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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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Having to choose between Ali & Olivia is not something that I was looking forward to, as I like both of them equally. But at the end of the day, I have to make a decision and I will be saving Olivia which mean that Ali Martinez is eliminated from this rankdown.  Her journey on Big Brother Canada 6 was one that was super fun to watch especially considering she got nominated during Week 1 by Johnny but managed to survive - this is so fascinating as Johnny went to nominating her to working with her as the game progresses. 

It wasn't until Week 4 that Ali really found her calling in the game as a strategic mind when her ally, Erica, won the HOH. She was able to convince Erica to use the POV on her own HOH to get Veronica backdoored - this was only the beginning of Ali as a strategic mind.  The other turning point for Ali, better or worst, came during Week 7 when she went full on convincing mode to ensure Johnny's safety who were the target of the week.  She was able to ensure Johnny stay for another week while blindsiding Kaela & Derek whom she was getting along with, until this very point. 

Despite saving Johnny, the previous week, Ali was unable to really solidify her loyalty to Johnny who ended up nominating her during Week 8 - this was such a clownery move especially when you have Maddie and Will, right there, ready to be put on the block. And her being a replacement nominee meant that she was the one evicted - her ally, Olivia, and Johnny would follow her as it was an instant triple eviction. 


Outside of the strategy, Ali is best known for her close friendship with Olivia were their alliance was known as the Ding Dong. They provided us with a lot of hilarious & fun scenes, especially side commentary.  Easily one of the most likeable duo ever ! 

Super happy that Ali was able to make it this far, although I could argue that she's more worthy than some of remaining players in this rankdown. 



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Nikki Grahame


Tbh this was the cut I was planning on making at finals cuts. I guess this would've been my "big move" of the game. But the opportunity has presented itself to do it earlier so I'm gonna take it. Nikki is obviously a Big Brother legend, we all know this. She was on three seasons of BBUK and then became more known in North America when she joined BBCAN4 as part of the internationals twist. Nikki made it to the end of both of the last Big Brother Rankdown (and I feel like she might've made it to the end of the first one as well if my memory is serving me correctly) so I just view her as too big of a threat to make it to the end again. If we isolate just her BBCAN4 journey, I'm not sure she should be in the end over other Canadian icons. Nikki was such a fun character and a huge widcard in the house, but I think Talla played that role better just three seasons earlier.

Nikki played the game based on however she was feeling that day, which I love to see. It makes the game so unpredictable. One day she loved Cassandra, the next she loved Jared, the next she loved the Brothers. Nikki being a bit of a swing vote on the Mitch vote was hilarious because no one knew how the hell they were supposed to secure Nikki's vote :dead:. She brought a lot of humor to the show, specifically with her excitement over the dogs coming into the house. Her slop meltdown is probably her most famous moment on BBCAN4, but I don't look back on that as much reverence due to her struggles with her eating disorder. Nikki was used as a pawn during the double eviction by the Brothers in order to take Tim out, but they never realized the alliance Cassandra, Tim, and Joel had so their plan backfired and Nikki went home. As much as I love Nikki, I was fine with her eviction as I'm not sure how much more she had to bring to the show. Obviously she wasn't a huge strategic force in the house or anything like that, but I still loved her as a wildcard in the cast. RIP Nikki. Still so tragic what happened to her :broken:


Save Jillian

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Erica Hill


Erica Hill Eviction Interview: Making Amends, Her HoHs, Hamza and More! |  The Big Brother Forum


Erica Hill was a contestant on Big Brother Canada Season 6.  She was a front runner from very early on in the game.  She was someone who wanted to win a lot of competitions, and she delivered on that.  Erica won 2 power of Vetos and Two back to back Head of Household competitions.  She was the first person that season to win two of each comp and she used her heads of households to remove wildcard's Veronica and Merron.  Erica was seen a big threat to many of the houseguests, but she was also decently insolated due to the red room alliance.  Erica needed a twist in order to be removed from the game.  In Week 6 of the game, Canada was given the opportunity to remove on of the nominations.  We decided to remove Ryan of all people.  This gave current head of household Kaela the opportunity to make a massive move.  She used it to throw Erica up and the houseguests swiftly cut her at the knees and eliminated her, including all of her allies except bestie Johnny.  In a cast full of dominate women, Erica was one of the most dominate.  Too dominate infact, as the houseguests didn't even let her get to the jury.  She finished the show in 10th. She's not one of my personal favorites from the season, but I understand her appeal as a flashy player.


