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Performances That Made You a Fan of a Contestant


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I usually become a fan of a certain artist during his/her knockout performance. Here are few of those artists and their respective performances which made me a fan of them. I haven't included those that I was a fan of from the very beginning. 


You Don't Own Me - Kyla Jade

Landslide - Chloe Kohanski

In Case You Didn't Know - Kirk Jay

No One - Sundance Head

House of the Rising Sun - Hannah Huston

Big White Room - Rose Short

Stay - Maelyn Jarmon

Over You - Cassadee Pope

Let Her Go - Cole Vosbury

A Case of You - James Wolpert

Foolish Games - Rachel Mac

Did I Ever Love You - Ali Caldwell

Both Sides Now - Addison Agen

Glitter in the Air - Gihanna Zoe

Stay - Jordan Matthew Young

Rainbow Connection - Carter Rubin


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S14: "Thinking Out Loud" - Britton and Jaclyn


S15: "Travelin Soldier" - Chevel


S16: "Mad World" - Maelyn


S17: "Wrecking Ball" - Hello Sunday (and Lauren ofc)


S18: "Piece by Piece" - Megan Danielle


S19: "You Say" - Carter Rubin


S20: "If I Die Young & "Glitter in the Air" - GihAnna


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Glitter in the Air- Gihanna Zoe

If I Die Young- Anna Grace

You Say- Carter Rubin

Say Something- CammWess

I’m Not the Only One- Alex Guthrie

When the Party’s Over- Max Boyle

I Believe in You and Me- MaKenzie Thomas

Only Wanna Be With You- Kameron Marlowe (made him a favorite)

She Used to Be Mine- Addison Agen

Landslide- Chloe Kohanski

WOMAN- Janice Freeman (completed with I’m Going Down)

Up to the Mountain- Brennley Brown

If I Were Your Woman- Vanessa Ferguson

No One- Sundance Head (Didn’t mind him before but this performance put him on my radar)


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Contestants I disliked/was indifferent on before their respective performances:


Anna Grace "If I Die Young"

CammWess "Say Something"

Jake Hoot "Always On My Mind"

MaKenzie Thomas "How Deep Is Your Love?"

Gihanna Zoë "Glitter In The Air"

Megan Danielle "Top of the World" 

Joanna Serenko "Angel From Montgomery"


People say that Megan and Jake came out of nowhere with their KO's, but I've always thought they started hitting their stride since their battles.

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Glory of Love- Todd Tilghman. 
This is the performance that made me really like him. His previous performances were solid but this was the first that I loved from him. I also loved that it showed his versatility

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-Hannah Huston- House of the Rising

-Damali- Sober

-Hello Sunday- Wrecking Ball

-Kat Hammock- Kiss Me

-Anna Grace- If I Die Young 

-Chloe Hogan- Weak

-Brennley Brown- Up To The Mountain

 -Rachel Mac- Your Song

-Kim Cherry- Here


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Just now, FloorWax said:

Ian Flanigan - In Color (finale) :dead:


This is serious, I didn't like a single Ian performance the entire season (except the studio version of his PO, emphasis on studio), but I wound up liking him on finale night?

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Payge Turner - Creep

Gihanna Zoe - Glitter In The Air

Jackie Foster - Alone

Michael Lee - Whipping Post

Ricky Braddy - So High

Courtney Harrell - River Deep, Mountain High

Keisha Renee - I Hope You Dance

Sharane Calister - All I Could Do Was Cry

Chloe Kohanski - Landslide

Natasia Greycloud - Tennesse Whiskey

Zaxai - Cruisin

Kymberli Joye - Break Every Chain

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Season 15:

Chevel Shepherd - Space Cowboy - Top 11

Kirk Jay - Tomorrow - Top 10

Kymberli Joye - Oceans - Top 10


Season 16:

Maelyn Jarmon - fallingwater - Playoffs


Season 17:

Ricky Duran - Born Under A Bad Sign - Top 10


Season 18:

Allegra Miles - Chandelier - Knockouts

CammWess - Ain't No Sunshine - Playoffs


Season 19:

Madeline Consoer - Die From A Broken Heart - Knockouts

Payge Turner - Creep - Knockouts

Cami Clune & James Pyle - Wicked Game - Battles


Season 20:

Gihanna Zoe - Glitter In The Air - Knockouts

Corey Ward - Already Gone - Knockouts

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