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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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Jedson Tavernier


A Man. Jed is one of the hottest men to ever grace any Big Brother house. US, Canada, UK, you name it. Idk about the other 500 counties since I haven't watched them lol, but I'm sure it's still accurate. I feel very similar about Jed the way I do about Kiefer where I think he only works in the specific context of the season. I do think there's more of a chance of me liking him if he played again than Kiefer, but I can't say I'm confident in it. I was looking back at my BBCAN9 rankings and I forgot that I hated Jed at first because was one of the loudest anti-Josh people and he was being an ass during that big house meeting. However, I soon stopped taking Jed seriously and enjoyed him for the big dumb himbo that he is. Jed just sat there looking cute and coming up with the worst ideas possible. Kiefer and Ty were constantly having to keep Jed from falling off the deep end by aligning with Kyle or trying to take Tina out or something stupid like that :dead:. The reason why Jed would flip flop so much is because he's a very emotional guy who would wear his heard on his sleeve. He would frequently follow his heart in the game as opposed to his brain, which I think is essential in some houseguests for a quality Big Brother season.

Because of this when Jed won HOH, he was talked outside of taking Kiefer out even though he knew it was the right move for his game. Jed just didn't have that killer instinct to seal the deal. Jed was fiercely loyal to Ty, Beth, and Kiefer and instantly regretted coming for one of his own. So obviously it would only be fitting that Jedson would be taken out the very next week in one of the most iconic downfalls in BBCAN history by those very people. Jed became too big of a comp threat towards the end of the game so when they saw an opportunity to take him out, they went for it. Beth mainly just went along for the ride (though that shot of her sobbing in front of the "Destiny" sign in the bedroom lives in my mind rent free). Ty & Kiefer were Jed's main guys to mindf*ck him into vetoing Beth instead of himself, and then coldly evicting him just a few days later. Jed's downfall week is so poetic and just one of the best weeks in Big Brother history. It almost got ruined by a poorly timed buyback, but then Tera randomly beat him as just the icing on the cake. Big Brother may not be the game for Jed, but at least he's pretty and his eviction is truly one of the most fun times I've ever had watching the show.


Save Sabrina

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These were some tough noms, and Suzette was one of the only people I was willing to cut. So no hard feelings to any fans of hers! Anyway, Suzette Amaya was a Houseguest on the very first season of Big Brother Canada. She became the first HoH of the season due to a twist. Since she answered the ringing telephone on Day 1, she claimed the HoH powers. As HoH, she chose to nominate Tom and Emmett. Tom saved himself with the Veto, and Tom and Suzette did not get along in the weeks to follow. Suzette named Kat as the replacement nominee, and she was the first one evicted from the house. Suzette was kind of on the outs of the house, but she survived Week 2 when Danielle was evicted. However, Suzette found herself in danger in Week 3. Her foe Tom had won the HoH competition, and he targeted Suzette. After Suzette was knocked out of the Veto competition, she sarcastically congratulated Tom for getting what he wanted. However, a surprise twist saved Suzette after Canada removed her from the block. Suzette was an underdog who found herself nominated three times throughout the season, but she managed to outlast her nemesis Tom when he was evicted Week 4. However, Suzette's luck ran out when she was evicted on Week 5. Suzette was a memorable character on the show, and she wasn't afraid to speak her mind. I remember when Aneal tried to offer her support, but she was having none of it since she thought he was being disingenuous: "Aneal, you're backstabbing me to the whole f**king week, so you better shut you're f**king mouth!" Suzette was a rootable Houseguest, and I get why she lasted this long in the rankdown. Sorry to her fans for eliminating her, but kudos on Suzette lasting this long in the rankdown.


Saving Tychon.

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Ah, Josh Farnworth !  A chaos king that I found myself rooting for, especially as he was the lone wolf in the game & he gave us everything that we love in the Big Brother - chaos, meltdown, and house meeting.  As we all know, Josh was able to really turn the house upside down during Week 1 when he was the target which eventually led to Julie being the evicted houseguest - I really wish that Josh and Julie would have been to work together, as I think they could have been a brilliant pair especially with Breydon as a third.  But as Julie was about to leave, she really tried to save herself by blowing up Josh's game which was too late as Josh was already able to convince the other houseguests to save him as a lone wolf while Julie was the bigger target ; This actually prove that Josh understood the game to a good level.  Obviously, Josh remained the target the following week which led to Josh still playing with his emotions - he would later face a house meeting where he would be the target, but I must say that the way he was able to stay collected throughout is impressive.  Despite being emotional at time, I think it's very admirable that Josh was almost able to flip the house, a second time around, while also create some chaos for his short time in the house - I do think that if he had stayed, he could have been a threat down the road with the right alliance.  

Anyway, Josh was a vulnerable a houseguest can get and that's what I appreciated about him, especially how he wasn't afraid to be brutally honest at time. Overall, he's an interesting houseguest and I would really love to see him come back.  And him making it this far despite leaving Week 2 is quite impressive!


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3 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

I would've saved Ika if I realized she had been nominated :dead:. I was just redoing my same old shit and then after my writeup I was like......oh shit. Ngl I'd be a little worried for Ika if we left her behind for Steven 🙈

This what happened to me, as well.


And I agree, hence why I had to switch her with Brey.  Ugh.

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Very sorry to the Breydon fans. I would've spared him for you guys, but I liked Mitch and would rather not cut him. Breydon White competed on Big Brother Canada 9 and was drafted on Team Defender. In the early portion of the game, Breydon tried to fly under the radar. Although, it did mostly seem like he would just sit around and gossip with his best friend Austin. Breydon was oftentimes used as a pawn since he wasn't viewed as a threat. He was also part of the Oddballs alliance that was formed to go against the Sunsetters, but this alliance didn't really amount to much (especially after Victoria went against them as the secret HoH and then exposed them at the house meeting). After Austin's eviction, Breydon adapted to the house dynamics. He flipped to work with the Sunsetters and formed a Final 2 alliance with Tychon. In addition, Breydon won three competition in a row toward the end of the game (2 PoVs and one HoH). The bond he formed with Tychon helped him out as Tychon brought Breydon to the Final 2. However, the jury was more impressed by Tychon's game as Tychon won in a 6-1 vote. Breydon only received 1 vote from Tera and finished as the runner-up of the season. Sorry again to the Breydon fans, but kudos on getting him this far in the rankdown.


Saving Mitch.

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