowski (US12)

363. Eddie "Neptune" Eskridge (US12)

364. Logan Hernandez (US14)

365. Leon "Kida" Burns (US13)

366. Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (US9)

360. Rhys Bobridge (AU1) SAVED!

367. Sebastian Mersch (CA3)

368. Virgil "Lil O" Gadson (US12)

369. J.T. Church (US13)

370. Tahani Anderson (US13)

371. Tate McRae (US13)

372. Jordan Clark (CA4)

373. Kamilah Barrett (US1)

374. Joey Matt (CA1)

375. Marissa Mes (NL4)

376. Artur Ciecórski (PO2)

377. Eden Petrovski (AU4)

372. Darius Hickman (US15) SAVED!

378. JP Dubé (CA4)

374. Hayley Erbert (US10) SAVED!

379. Nick Garcia (US11)

380. Gaz Griffiths (AU3)

381. Jessi Peralta (US3)

382. Alex Wong (US7)

383. Robbie White (UK1)

384. Heath Keating (AU3)

385. Bram Blankestijn (NL1)

386. Shane Collard (UK2)

383. Aaron Turner (US10) SAVED!

387. Dieter Van De Putte (NL7)

388. Emanuel Sandhu (CA2)

389. Mitchell Kelly (US8)

390. Kevin "K'Bez" Hunte (US6)

391. Hokuto "Hok" Konishi (US3)

392. Amy Yakima (US10)

393. Brooklyn Fullmer (US11)

394. Austin Di Iulio (CA2)

395. Lindsay Arnold (US9)

396. Kupono Aweau (US5)

397. Karla Garcia (US5)

395. Janette Manrara (US5) SAVED!

398. Lauren "Misha Chan" Gottlieb (US3)

399. Randi Evans (US5)

400. Sophie Pittman (US16)

401. Stephanie Sosa (US16)

402. Jensen Arnold (US15)

403. Magda Fialek (US15)

404. Jakub "Kuba" Mędrzycki (PO3)

405. Gianni Grot (NL4)

406. Kevin Mylrea (CA1)

407. Stanislaw Korotyński (PO7)

408. Jacque LeWarne (US11)

407. Tanisha Belnap (US11) SAVED!

409. Mariah Russell (US16)

409. Graeme Isaako (AU1) SAVED!

410. Janaya French (US9)

411. Jesús Solorio (US3)

412. Lily Frias (US12)

413. Brittany Cherry (US10)

414. Yuliya Zavadska (CA4)

415. Nina Nestelaar (NL7)

416. Chris Jarosz (US4)

417. Gian Luca Loddo (UK2)

418. Casey Askew (US11)

419. Hayley Newton (UK1)

420. Ryan Di Lello (US6)

421. Zack Everhart (US11)

422. Lee Bridgman (UK2)

423. Miranda Maleski (US8)

424. Taylor Sieve (US14)

425. Sandra Colton (US1)

426. Ryan Ramirez (US8)

427. Tony Bellissimo (US5)

428. Paris Torres (US5)

429. Missy Morelli (US8)

430. Susie Garcia (US4)

431. Craig DeRosa (US1)

432. Alexie Agdeppa (US7)


Cycle 1 ↓


