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🌻 Girl Named Tom Fan Thread 🌻


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4 hours ago, Joeamos said:

To hear the depth of Caleb's range, I was struck by the song "In This Heart" by Sinead O'Connor which they sing a Capella on their Hits From the Road, on YouTube, iTunes, or Spotify.  That lower register is something you just don't hear, and it really surprised me.  I wonder if they would dare sing an a Capella piece on The Voice... likely not the forum that would really appreciate it.

The thing that I love about Caleb the most is his tone. His lows with that voice of his - WOW! 😳🤩 

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On 9/23/2021 at 10:12 PM, C12Lou said:



Step Brothers is the Band that Bekah was a part of while she was in high school with some of her friends.  Here in this video they were asked to perform at a school Winter Concert.  Bekah is singing the lead and playing the keyboard. (I believe this is her senior year.)

I just watched this. Obviously, her voice has matured since then, but her clear, airy tone has still remained. 🤩

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On 9/23/2021 at 10:23 PM, C12Lou said:



I have an even further throwback of Caleb and Bekah at a voice recital.  Bekah was very young.  I always have to remember she is 5 years younger than Caleb.  (I don't want to overshare throwbacks but there are more if there is any interest.)

Wow, and Caleb's low notes are insane here! He literally sounds like Andrea Bocelli! 🤩 Bekah's voice has that nice, airy sound to it in this as well. This is a huge song, but they did really well with it back then, which makes me curious to see the masterpiece that they would create with their adult voices. 

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3 minutes ago, Cookie73 said:

Was Bekah born in 2000? Because in that scenario, she was born the same month as one of BK’s all time favorites

I’m not sure. I’m sure @C12Lou would know though, so I’ll wait for them to give a more definite response. I know Bekah shares a birthday with Reagan Strange. 👀 

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