Save: Karen

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Sindy with an S is a two-time Big Brother Canada player. She first competed on Season 3 and was evicted Week 2. She was talking game in the HoH room and wanted the women to unite against the men in the house. Unbeknownst to her, Kevin was in the bathroom and overheard her plans. This put a target on her back that sent her out the door. However, Sindy won her way back into the house after outlasting the other evictees in an endurance competition. Sindy was determined to not waste her second chance, and she played hard. She helped orchestrate the blindside of her showmance partner Jordan. I remember fans were rooting for Sindy to succeed, but she was unfortunately evicted the following week. She was blamed for Jordan's blindside when his allies retained the HoH power. She campaigned hard, but she became the second member of the jury. When Big Brother Canada did its first season with past players, Sindy was an obvious choice to come back. Sindy played a quieter game in the beginning, and at one point she was in the best position in the house. However, she accidentally won the Double Eviction HoH competition. She attempted to make the safe move in targeting Jackie, but Jackie won the Power of Veto. Ika convinced Sindy to take Neda out of the house. After a lot of waffling on what to do and Arisa telling Sindy "You can and you will!", Sindy chose to name Neda as the replacement nominee. This is a move that's been debated among fans, but I agree that it was not the right move for Sindy's game. It seemed like Sindy just wanted to make a ~big move for the sake of making a big move and to make the Canadian public happy. I know it's not like Neda was owed anything by Sindy though. I remember that segment when Neda was making fun of Sindy, and I felt bad for Sindy there. So, Neda wasn't blameless and could've been nicer to the people in the house. I didn't watch live feeds, but apparently Neda apologized to Sindy and that "say something mean about Sindy" game wasn't as big of a deal as the episode made it out to be? Maybe someone who watched the live feeds can clarify. Nevertheless, taking Neda out did more harm than good for Sindy's game. She ended up getting targeted the following week by Dillon, and she also lost the trust in allies Kevin and Bruno. Sindy ended up getting evicted the following week, joining Neda in the jury house. Anyway, Sindy is a memorable Big Brother Canada player for sure and I'm surprised to see she was nominated this round. But since I prefer Adel, Sindy unfortunately is my cut for this round.


Saving Adel.


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I first want to apologize as with only 22 people I really like everyone left in the rankdown. I do believe I kept everyone's top favorites safe (I hope). The remaining fodder that I planned on targeting was already eliminated this cycle.


Final Nominations:

Jillian MacLaughlin

Talla Rajaei

Heather Decksheimer

Adel Elesari

Godfrey Mangwiza

Derek Kesseler

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Adel Elseri


Sorry Adel, you just barely survived, but that only gets you one more spot. I've been targeting Adel for a while, but it's not out of dislike for him or anything. I like everyone left! He's just one of my least favorite houseguests remaining. I feel like there's two parts to Adel's story, the first half of BBCAN2 and the second half. I love Adel the first half of the season. Adel was the spunky underdog who aligned himself with the outsiders and was determined to take down the majority alliance. Adel formed friendships with Kyle, Paul, Ika, and Heather despite the fact that they all found themselves isolated from the majority alliance at various times. One of the most memorable moments of the early days of BBCAN2 is Kyle praying with Adel as Adel teaches him about being a Muslim. It was a really beautiful moment and a perfect example of the importance of diversity on Big Brother. I especially appreciated Adel having Ika's back after #lettergate when the whole house was against her. It would've been very easy for Adel to join in on the shit talking with everyone else, but instead he was loyal to his friend. Because of this, it's no surprise Adel became a fan favorite. Adel won the buzzworthy power from Canada and Canada targeted Adel's enemies with their HOH.

