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Who won the Battle? : S19 Edition (Part 2)


Who won the Battle? : S19 Edition (Part 2)  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. John Holiday vs Julia Cooper

    • John
    • Julia
  2. 2. Bailey Rae vs Sid Kingsley

    • Bailey
    • Sid
  3. 3. Liam St John vs Ryan Berg

    • Liam St John
    • Ryan Berg

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John’s technical skills gave him a slight edge over Julia, even though I preferred her over him generally (and Julia is one of the few from S19 that could at least keep up with John on a technical level vocally).


100% convinced John only picked Bailey because he saw Kelly going bananas over the button during Sid’s solo button - both were very good, but Sid pretty handily won this.


Liam was tonally more interesting to me, so I picked him, but Ryan was more consistent throughout the performance so I can see how he won this one.

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John and Julia were both great, but I preferred John in this battle (his tone really worked in this song).


I preferred Sid by a landslide in the battle because of how powerful his voice is


Liam vs Ryan is another fairly close one, but I guess Liam wins here

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Sid and John were the clear winners of their battle imo


Sid just overpowered Bailey.


And johns voice was more suited to the song imo. I also didn't particularly like Julia's tone for this song. It sounded off some parts.


Ryan vs Liam is close. I just prefer Ryan's tone. I agree with floorwax regarding the shrillness of liams voice.

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Julia, Sid, Liam

- I didn't like John's tone. This was my least favorite performance from Julia, because of the song.

- Sid and Bailey were both excellent here! Sid had more power, but I loved Bailey as well‚ÄĒthis was a tough choice, but I went with¬†Sid.

- I did not like the texture of Ryan's voice. Liam is such a great performer and has an excellent voice. Both his blind and his parts of his battle are underrated, imo.

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I adore Julia, the song choice could've worked if she got to do the own arrangement but the pairing with John's approach to show off and power through the song with high notes crippled her. John won the battle or whatever but it's not saying much, tbh.


I liked Sid's blind and especially his KO but his battle was just shouty as hell, he abused his voice and it wasn't even pleasant. Bailey doesn't have much artistry or presence but vocally was on point here and had her breakout moment as her blind wasn't very good, imo.


I get the remarks for the shrillness of Liam's voice but I think it fits his style and he can make it work if he chooses the right moments and doesn't overuse it. Ryan has the warm folk guy tone we see almost every season that I love but he's very forgettable, fails to stand out. I thought the song choice was skewed towards Liam and was surprised Ryan could handle it in a way he did, especially with the mic pack thing happening. This makes me lean towards Ryan and I get why Gwen chose him but Liam feels much more like an established artist and I would've liked to see more of his performances so I'd go with Liam in the end.

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1. John Holiday wowed me, but Julia really deserved that save


2. Hot take but Bailey deserved it. Sid was just a 10 the entire time, he should've played it more strategically but I'm not saying he didn't deserve the steal...he did!


3. Ryan Berg for sure! 


All of the decisions made imo were justified

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