433. - 684. Jonathan "Jonnis" Tannis, Allan Frias, Michelle Brooke (US1); Heidi Groskreutz, Ryan Rankine, Jaymz Tuaileva, Jessica Fernandez, Ben Susak, Aleksandra Wojda, Jason Williams, Joy Spears, Stanislav Savich, Erin Ellis (US2); Cedric Gardner, Jimmy Arguello, Faina Savich, Ricky Palomino, Ashlee Langas (US3); Joshua Allen, Kourtni Lind, Jamie Bayard, Rayven Armijo (US4); Caitlin Kinney, Vitolio Jeune (US5); Peter Sabasino, Pauline Mata, Phillip Attmore, Bianca Revels, Brandon Dumlao (US6); Alexander Fost, Robert Taylor, Jr., Wadi Jones (US8); Eliana Girard, Dareian Kujawa, Amelia Lowe, Janelle Issis, Brandon Mitchell, Daniel Baker, Nick Bloxsom-Carter (US9); Curtis Holland, Jasmine Mason, Jade Zuberi (US10); Valerie Rockey, Marcquet Hill, Stanley Glover, Jourdan Epstein (US11); Derek Piquette, Alexia Meyer, Ariana Crowder, Marissa Milele, Moises Parra, Darion Flores (US12); Emma Hellenkamp, Ruby Castro, Jake Monreal, Sheaden Gabriel, Daniela Avanzini (US13); Sydney Tormey (US14); Jay Jay Dixonbey (US15); Madison Jordan, Anna Linstruth, Eddie Hoyt (US16); Izaak Smith, Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Jesse Catibog, Caroline Torti, Tamina Pollack-Paris, Dario Milard, Breanne Wong (CA1); Danny Lawn, Natalie Lyons, Nicolas Bégin, Jenna-Lynn Higgins, Melanie Buttarazzi, Taylor James, Tatiana Parker (CA2); Charlene Hartman, Jesse Weafer, Jera Wolfe, Julia Harnett, Yonni Fournier, Hani Abaza (CA3); Adam LoPapa, François Pruneau, Kevin Howe, Shelaina Anderson, Teya Wild, Lauren Lyn, Adam Asselin-Rioux, Cassandra Flammini (CA4); Rhiannon Villareal, Anthony Ikin, Joel "JD" De Carteret, Camilla Jakimowicz, Sermsah Bin Saad, Laura Brougham, Marko Panzic, Stephanie Golman, Hilton Denis, Kassandra "Kassy" Lee, Khaly Ngeth, Courtney Walter (AU1); Danny Golding, Damien Samuel, Emmanuel "E-Man" Rodriguez, Chanelle Johnson, Ash-Leigh Hunter, Stephen Tannos, Jesse Rasmussen, Max Francisco (AU2); Don Napalan, Issi Durant, Grace Stewart, Mikhaela Gregory, Will Centurion, Ilona Fabiszewski (AU3); Maddie Peat, Chris Tsattalios, Jordan Turner, Nadiah Idris, Sally Hare, Thabang Baloyi, Kathaleen Fisher (AU4); Charlie Bruce, Yanet Fuentes, Mark Calape, Gavin Tsang, Chloë Campbell, Anabel Kutay (UK1); Luke