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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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19 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Well, @Alex95's vote won't change anything, but he can still cast it if he wants. And then he can post his nominations.


Don't forget you all still need to do write-ups!


@*Chris for Kailyn Archer and Allison White

@Solaris for Willow MacDonald and  Ramsey Aburaneh

@Steven_ for Paul Jackson and Dallas Cormier


I'll do my write ups after survivor

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Willow MacDonald


Bbcan Bbcan3 GIF - Bbcan Bbcan3 Willow Macdonald - Discover & Share GIFs


Willow was a contestant on Big Brother Canada Season 3.  She was part of the Chop Shop early on in the season, but as it went on her loyalties shifted.  She was in a showmance basically with Sarah (the eventual winner of the season).  I think her most interesting storyline of the season was her coming to terms with her sexuality.  It was interesting to watch and learn about.  That said she was seriously dull as a player.  I tolerated her in the show as she was support for Sarah.  Sarah was ultimately Willows demise over the season, as she voted to keep Pilar during the triple eviction.  She did this as she figured the vote from the guys would be to keep Kevin, and she wanted to prevent that.  Low and behold her vote would have kept Willow in the game, and that realization crushed her.  Willow did vote for her to win the season though, and that gets her brownie points in my book!


The rankers saved: Samantha Picco

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Ramsey Aburanah


Official Big Brother Canada 4 SPOILER Thread | Page 5 | Lipstick Alley


Ramsey was a contestant on Big Brother Canada Season 4.  He made it far on the show, lasting all the way until week 8.  I didn't really care for the people he was working with over the season, and he was the most likable of them.  He worked with Dallas and Maddy mostly.  Dallas grew on me during his second season, and I clearly dislike all Maddys that BBCan has to offer.  That said Ramsey has a solid standing in the house most of his time there.  Ramsey left the house of his own accord during the week we was nominated, he had even won the power of veto that round.  He left due to his father having a heart attack.  It was the right decision.  He was invited to come back to the finale and cast Canada's vote.  Canada' voted for Nick and Phil to win over Kelsey, a sentiment he also echo'd having been able to watch some of the season.  Ramsey is someone I wouldn't mind seeing get another shot via an all-star season.  I think he got a raw deal, but I also don't love him as a player. 


The rankers saved: Merron Haile.... for now!

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🎵 It ain't easy being Big Deezy 🎵


Dallas Cormier is a two-time Big Brother Canada player. He first competed on Big Brother Canada 4 before returning the following year for the mixed newbie and veterans season. Dallas was a big personality, but I was still kind of surprised producers chose him as one of the returnees. In BBCAN4, he was aligned with Maddy, Ramsey, Loveita, and Joel. Dallas also won two Power of Veto competitions. Dallas hyped himself up as a player ready to make big moves, but he didn't use any of POVs he won. His alliance wasn't a cohesive unit either, especially when Maddy took out Loveita. I remember Dallas begging Maddy not to target Loveita, but she unfortunately chose to send Loveita out the house in one of the dumbest HoH decisions in BBCAN history. Dallas was eventually evicted in Week 5, but he returned for BBCAN5. Dallas planned to tone down his loud personality, but he found himself on the outs early on. He was on the wrong side of the numbers for the first eviction vote of the season. He would be evicted the following week under the HoH reign of the guy he voted to evict (Demetres). Despite being a vet, Dallas couldn't get the other vets to rally to keep him. Anyway, Dallas isn't one of my favorite Houseguests from BBCAN. He was just a bit much, especially with the banging of pots and singing his self-penned theme song "It ain't easy being Big Deezy." Sorry to any fans, but out he goes from the rankdown.  

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Paul Jackson competed on Big Brother Canada 2. Paul won the first HoH competition of the season. The competition required all the Houseguests to stand on ice, and the last one to step off would win HoH. After the competition lasted a while, Paul promised safety to the remaining people if they let him win HoH. They obliged, and Paul targeted Andrew for eviction. Andrew ended up winning the POV competition, so Anick and Ika were the nominees by the end of the week. Paul started the game in a decent position as most first HoH winners tend to do. However, Paul's HoH-itis and paranoia doomed him. He tried calling out Andrew as the most sexist and racist person in front of the whole house, but nobody was having it. Paul also admitted in the Diary Room that he said that for strategic purposes. After starting the game in a power position, Paul was quickly on the outs and never recovered. I recall he formed friendships with Adel and Kyle, and there was also a segment featuring Paul's pop and lock dance moves. Thus, he got the nickname Poppin' Paul. Paul became such a non-threat that he was spared Week 2, but he was still too much on the outs. He was an easy target and ended up getting evicted Week 3. And now out he goes from the rankdown. 

