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The Voice From Season 10-20 Ranked by spring and fall seasons


Favorite Seasons From Season 10-20  

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  1. 1. Favorite Spring Season? Seasons 10-20

    • Season 10
    • Season 12
    • Season 14
    • Season 16(Lol)
    • Season 18(By PreLives)
    • Season 20
  2. 2. Favorite Fall Season Seasons 10-20

    • Season 11
    • Season 13
    • Season 15
    • Season 17
    • Season 19

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IMO my favorite spring season was season 20 even though it wasn’t long. The Talent was phenomenal and the right people moved on. The winner was also insane!


The Fall Seasons has me stuck… Seasons 13, 15 , and 17 all were great. Season 11 was really ehh. Season 19 was good but didn’t live up to expectations and many people pre lives were sabotaged with wrong song choices and many mediocre country singers took over, Carter was a good singer though, and deserved the win! My favorite fall season is season 13 no doubt the talent was insane! All singers were phenomenal none were bad. Results were great and no one disappointed that went into lives!


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