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Who Won That Battle Season 16 Edition


Who Won That Battle- Season 16 Edition!  

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  1. 1. Who Won This Battle- Season 16 Edition

    • Matthew Johnson
    • Shawn Sounds
  2. 2. Who Won This Battle?

    • Domenic Haynes
    • Trey Rose
  3. 3. Who Won This Battle?

    • Beth Griffith Manley
    • Jej Vinson

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1. They blended a LOT, honestly, to the point where sometimes it was difficult to discern who was singing. I think Shawn did pull out the more interesting vocal, so I picked him.


2. I´ve seen a lot of people saying that Trey took it, and I get it, but personally Domenic´s tone put him over for me. Trey deserved a steal though.


3. Great battle, I´ll give it to Jej.


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1. Shawn gave the better vocal performance here.


2. This is the hardest decision for me. Domenic is just so much more interesting than Trey and his raw wildman vocals are very captivating. However, Trey had a couple strong high notes and was technically better overall. I would still go with Domenic though, how could you let a guy like that go?


3. Beth. They were both perfect vocally but Beth brought the emotion more than he did.

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The three battles that were probably the most even in Season 16. All I can say is that they all deserved steals (and Trey would have been a much better steal than Jimmy). The winners seemed to be the best long-term options at the time (and the battles aired back before the season got messy).

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1. I prefer Matthew's tone, but there was more variation in the timbre of shawns voice while pulling off more interesting runs. Slight edge to Shawn


2. Domenic purely for his uniqueness


3. Jej because I feel like his vocals were more dynamic, I also thought he was emotionally convincing as the battle progressed.

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