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Films Per Year Mini-Rankdown (2017 - Round 3)


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For round three things are gonna be a little different. Groups are gonna be small already as we get placed in four groups. In these groups, we're gonna cut four films and also send one film to an immediate battle round. The four films in the battle rounds will immediately square off in two random battles. Two will automatically advance as the first two films in the top 15 and two will be out for good.


Group 1: @1234567890 @*Diana @totes4totes

Group 2: @.Rei @Alex95 @goofycilla90

Group 3: @FrogLenzen @Steven_ @Elliott

Group 4: @*Chris @Deeee


You have 48 hours to make your cuts and battle round pick. If you go more than 24 hours without hearing from a member of your group, you can move on without them. Good luck!

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Films Per Year Mini-Rankdown (2017 - Round 3)

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