Jackson, Katie Love, Charlotte Scally, Katrina Lyndon, Danielle Cato, Charlie Wheeller, Alice Woodhouse, Stephanie Powell, Ryan Jenkins, Paige Smith (UK2); Anuschka Bozo, Uri Eugenio, Anne-May De Lijser, Ceraldo Moreau, Giotta Kulaleen, Giorgio Costa, Eline Vroon, Alessandro Pierotti, Dapheny Oosterwolde (NL1); Louis Alves, Virgil Bonofacio, Saartje Van de Casteele, Bruno De Rouck, Noi Pakon Schuijffel, Marleen Suurmeijer, Samuel Chan, Pablo Sanchez Garcia, Rubiën Vyent, Ine Vanbesien (NL2); Cagdas "Caggie" Gulum, Agar Dedeene Y Comez, Junes Lazaar, Stéphanie Willemsen, Jesse Wijnans, Evelyne De Weerdt, Joren Lefebvre (NL3); Céline De Raedemaeker, William Kruidhof, Laura Parijs, Christiaan De Donder, Karen Brinkman, Michiel Van den Berghe, Rebecca Gilhooley, Jeffrey Oehlers, Sandrine Balleux (NL4); Davinia Janssens, Vita Boers, Iris Meeusen, Inge Devroey, Daniel Fishermen, Masha Verdegem, Isabel Bérénos (NL5); Ina Wellens, Johan Christensen, Kris Siek Erman, Ricardo Oliveira Ferreira, Sophie Boers, Jordy Putzeys, Sarah Hadadia (NL6); Dane Badal, Jorge Antonio, Marrit Nicolai, Roger Makadi, Kevin Rekoert, Leen Schoenmakers, Andrew Anthonia, Sarah M-Peti, Nadine Baboy, Adil El-Hammouti (NL7); Maciej "Gleba" Florek , Rafał "Roofi" Kamiński, Anna Bosak, Diana Staniszewska, Rafał "Tito" Kryla, Natalia Madejczyk, Piotr Gałczyk, Maria Foryś, Błażej Ciszek, Ida Nowakowska (PO1); Katarzyna Kubalska, Kryspin Hermañski, Anna Radomska, Gieorgij Puchalski, Justyna Białowąs, Kamil Guzy, Aneta Gąsiewicz, Patryk Rożniecki, Żaneta Majcher (PO2); Adrianna Kawecka, Paulina Jaksim, Kamil Czarnecki, Anita Florczak (PO3); Pawel Kulik, Klaudia "Jadźka" Koruba, Jakub "Kuba" Werel, Rafal Kabungwe, Kaja Kudelko (PO4); Aleksander Paliński, Leal Zielińska, Adam Kościelniak, Katarzyna Bień (PO5); Dominik Olechowski, Mariya "Masha" Tryputsen, Agnieszka Szewczyk (PO6); Igor Leonik, Magdalena Zwierzyńska, Bartosz Wilniewicz, Joanna Zwierzyńska, Kinga Mucha, Karolina "Cuki" Dziemieszkiewkicz, Martyna Andrzejczak (PO7); Michal Pryzbyta, Hubert Kozlowski, Artur Golec, Sara Janicka, Wlodzimierz Kolobycz, Paulina Kubicka (PO8); Joachim Uetake, Michal Kalcowski, Anna Dowganowska, Nader Hasnaoui, Julia Adamczyk, Bartosz Wojcik (PO9)

