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🌻 Girl Named Tom Fan Thread 🌻


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add me



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19 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

Added. (I do notice that your username is quite similar to the last user who asked to join. 👀)

I noticed that too, are you the same person? if so just choose which account to use and I can disable one of them :jaswave:

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they ruled for me tonight, so good :wub:

from tvline

Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly), “River” — Grade: A+ | Kelly told the siblings in rehearsal that she was particularly psyched about the siblings’ Joni Mitchell cover as she felt like it let them show off their vocals as individuals as well as as a group. And the way they joined in one by one, I could hear what she meant. At this point in the contest, I’m pretty much out of superlatives to affix to GNT. I will say, though, that it was Bekah’s voice, the sweetest this side of Sarah McLachlan’s, that made me misty-eyed Monday night. I’ve called it before, I’ll call it again: They’re my pick to win Season 21. This was magical.


Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly) and Hailey Mia (Team Kelly), “Hold On” — Girl Named Tom’s grade: B, Hailey’s grade: B+ | My brain almost couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing on this team-up. It reminded me of Up With People — silly and earnest and cheesetastic. (The guys in particular seemed to know it, too.) Vocally, the Wilson Phillips cover was no one’s finest moment, but if the number was about anybody, it was Bekah and Hailey.

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Danm, GNT destroyed all my feelings tonight. I love Joni Mitchell so much that she actually featured in my top 5 artists on Spotify, this year. Right alongside Brandi Carlile, St Vincent, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Isbell. 

River is so beautiful... I honestly couldn't pay attention to the other performances the way I usually do, or comment much on IDF because I was still trying to catch myself after their performance. 

Also, I'm listening on a loop on Facebook. If their views skyrocket tonight, half are mine. 

Sad Michael Jordan GIF

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Wow :omg: They were one of the best on a stacked night. 🤍 Caleb playing on the piano made the performance feel more personal and intimate. Bekah’s voice cut through in such a beautiful way and her range stuns me every time. ✨ And Josh had one of the best moments of the performance- his solo, where he conveyed emotion and vulnerability. They DESERVE the finale and the win, at this point. Their talent is undeniable and I’m glad America is really appreciating a group act on this show again. ☺️

VOTE: https://voice.vote.nbc.com

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