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SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 2 - Update your write-ups!)


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4 minutes ago, totes4totes said:

I think Christian Millette, Denitsa, Ashle Dawson, and Jayme Rae are the only ones from non-English speaking series. Oh. Lauren Gottlieb was on the Indian version. Became quite popular there.

I can never figure out the pros for Mira Quién Baila...

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17 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

lmao at the sad react on Denitsa from Elliott

She was my least favourite from her season by far.


Me when they put her with Matt Marr to get her into the finals because of his East Coast voting block: 👁👄👁

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3 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

I feel like Elliott is the only one who hates Denitsa (or at least vocalizes that hate) and the rest of us who don't stan her are just very neutral on her. :dead: 

My husband also actively dislikes her!

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Davinia Janssens
Shauna Noland - SAVED
Rithiely "Rithy" Pereira - SAVED

Madison Jordan
Clarice Ordaz - SAVED
Amber Jackson - SAVED
Kathaleen Fisher
Craig DeRosa - SAVED
Shelaina Anderson
Rafał "Tito" Kryla
Denitsa Ikonomova - SAVED
Melissa Mitro - SAVED

Drew McOnie
Redouan Hergé Link - SAVED
Peter Sabasino
Natascha Dejong - SAVED
Tahani Anderson - SAVED
Eldrick Gijsbertha - SAVED
Tim "Timomatic" Omaji
Ezra Sosa
Jessica King - SAVED
Nadiah Idris
Shane Collard - SAVED
Marcquet Hill
Shane Simpson
Agata Stachowiak
Jonathan "Jonnis" Tannis
Ryan Ramirez
Jessica Fernandez
Kevin Mylrea - SAVED
Jessica "JJ" Rabone- SAVED

Jeffrey Oehlers
Tomasz Barański - SAVED
Sarah Mancini - SAVED

Emmanuel "E-Man" Rodriguez
Kloé Schultz
Jay Johns - SAVED
Alan Bersten - SAVED
Comfort Fedoke - SAVED
Natalia Gap - SAVED

Rhiannon Villareal
Céline De Raedemaeker
Michal Kalcowski
Charlene Hartman
Daniel Fishermen
Stephanie Golman
Leal Zielińska
Ine Vanbesien
Makenzie Dustman - SAVED
Kaitlyn Fitzgerald
Anna Kapera 
Heath Keating
Julie Mannekens
Hokuto "Hok" Konishi
Stefano Giuliani - SAVED
Rowan Hoppenbrouwers
Emanuel Sandhu


Every ranker must save 4 names from the list above.


4 left:

Dee Zoey


3 left:



1 left:

JC Rei

Edited by FrogLenzen
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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to SYTYCD Worldwide Rankdown (Cycle 2 - Update your write-ups!)

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