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All Eligible Contestants by Season


👑 = Season Winner

💖 = Prior IDF Winner

⭐ = Prior IDF Top 20 Finalist

*** = did not rank


US 1

Nick Lazzarini 👑⭐

Melody Lacayanga
Jamile McGee ⭐
Blake McGrath ⭐
Artem Chigvinsev
Melissa Vella

Destini Rogers
247. Ashlé Dawson ⭐

344. Snejana "Snow" Urbin

351. Ryan Conferido

373. Kamilah Barrett
425. Sandra Colton

431. Craig DeRosa
***. Allan Frias
***. Michelle Brooke

***. Jonathan "Jonnis" Tannis

US 2

Benji Schwimmer 👑⭐
Donyelle Jones ⭐
Ivan Koumaev
Natalie Fotopoulos
Allison Holker
Musa Cooper
262. Dmitry Chaplin

291. Travis Wall

292. Ashlee Nino

349. Martha Nichols
***. Heidi Groskreutz
***.Ryan Rankine
***. Jaymz Tuaileva
***. Jessica Fernandez

***. Ben Susak

***. Aleksandra Wojda

***. Jason Williams

***. Joy Spears
***. Stanislav Savich

***. Erin Ellis

US 3

Sabra Johnson 👑⭐

Danny Tidwell ⭐
Neil Haskell ⭐
Lacey Schwimmer ⭐💖

Pasha Kovalev ⭐⭐
Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval ⭐

Sara Von Gillern

Kameron Bink
Jaimie Goodwin
Anya Garnis
Shauna Noland

381. Jessi Peralta

391. Hokuto "Hok" Konishi

398. Lauren "Misha Chan" Gottlieb

411. Jesús Solorio
***. Cedric Gardner
***. Jimmy Arguello

***. Faina Savich

***. Ricky Palomino

***. Ashlee Langas

US 4

Stephen "tWitch" Boss ⭐⭐
Katee Shean ⭐⭐

Courtney Galiano 💖

Mark Kanemura ⭐⭐
Chelsie Hightower ⭐
William Wingfield

Comfort Fedoke
Gev Manoukian ⭐
Kherington Payne
Jessica King

Chelsea Traille

251. Thayne Jasperson

274. Marquis Cunningham

289. Matt Dorame

416. Chris Jarosz

430. Susie Garcia
***. Joshua Allen 👑

***. Kourtni Lind
***. Jamie Bayard
***. Rayven Armijo

US 5

Jeanine Mason 👑⭐

Brandon Bryant ⭐

Evan Kasprzak
Kayla Radomski ⭐⭐

Ade Obayomi ⭐

Melissa Sandvig

Jason Glover

Janette Manrara

Asuka Kondoh
Maksim "Max" Kapitannikov

294. Phillip Chbeeb

353. Jonathan Platero

354. Ashley Valerio

396. Kupono Aweau

397. Karla Garcia

399. Randi Evans
427. Tony Bellissimo

428. Paris Torres

***. Caitlin Kinney
***. Vitolio Jeune

US 6

Russell Ferguson 👑⭐

Jakob Karr ⭐⭐
Kathryn McCormick ⭐
Ellenore Scott 
Ashleigh Di Lello

Jonathan "Legacy" Perez
Mollee Gray
Noelle Marsh

Karen Hauer
248. Ellenore Scott ⭐⭐

266. Channing Cooke

267. Victor Smalleu

269. Ariana DeBose

295. Nathan Trasoras

390. Kevin “K’Bez” Hunte

420. Ryan Di Lello

***. Peter Sabasino
***. Pauline Mata
***. Phillip Attmore
***. Bianca Revels
***. Brandon Dumlao

US 7

Lauren Froderman 👑

Kent Boyd ⭐
Robert Roldan
AdéChiké Torbert
Jose "Full Deck" Ruiz
Billy Bell
Ashley Galvan

283. Cristina Santana
355. Melinda Sullivan

382. Alex Wong

432. Alexie Agdeppa

US 8

Melanie Moore 👑

Sasha Mallory

Marko Germar
Tadd Gadduang
Caitlynn Lawson

Jess LeProtto
Jordan Casanova

Clarice Ordaz ⭐
Chris Koehl
Nick Young

259. Ricky Jaime

337. Iveta Lukosiute

338. Ashley Rich

389. Mitchell Kelly

423. Miranda Maleski

426. Ryan Ramirez
429. Missy Morelli

***. Wadi Jones
***. Alexander Fost
***. Robert Taylor, Jr.

US 9

Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer
Tiffany Maher ⭐⭐

Cole Horibe
Witney Carson ⭐

George Lawrence, Jr.

Matthew Kazmierczak

268. Audrey Case

287. Alexa Anderson

347. Amber Jackson

361. Will Thomas

366. Chehon Wespi-Tschopp 👑

395. Lindsay Arnold
410. Janaya French

***. Eliana Girard 👑

***. Dareian Kujawa
***. Amelia Lowe
***. Janelle Issis
***. Brandon Mitchell

***. Daniel Baker
***. Nick Bloxsom-Carter

US 10

Aaron Turner

Jasmine Harper ⭐⭐

Paul Karmiryan ⭐
Hayley Erbert

Tucker Knox
Jenna Johnson ⭐
Nico Greetham ⭐
Makenzie Dustman
Alan Bersten
Alexis Juliano
Mariah Spears
271. Carlos Garland