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41. Merron Haile


Merron was a sweet guy. It's no surprise why Canada voted him into the house. Merron was one of the unfortunate houseguests that had to earn their spot in the house with Canada's voting. He was up against some guy named Mikey who just seemed like a megadouche. Merron was the "good guy" and Mikey was the "bad guy" so I was not surprised to see Merron get voted in (DAILY REMINDER THAT KIRSTEN WAS ROBBED BY PLUR!) Unfortunately, Merron didn't do shit in that house. While Veronica used her opportunity of entering the game late to run around like a lunatic, Merron just bonded with the outsiders like Hamza, Andrew, and Ryan. This led to Merron being isolated from the other houseguests and used as a pawn three times in a row before finally getting evicted. There was some minor outrage at the time over Merron's treatment because if there's one thing BB fans love is an outrage. The other houseguests certainly weren't overly welcoming to Merron, but I can also named about 50 houseguests who were treated worse than him. Merron's final week was actually kind of exciting because the cold war between Kaela and Johnny was finally coming into fruition. Derek & Kaela started bonding with Merron and they worked hard with Ali & Olivia to try to save him, but Johnny still had Erica & Paras' trio on his side at that time so they were unable to secure the votes against Ryan. While that week was fun, literally none of it was Merron's doing. He just sat there, as he did all season, as the rest of the BBCAN6 cast entertained us. Like I said in my nominations, he seems like a very nice guy, but also one of the biggest fodders left in this game and easily the biggest fodder I'm not attached to in any way.


The people saved Damien

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40. Emmett Blois


Whew, nine seasons later and Emmett is still one of the hottest men to ever walk through those Big Brother doors. Also still one of the best players the show has seen. However, I have some major issues with Emmett and he is one of my least favorites left in this game so I targeted him as my "bigger move" I guess (though I don't think either of my cuts were petty or anything like that). Honestly, I HATED Emmett during the prejury of BBCAN1. Emmett was part of the Quattro alliance with Tom, Peter, and Alec and he was bffs in a final two with Tom. Obviously none of that is appealing in the SLIGHTEST. He would giggle with Tom about how they have to use the girls, while also simultaneously talking about evicting literally every woman in the game. He ever swore up and down that he was more loyal to Tom than Jillian which is vom. Even when the rest of the house turned on Tom for being an awful human being, Emmett stayed loyal to him and even gave him a pity vote on his way out there. I guess some may find his loyalty honorable, personallyme I would've liked to see Emmett kick Tom while he was down 🙂. Emmett was also the biggest douchebag in the house to Suzette. Look, I get it with Suzette. She is not easy to get along with at all. I understand why the other houseguests didn't love her. However, Emmett went OTT with his hatred of Suzette, and I think it was because he was bitter Suzette got saved by Chevrolet and outlasted Tom. When Suzette was on her way out the door, Emmett was unnecessarily nasty and condescending to Suzette during the veto meeting, scolding her like she's her child. Everyone knew she was going home the second she lost the veto. Just let her enjoy her final few days, there's literally no reason for that. So yeah for all those reasons and more, Emmett was one of my least favorites during the prejury of BBCAN1.

Luckily, something magical happened! Tom & Suzette were gone so Emmett decided to no longer suck! He finally developed good taste in allies by making a final four with Jillian, Talla, and Andrew. Emmett's game was strong up to this point, but he even kicked it up a notch during the jury. He somehow convinced Alec & Peter he was still loyal to them and to make the boneheaded decision to evict AJ over Andrew during the instant eviction (only to immediately turn on the both of them :wub: :wub:). Even after taking Alec out, he still managed to have Peter so misted that Peter didn't use the veto on his only ally Topaz during the double eviction lololol. Emmett, the muscled up recruit, running circles around Alec & Peter strategically truly made my heart flutter. Of course part of the reason why Emmett dominated was because Jemmett won five straight HOH's, but they used 4/5 of those HOH wins really well.

