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Best Blind Audition Of Season 10


Who had the best blind audition  

32 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick one

    • Alisan Porter
    • Hannah Houston
    • Laith Al Saadi
    • Adam Wakefield
    • Emily Keener
    • Ryan Quinn
    • Moushumi
    • Mary Sarah
    • Caity Peters
    • Owen Danoff
    • Mike Schiavo
    • Bryan Bautista
    • Joe Maye
    • Nick Hagelin

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Thought I would make this thread while the forum is relatively inactive, before the rest of the TBA contestants are revealed.


As usual, don't vote for anyone if your favourite is not on the poll, name drop them in the comments, and I'll count their mentions as a vote.


Also, I was not on IDF for these earlier seasons, and for most of these seasons I only really remember a select few performances. So I added people on the list based on number of chair turns and views on youtube. 

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5 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

Since Mary Sarah is looking competitive early on, I felt obligated to vote for her. TPTB actually used a good sound mix for that performance, but then pulled the rug out later. 


The wound that never heals.  😢

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