273. Malece Miller

282. Dorian "Bluprint" Hector

299. Du-Shaunt "Fik-Shun" Stegall 👑⭐

392. Amy Yakim👑

413. Brittany Cherry

***. Curtis Holland
***. Jasmine Mason
***. Jade Zuberi

US 11

Ricky Ubeda 👑

Jessica Richens
Tanisha Belnap

Emilio Dosal

Serge Onik

Carly Blaney

Teddy Coffey

Emily James

275. Bridget Whitman
276. Malene Ostergaard

313. Rudy Abreu

379. Nick Garcia

393. Brooklyn Fullmer

408. Jacque LeWarne

418. Casey Askew

421. Zack Everhart

***. Valerie Rockey
***. Marcquet Hill
***. Stanley Glover
***. Jourdan Epstein

US 12

Gaby Diaz 👑⭐⭐

Jana "Jaja" Vaňková ⭐⭐
Hailee Payne
Megan "Megz" Alfonso
Jessica "JJ" Rabone
Yorelis Apolinario ⭐
Kate Harpootlian
Asaf Goren

298. Burim "B1" Jusufi

325. Edson Juarez

362. Jim Nowakowski
363. Eddie "Neptune" Eskridge

368. Virgil "Lil O" Gadson

412. Lily Frias
***. Derek Piquette
***. Alexia Meyer
***. Ariana Crowder
***. Marissa Milele
***. Moises Parra
***. Darion Flores

US 13

352. Jordan Nata'e Wandick

365. Leon "Kida" Burns 👑

369. J.T. Church

370. Tahani Anderson

371. Tate McRae

***. Emma Hellenkamp
***. Ruby Castro
***. Jake Monreal

***. Sheaden Gabriel

***. Daniela Avanzini

US 14

Lex Ishimoto 👑
Koine Iwasaki ⭐⭐⭐
Chris "Kiki" Nyemchek ⭐⭐
Mark Villaver
Inyoung "Dassy" Lee ⭐

258. Robert Green

341. Kaylee "Impavido" Millis

364. Logan Hernandez ⭐

424. Taylor Sieve

***. Sydney Tormey

US 15

Hannahlei Cabanilla 👑

Genessy Castillo 💖

Slavik Pustovoytov ⭐

Darius Hickman ⭐

284. Chelsea Hough

297. Cole Mills

348. Evan DeBenedetto

402. Jensen Arnold

403. Magda Fialek

***. Jay Jay Dixonbey

US 16

Bailey Muñoz 👑

243. Gino Cosculluela
261. Ezra Sosa
280. Benjamin Castro

400. Sophie Pittman

401. Stephanie Sosa

409. Mariah Russell

***. Madison Jordan
***. Anna Linstruth
***. Eddie Hoyt

CA 1

Nicolas Archambault 👑⭐
Allie Bertram
Miles Faber
Natalli Reznik
Lisa Auguste ⭐
Vincent Olivier-Noiseux ⭐
Arassay Reyes
Danny Arbour
Francis Lafrenière
264. Lara Smythe
335. Romina D'Ugo

374. Joey Matt
406. Kevin Mylrea
***. Izaak Smith
***. Kaitlyn Fitzgerald
***. Jesse Catibog
***. Caroline Torti

***. Tamina Pollack-Paris
***. Dario Milard

***. Breanne Wong

CA 2

Tara-Jean Popowich 👑
Vincent Desjardins
Jayme Rae Dailey 💖
Everett Smith
Melanie Mah
Kim Gingras ⭐
Daniel Dory

272. Amy Gardner
285. Anthony Grafton

296. Cody Bonnell

358. Corynne Barron

388. Emanuel Sandhu

394. Austin Di Iulio
***. Danny Lawn
***. Natalie Lyons
***. Nicolas Bégin
***. Jenna-Lynn Higgins

***. Melanie Buttarazzi
***. Taylor James

***. Tatiana Parker

CA 3
Denys Drozdyuk 👑
Amanda Cleghorn
Jeff Mortensen
Mackenzie Green
Nathalie Heath
Edgar Gilbert-Reyes

Claudia Primeau

Kirsten Wicklund

246. Janick Arseneau

263. Danielle Gardner

265. Shavar Blackwood

278. Bree Wasylenko

281. Jonathan Arsenault

290. Kloé Schultz

367. Sebastian Mersch
***. Charlene Hartman
***. Jesse Weafer

***. Jera Wolfe
***. Julia Harnett
***. Yonni Fournier
***. Hani Abaza

CA 4

Melissa Mitro
Matthew Marr
Christian Millette
Lindsay Leuschner
Shane Simpson
Denitsa Ikonomova
286. Geisha Chin
342. Joey Arrigo

