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Who won the Battle? : S17 Edition


Who won the Battle? : S17 Edition   

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  1. 1. Alex Guthrie vs Injoy Fountain

    • Alex
    • Injoy
  2. 2. Shane Q vs Melinda Rodriguez

    • Shane
    • Melinda
  3. 3. Kyndal Inskeep vs James Violet

    • Kyndal
    • James

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I just rewatched this season yesterday so I remember everything


1. Alex Guthrie - imo he rightly deserved the win. his low notes were on point, I also love every time he pushes his range, the rasp comes through- and it isn't overbearing. Injoy deserved a steal, yes, but I found her vocal here not as solid as Alex (unpop), there were times where I felt like she was running out of breathe (but I do understand that). I love her energy though and the power in her voice is insane


2. Shane Q - I didn't care about this battle, not gonna lie lol (one of my least favorite battles that season). It just came down on who I think had the more solid vocal, and it was Shane 


3. Kyndal Inskeep - I love both of their tones, but I feel like Kyndal's was more authentic. Hence, her tone stood out more for the song than James. She also has this sense of creativity in her deliveries that added more appeal to the performance

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KYNDAL AND JAMES were super even I COULD NOT choose between 2. KYNDAL it was more in her zone and her tone just made my heart melt, but JAMES stepped up to plate and added his own unique twist and it gave me chills OVERALL THIS BATTLE WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITES

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Injoy really shined in the battle, so she wins based on performance in the battle (Alex had his breakout for me in Knockouts)


I felt that Shane’s tone could be grating at times in the battle, so Melinda takes it for me


Kyndal and James is really close and one of the most even battles that season (and definitely one of my favorites). Besides Marina, James is my favorite artist that got stolen/saved that season. If I were the coach, I know I would save the loser here.





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2 hours ago, VintageVoice said:

Injoy, Melinda, Kyndal



- Injoy absolutely killed it, while Alex was a little mellower. I think Injoy deserved the win/at least a steal, but Alex wasn't a bad choice in retrospect.

Melinda had one of my favorite tones of Season 17; I absolutely loved her blind and battle! Shane was good here, but I preferred Melinda.

- I absolutely loved Kyndal here, enough so that I play this battle despite disliking James. I skip past the first 20 seconds so I don't have to hear James' solo part at the beginning (unpop).

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I think Alex vs Injoy was just an odd pairing that was suppose to make Alex raise up to the occasion and perform better. I wouldn't say his presence was as good as it should've been to really nail the battle, especially in comparison to Injoy who was very loud, too. Vocally, he did well, his pitch was better and his lows were more impressive and accurate than Injoy's highs. His highs were decent, too. Going forward, I think he's the better choice especially for a season full of better powerhouses than Injoy. 


I didn't like Shane or Melinda there. Just choosing based on Blinds and tone, Melinda takes it for me.


James really shined here. What makes it even better is that the song choice and key heavily favored Kyndal. He was forced to sing higher than his comfortable range and they sang a country song. (I'm aware it's very poppy but still) Both deserved to move forward but James' delivery, high notes, stage presence, artistry just made Kyndal seem like a background singer for me.

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1. Injoy takes it for me. I think Alex was good and didnt deserve the heat he got for winning, but she hands down beat him.


2. Unpopular, but I think Shane won it. Yes, his tone can get a bit grating, but the falsetto in the bridge and the rasp near the end sealed it for me. 


3. James was challenged more here, and he stepped up to the plate. My pick.




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