Another reason why I have come to appreciate Emmett is that downfall. Though I saw the light and became an Emmett fan at the jury portion of the game, he was still easily my least favorite houseguest remaining in the final five. Though I was relieved we avoided a Peter victory, I was still very nervous about an Emmett victory. Emmett makes the terrible decision of evicting Talla over Gary at the final four though, despite the fact that Talla had won no competitions up to that point and Gary was a physical and social threat in the end. This final week for Emmett is iconic for many reasons. I haven't talked about Emmett & Gary's relationship at all, but this was easily one of my favorite things about him. I found their friendship to be really cute and I love how it wasn't shoved down our throats. Compare it to BB16 Zach & Frankie where it's like "Wow, look how groundbreaking it is the straight guy is friends with the gay guy!!!!!!!!". That's now what Gary & Emmett's friendship was like though. They were just bros, Emmett would do Gary's makeup, Gary would occasionally thirst over Emmett, and that's it. It wasn't some groundbreaking moment because there was nothing groundbreaking about it lol. Anyways, because of this friendship, Emmett trusts that Gary would take him to the final two so that's why he takes Gary to the final three. Flashback to Emmett's intro package where his gay brother warns him not to trust the gay guy <3333333333333. Emmett then loses the final question because he got a question about Suzette wrong (Never mess with Suzette :kissbye:) and then Gary wins and turns on Emmett and blindsides him on finale night lmao. Such a narratively satisfying moment that Suzette and the gay guy were responsible for Emmett's downfall. Emmett still kinda wins in the end though when Jillian accidentally wins and they go on to date for a few years. I never talked about Jemmett lol oop. I never really care about showmances, but Jillian & Emmett were super genuine and cute. I'm sad they didn't work out, but apparently they were a trainwreck in TAR Canada so it was probably for the best lmao.

This writeup ended up being longer than anticipated. I said a lot of good about Emmett because I'm genuinely a fan of him, I'm a fan to a certain extent of everyone left in this game. There's a lot of good to say about Emmett and he's probably one of the most tolerable straight white men to ever run a game. But that prejury was awful so that made him an easy target of mine at this point in the game.


The people saved Jon

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Out of the remaining housegueses, Allison White was one of the easiest houseguest to nominate & ensure their elimination. As we know, she is best known for her time on Big Brother Canada 2 where she was voted in by Canada - I remember rooting for her during the vote but was she ever a disappointment as soon as she walked in the game.  She quickly formed a showmance with Andrew Gordon to ensure her safety as his alliance held the power in the house, much to our displeasure. Eventually, she aligned herself with the right side of the house but this is not enough to save her as she didn't do much to contribute to the alliance as a whole.  Her biggest accomplishment in this house was finding the Secret Power of Veto which she eventually used on Sabrina to force Jon to nominate someone from his alliance - this was also her pettiest move so we kinda stan, but that move doesn't hold a light of day compare to Ika earlier in the season.   And her petty move eventually backfired when an instant eviction was announced - she was put on the block and later evicted when no one voted to keep her. 

Overall, Allison was not a super exciting houseguest - she had some of her moments like her drinking challenges with Jon, her entrance was pretty iconic, and of course her iconic meltdown :




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I will not lie that I expected Kailyn to survive over Paul but apparently, she's not as like as I thought. That being said, I am not too sad that she is leaving since I did nominate her after all - compare to the remaining houseguests, she is not someone that I am overly attached to, and I think this is a more than fair spot for her.  In case we need a refresher, Kailyn was on the 7th season of Big Brother Canada - not my favourite season or favourite cast, so Kailyn was certainly an highlight of the season. In my opinion, Kailyn had everything to really go far and probably one she is one of the first houseguests to leave the season as the majority knew they couldn't control her - not surprising that she was evicted on a vote of 10 to 0 during Chelsea's HOH.  Overall, Kailyn is a fine houseguest on a meh season - well for me at least - so I am glad that she made it as fas as she did as an early boot.


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