356. Rodrigo Basurto

357. Dwayne "Boneless" Gulston

359. Carlena Britch

372. Jordan Clark 👑

378 JP Dubé

414. Yuliya Zavadska
***. Adam LoPapa
***. François Pruneau
***. Kevin Howe
***. Shelaina Anderson
***. Teya Wild
***. Lauren Lyn
***. Adam Asselin-Rioux

***. Cassandra Flammini

AU 1

Jack Chambers 👑⭐

Rhys Bobridge

Kate Wormald
Demi Sorono

Graeme Issako
Vanessa Sew Hoy

Jemma Armstrong

322. Henry Byalikov

***. Rhiannon Villareal
***. Anthony Ikin

***. Joel "JD" De Carteret
***. Camilla Jakimowicz
***. Sermsah Bin Saad
***. Laura Brougham
***. Marko Panzic
***. Stephanie Golman
***. Hilton Denis
***. Kassandra "Kassy" Lee
***. Khaly Ngeth
***. Courtney Walter

AU 2

Talia Fowler 👑
Charlie Bartley
Amy Campbell
William "BJ" Rorke
Katrina "Kat" Risteska
Tim "Timomatic" Omaji

Gianne Abbott
Penny Higgs
Nicole "Lamb" Iovine
257. Loredo Malcolm

270. Ben Veitch

303. Pania Taku

***. Danny Golding
***. Damien Samuel

***. Emmanuel "E-Man" Rodriguez
***. Chanelle Johnson
***. Ash-Leigh Hunter
***. Stephen Tannos
***. Jesse Rasmussen

***. Max Francisco

AU 3

Robbie Kmetoni 👑
Jessie Hesketh
Lauren "Ivy" Heeney
Phillipe Witana
Nick Geurts
Jess Stokes
Kieran McMahon
Carly Smith
Jessica Prince

Renee Ritchie
346. Doug De Voogt

360. Matt Geronimi
380. Gaz Griffiths

384. Heath Keating
***. Don Napalan
***. Issi Durant
***. Grace Stewart
***. Mikhaela Gregory
***. Will Centurion

***. Ilona Fabiszewski

AU 4

Lauren Seymour
Jay Johns
Renelle Jones
Ashleigh Tavares
Youngkwang "Blond" Joung
Patric Kuo

Zoey Black
Yukino McHugh
279. Joel Rasmussen
310. Sam Malseed 

333. Stephen Perez

345. Michael Dameski 👑

377. Eden Petrovski

***. Maddie Peat
***. Chris Tsattalios
***. Jordan Turner
***. Nadiah Idris
***. Sally Hare
***. Thabang Baloyi

***. Kathaleen Fisher

UK 1
Lizzie Gough
Alastair Postlethwaite
244. Tommy Franzén

288. Chris Piper

343. Drew McOnie

350. Mandy Montanez

383. Robbie White

419. Hayley Newton
***. Charlie Bruce 👑

***. Yanet Fuentes
***. Mark Calape
***. Gavin Tsang
***. Chloë Campbell
***. Anabel Kutay

UK 2

Matt Flint 👑
Bethany Rose Harrison
249. Rithiely "Rithy" Pereira

252. Kirsty Swain

309. Israel Donowa

327 Lee Crowley

336. Tom Shilcock

386. Shane Collard
417. Gian Luca Loddo

422. Lee Bridgman
***. Luke Jackson
***. Katie Love
***. Charlotte Scally
***. Katrina Lyndon
***. Danielle Cato
***. Charlie Wheeller
***. Alice Woodhouse
***. Stephanie Powell
***. Ryan Jenkins
***. Paige Smith

