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The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies (Premieres 8/11)


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Here's the full cast list:





Tori Deal - 6th Challenge

Nany Gonzalez - 11th Challenge

Aneesa Ferreira - 15th Challenge

Ashley Mitchell - 9th Challenge

Kaycee Clark - 3rd Challenge

Amanda Garcia - 6th Challenge

Big T - 4th Challenge

Nelson Thomas - 8th Challenge

Cory Wharton - 9th Challenge

Josh Martinez - 5th Challenge

Kyle Christie - 7th Challenge

Fessy Shafaat - 3rd Challenge

CT Tamburello - 19th Challenge

Devin Walker - 6th Challenge

Nam Vo - 2nd Challenge

Michaela Bradshaw - Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X and Survivor: Game Changers

Michele Fitzgerald - Survivor: Kaôh Rōng and Survivor: Winners at War

Tacha Akide - Big Brother Nigeria

Emy Alupei - Survivor: Romania

Berna Canbeldek - Survivor: Turkey

Priscilla Anyabu - Love Island UK

Tracy Candela - Love Island Germany

Bettina Buchanan - Paradise Hotel Sweden

Esther Agunbiade - Big Brother Nigeria

Lauren Coogan - Love Island US

Corey Lay - 12 Dates of Christmas

Jeremiah White - Love Island US

Tommy Sheehan - Survivor: Island of the Idols

Gabo Szabo - Warsaw Shore

Hughie Maughan - Big Brother UK

Emmanuel Neagu - Survivor Romania

Logan Sampedro - Survivor Spain

Kelz Dyke - Too Hot to Handle

Renan Hellemans - Ex on the Beach Double Dutch Belgium

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Wow does it always come around this quick? I don't always follow the seasons too much in real-time but it almost felt like we just heard about this being filmed. :haha:


I also totally forgot the cast until I watched the preview and omg Michaela Bradshaw's reality TV return, I'm all in! :wub:

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Lol like Lily said.... wow I can't believe another season is happening already this soon. The last season dragged on so long that I feel like it just ended. :haha: Plus the whole Challenge All Stars spin off too. But as always....I'm excited!


Lots of  the well known names that I'm happy to see or need a break from. :giggle: But wow there are A LOT of new names in there. 😮 Some I know and some I don't but looking forward to seeing them!

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Ooh and I am heartbroken over no Kam. :broken:


Also i  wonder how Aneesa can do all of these shows. She's the only one that did the All-Stars edition (that was on between S36 and S37). I know plenty of them do the regular series seasons back to back but this is something a little different. :haha: 

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8 hours ago, QueenKalie said:

So I guess Lauren gets the honor of being my thirst choice lol

Lol I said this to you in the Cast spoiler threads. I  totally see you crushing on her as I'm sure she'll be the Melissa/Georgia type - the  beautiful feisty Brit type. :yes: 

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18 hours ago, Alex95 said:

The way Tommy hasn’t been in any of these preseason videos :dead: I’d be shocked if he lasts three episodes lol

Wow no previews of Tommy when talking about the Survivor contestants? Especially with him being a Survivor winner? 😮 But hmmm him being a past winner could have put a target on him? Hmm.

18 hours ago, QueenKalie said:

I saw an article that said he was retiring from reality tv so yeah things probably didn't do well for him. :dead:

Oh wow he said that? 😮 

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