And that's where Adel morphed a bit for me. I think he let being Canada's favorite go to his head a little bit. I don't want to say he became the people he despised because he was never as bad as the First Five. However, he definitely enjoyed being in the power position in the house and started to take on some of the First Five's less than savorable qualities. With Canada's HOH, the power shifted and Adel found himself running the house with Neda, Jon, and Heather. Adel never seemed to realize he was on the bottom of that alliance though, even after he was used as a pawn against Arlie after the three women on the outs got saved during Jon's HOH. Adel seemed to get a little too much enjoyment out of kicking Rachelle and especially Sabrina while they were down. I totally understand Adel wanting to get some revenge because Sabrina certainly enjoyed having the power at the beginning of the game lol, but it kinda made Adel look like a fool when he was so clearly on the bottom of his alliance. Adel won one HOH comp which he used to split up the Gremlins, only to get betrayed by Jon, Neda, and Heather just a week later. Overall, I'm definitely a fan of Adel. He went a little power hungry, but it's not the end of the world. Adel during the pre-jury portion of the game is really a great guy and a great character, but due to his post-jury antics I'm gonna cut him here.


Save Jillian

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I actually like Godfrey and don’t really want to cut him, but I have to save Heather from elimination. Godfrey was the runner-up of Big Brother Canada 3. He was kind of a lone wolf player, but he still played an impressive BBCAN game. His most memorable moment was how he managed to get the votes to stay over Jordan when Zach targeted him for eviction. Godfrey was very clear how Zach was his target and his straightforward approach helped him get people to rally behind him. Godfrey was also good at covering his bases, and he managed to get himself to the Final 2. Unfortunately, the jury was unaware how much strategic maneuvering Godfrey put into the game (and lack of competition wins didn't help either). Sarah ended up winning the game, but I'd rather have seen Godfrey win. Although, I understand why the jurors favored Sarah since she was better at building relationships. Nonetheless, Godfrey played a great game and kudos to him on lasting this long in the rankdown. 


Save Heather.

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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Cycle 8: Sola's Nominations Posted)

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When it comes between Derek Kesseler & Talla Rejaei, two houseguests that I enjoyed on their season, I end up preferring Talla especially when looking back on their respective season. In other words, I am going ahead and will be eliminating Derek Kesseler from this rankdown - a houseguest that had an excellent track record in his previous rankdown mainly due to me saving him ; Technically speaking, he should have been gone from this rankdown as I would have much rather save Breydon over him but I didn't pay attention & copied/paste my write-up during the previous round. 

Onto Derek's Big Brother Canada journey, now !  Upon his arrival in the Big Brother Canada's house, he formed a quick bond with Jesse Larson whom he was super loyal with.  As well, he started a showmance with Kaela Grant which would lead to his involvement with a alliance known as the Real Deal which only lasted for a few weeks as Jesse would later be evicted.  On top of the Real Deal, another alliance known as the Red Room was created - it was composed of Alejandra, Derek, Erica, Jesse, Johnny, Kaela, Merron and Olivia ; They were not super loyal to each other but it benefited to everyone, at some point.

For majority of the game, Kaela was mainly calling the shots for what was best for their game - targeting Ryan and Erica's eviction.  Following Erica's eviction, Kaela & Derek had a bigger target on their back especially from the Red Room alliance, and Derek really stepped up by winning the HOH which ensured Kaela & his safety for the coming week - he also won the Veto which kept his nominations in place, and Ryan went home . 

The following week, Derek & Kaela were put on the block together but Derek was able to win the veto & take himself off the block. And somehow, Kaela was able to survive the elimination. And following this week's elimination, we find out that it was a live eviction & Derek won the HOH. In other words, Derek really won when it mattered the most for his and Kaela's safety, really one of his better contribution to their game along with him manipulating Will into being safe & throwing the POV to ensure that he wouldn't get backdoor.

Back in the day, I was a fan of Derek mainly due to his allegiance to Kaela but looking back at it, he didn't really contribute much to her game beside winning when he needed it. And he kinda show that he was a big clueless about the game especially when he wanted to bring Kaela with him - if only this would have happened & Kaela could have won! But honestly, I also didn't really care for how he was acting during the last few weeks towards Kaela. 

Overall, this is a good spot for a houseguest of Derek's calibre - I would like to see him play by himself but I am convinced that he would be unbearable since he's still super into himself (see his Tik Tok, although I still find him super attractive) and I feel that Kaela was probably why he was bearable on BBCan6. 



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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)

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