NL 1

Ivan Paulovich 👑⭐
Timor Steffens ⭐
Annemiek Suijkerbuijk
Julia Mitomi ⭐
Gianinni Semedo ⭐
Boris Schreurs

245. Sigourney Korper

308. Marielle Constancia

385. Bram Blankestijn
***. Anuschka Bozo
***. Uri Eugenio
***. Anne-May De Lijser
***. Ceraldo Moreau
***. Giotta Kulaleen
***. Giorgio Costa
***. Eline Vroon
***. Alessandro Pierotti
***. Dapheny Oosterwolde

NL 2

Els Smekens 👑⭐
Angelo Pardo ⭐
Michael Iongbloed
Evelien Ceulemans
Kris Loix
Remy Tilburg
255. Shiobian Dumas

256. Oona De Cleyn
311. Suzanne de Bekker

***. Louis Alves
***. Virgil Bonofacio
***. Saartje Van de Casteele
***. Bruno De Rouck
***. Noi Pakon Schuijffel
***. Marleen Suurmeijer
***. Samuel Chan
***. Pablo Sanchez Garcia
***. Rubiën Vyent
***. Ine Vanbesien

NL 3

Floris Bosveld 👑
Lorenzo van Velzen Bottazi ⭐
Lise Alexander
Natascha Dejong ⭐
Stefano Giuliani ⭐
Enora Oplinus
Eldrick Gijsbertha
Hettie Leroy
Jahir "Chico" Suriel
Raquel Tijsterman
326. Cheroney Pelupessy

***. Cagdas "Caggie" Gulum
***. Agar Dedeene Y Comez
***. Junes Lazaar
***. Stéphanie Willemsen
***. Jesse Wijnans
***. Evelyne De Weerdt
***. Joren Lefebvre

NL 4

Nina Plantefève-Castryck 👑
Anna-Alicia Sklias
Meysam Noori
Stéphanie Evenepoel
304. Anthony Benjamin

323. Sedrig Verwoert

340. Juvat Westendorp

375. Marissa Mes

405. Gianni Grot
***. Céline De Raedemaeker
***. William Kruidhof
***. Laura Parijs
***. Christiaan De Donder
***. Karen Brinkman
***. Michiel Van den Berghe
***. Rebecca Gilhooley
***. Jeffrey Oehlers
***. Sandrine Balleux

NL 5

Vivian Cardoso Gomez
Kalila Hermant
Denden Karadeniz ⭐
Remy Vetter
Eliane Nsanze
Sinerjey Meyfroodt
Niels van den Heuvel
Sarah Mancini
Hessel de Graaf
277. Delano Spenrath

300. Arno Brys

328. Frederic De Smet 👑

***. Davinia Janssens
***. Vita Boers
***. Iris Meeusen
***. Inge Devroey
***. Daniel Fishermen
***. Masha Verdegem
***. Isabel Bérénos

NL 6

Danny Boom 👑
Anneke Ghysens ⭐
Tamara Arruti ⭐
Miguel Pereira Carneiro
Ellen Houck ⭐
Joey van der Slot
Redouan Hergé Link ⭐
319. Rowan Hoppenbrouwers

320. Giovanni Kemper

321. Tugba Cetinkaya

332. Liam O'Callaghan
***. Ina Wellens
***. Johan Christensen
***. Kris Siek Erman
***. Ricardo Oliveira Ferreira
***. Sophie Boers
***. Jordy Putzeys
***. Sarah Hadadia

NL 7

Fabian Weijdema

Morgane Ribbens

Melanie Koster

315. Malik Mohammed 👑

317. Julie Mannekens

329. Fabio Carcieri

334. Manuella Verzwyvel

339. Gill Requiere

387. Dieter Van De Putte

415. Nina Nestelaar

***. Dane Badal

***. Jorge Antonio

***. Marrit Nicolai

***. Roger Makadi

***. Kevin Rekoert

***. Leen Schoenmakers

***. Andrew Anthonia

***. Sarah M-Peti

***. Nadine Baboy

***. Adil El-Hammouti

PO 1

***. Maciej "Gleba" Florek 👑
***. Rafał "Roofi" Kamiński
***. Anna Bosak
***. Diana Staniszewska
***. Rafał "Tito" Kryla
***. Natalia Madejczyk
***. Piotr Gałczyk
***. Maria Foryś

***. Błażej Ciszek

***. Ida Nowakowska

PO 2

376. Artur Ciecórski 👑
***. Katarzyna Kubalska
***. Kryspin Hermañski
***. Anna Radomska
***. Gieorgij Puchalski
***. Justyna Białowąs
***. Kamil Guzy
***. Aneta Gąsiewicz
***. Patryk Rożniecki
***. Żaneta Majcher

PO 3

Wioletta "Wiola" Fiuk 👑

Gabriel Piotrowski

Marcin Mroziński

293. Michal Pawlowski

316. Izabela "Iza" Orzelowska

404. Jakub "Kuba" Mędrzycki
***. Adrianna Kawecka

***. Paulina Jaksim

***. Kamil Czarnecki

***. Anita Florczak

PO 4

Anna Kapera 👑

Julia Żytko

250. Lukasz Zięba

254. Eliza Kindziuk

318. Piotr Jeznach

***. Pawel Kulik

***. Klaudia "Jadźka" Koruba

***. Jakub "Kuba" Werel

***. Rafal Kabungwe

***. Kaja Kudelko

PO 5

Jakub "Kuba" Jóżwiak 👑

Paulina Figińska

Tomasz Barański

Anna Andrzejewska

253. Ilona Bekier

314. Jakub "Kuba" Piotrowicz

***. Aleksander Paliński

***. Leal Zielińska

***. Adam Kościelniak

***. Katarzyna Bień

PO 6

Ania Tarnowska

Jakub "Kuba" Pursa
Adrian Wilczko

260. Alisa Floryńska

302. Michal Maciejewski

307. Sebastian Piotrowicz

312. Paulina Przestrzelska

***. Dominik Olechowski 👑

***. Mariya "Masha" Tryputsen

***. Agnieszka Szewczyk

PO 7

301. Brian Poniatowski 👑

324. Anna Matlewska

407. Stanislaw Korotyński

***. Igor Leonik

***. Magdalena Zwierzyńska

***. Bartosz Wilniewicz

***. Joanna Zwierzyńska

***. Kinga Mucha

***. Karolina "Cuki" Dziemieszkiewkicz

***. Martyna Andrzejczak

PO 8

Natalia Gap

Klaudia Sadlo

Agata Stachowiak

306. Mateusz Sobecko 👑

***. Michal Pryzbyta

***. Hubert Kozlowski

***. Artur Golec

***. Sara Janicka

***. Wlodzimierz Kolobycz

***. Paulina Kubicka

PO 9

Klaudia Antos

305. Stefano Silvino 👑

330. Aleksandra Borkowska

331. Hanna Szychowicz

***. Joachim Uetake

***. Michal Kalcowski

***. Anna Dowganowska

***. Nader Hasnaoui

***. Julia Adamczyk

***. Bartosz Wojcik

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I knew that the kids season and season 16 didn’t have anyone in our previous top 20’s because IDF rightfully hates those seasons, but it’s interesting to see that season 11 is the only other season that hasn’t. :haha: 

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Tamara Arruti, Anneke Ghysens, Ellen Houck, Joey van der Slot, Denden Karadeniz, Kalila Hermant, Lorenzo van Velzen Bottazzi, Lise Alexander, Enora Oplinus, Melanie Koster, Angelo Pardo, Els Smekens

Those are the twelve I included in my app. We still have so many greats to include from PO and Benelux. Please help me lol

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Just now, Solaris said:

I am considering it but ive only seen Seasons 1-15 of US, UK, CAN and Australia.  Anything non-english I don't know.  

I’m officially taking this information as your application and you can’t stop me 

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 3 - Diana's turn)

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