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Weekly Rank the Houseguests: BB23


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On 7/6/2021 at 10:14 PM, *Lily said:
  1. Azah - She is stunning, and her bio ticked all the boxes, I'm really excited to see her.
  2. Hannah - It's a shame we didn't get more pre-season content with her, but idk, I'm getting a really good vibe, I'm excited to see her play.
  3. Tiffany - Honestly I had some interest at the bios but she's become an early favorite of mine with any of the video content. Even in the shorter moments I found her to be captivating.
  4. Claire - I mean, way to knock it out of the park with the bio. Clearly she's prepared a lot for this and I'm really glad she's got the chance to compete even if it came with unfortunate circumstances with Christie's departure, but I can't believe she was an alternate! I just hope she doesn't overplay or flame out early.
  5. Derek F - He won me over even moreso with the video interviews, he's hilarious.
  6. Xavier - Ugh he's so hot. A combination of thirst pick/Danielle Reyes shoutout in the bio brings him here.
  7. Kyland - Seems like a really nice and interesting guy from what I've seen.
  8. Alyssa - She's grown on me the more I've seen her. Seems she's a fan and has applied before which is promising as I was getting recruit vibes. Excited to see her play!
  9. Derek X - I'm interested to get to know more about him, I think he has some potential.
  10. Whitney - She definitely has quite the backstory and all credit to her for how she's turned things around. I'm curious to see what she's like, don't have any big expectations just yet.
  11. Sarah - Seems like a sweet girl although I'm getting Bronte vibes just from that voice! Not sure what to expect of her as a player but I'm open.
  12. Brent - Not sure yet. I thought he was going to come across quite OTT and from clips I've seen I don't get that vibe which was a pleasant surprise for now? Interested to see more on him.
  13. Christian - I think he seems alright but he's kinda fading into the background for me just based on what I've seen so far.
  14. Britini - Lmao her answering one of the US Weekly questions so in-depth that they didn't get around to asking her a second question :dead: Right now I think she's gonna be a little too much for me but we'll see.
  15. Travis - Nothing's standing out to me just yet with him that is exciting me.
  16. Frenchie - Not sure why but he has been the one person that has stuck out to me in a not-so-great way so far. But because it's such early days I'll obviously have to see him more in the game first to see if my mind is changed.


Lol I haven't caught up since Britini's eviction but is my entire pre-season bottom half about to be knocked out :dead:

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1. Tiffany - ONE OF THE ALL TIME GREATS. She is CARRYING this season on her back. 

2. Hannah - My only gripe with her is how she sometimes throws tiffany/azah utb to xavier but she really is impressive. 

3.. Azah - She's such unique casting I love her. 


4. Sarah Beth - I love her lowkey crackhead psycho energy. 

5. Claire - Kinda useless but SUCH a good Tiffany soldier ❤️ 

6. Kyland - How exactly did he pass the psych test? 

7. Alyssa - I'd swap her with Kyland if she wasn't an Xavier minion 

8. DF - Has done quite literally nothing and thinks he's the puppetmaster. 

9. Xavier - Entiteld, cocky, talks down about women, throws tantrums almost daily, etc

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1. Azah - if she won can you IMAGINE the Reddit meltdowns?

2. Tiffany - love how she’s putting in work to win this game. She’s not #1 this week because of her comments about SB and Shelly but I still love her and want her to succeed

3. Sarah Beth - rip sweet angel i can’t wait to write a dissertation on her after the season 

4. Kyland - “I’m setting up a class action lawsuit. Message me or comment if you’d like to join.”

5. Xavier - wouldn’t hate him as a winner, and I don’t hate that he’s trying to keep Alyssa longer because it makes sense for him. But he is on the boring side 

6. Hannah - I still like Hannah a lot, but I really need her to jump back into the spotlight

7.  Claire - you had all that power and threw it away lmao people hate on SB for making a bad move (which I think is debatable given her knowledge) but Claire’s was arguably worse. Still a fun Tiff minion though

8. Alyssa - wow remember when she was a serious contender?

9. Derek F

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1. Tiffany (=) - Star of the show.

2. Azah (+2) - Obsessed with her...?

3. Sarah Beth (+3) - I'm glad to have an unproblematic houseguest who cares so little what America thinks about her. I feel like she kinda gave up after failing to push to get Hannah evicted week four and I wish we got more of that Sarah Beth. If she was less up Kyland's ass, I would've loved her a lot more.

4. Kyland (+3) - This week highkey bored me and #KyComplains gave me the most laughs all week.

5. Hannah (=) - Fine.

6. Claire (-3) - Not her getting the most powerful power and using it to take out Sarah Beth?????? Lol @ Grodner's twist failing again tho. But still! I was rooting for you we were all rooting for you how dare you!

7. Alyssa (+3) - I have never seen someone be so irrelevant after losing their showmance. This is when you're supposed to have your breakout!

8. Derek F (=) - Still has the occasional great moment, but tends to have more bad than good.

9. Xavier (=) - When Azah takes him out >>>>>>>>>

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1. Tiffany - queen of winning back to back hoh’s

2. Azah - she just don’t give af and I love it 

3. Claire - she’s with tiff so…

4. Sarah Beth - she made a move and it backfired oh well 

5. Kyland - I echo Alex’s statements this week 

6. Hannah - meh she let dx go 

7. Derek F - More like big baby lol

8. Alyssa - I forgot she was in the house

9. Xavier - I really hope he is the first one gone from the co

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Gosh I missed so much, Xavier has really taken a hit lately. 🙈 Finally got to catch up on all of the episodes.


1. Tiffany

2. Hannah

3. Azah

4. Kyland

5. Claire

6. Xavier

7. Alyssa

8. Sarah Beth

9. Derek F

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15 rankings this week!


Week 8:

1. Tiffany Mitchell (=) - 1.4

2. Claire Rehfuss (+1) - 3.2

3. Azah Awasum (+1) - 3.6

4. Hannah Chaddha (+1) - 3.7

5. Sarah Beth Steagall (+1) - 4.7

6. Kyland Young (+1) - 5.9

7. Alyssa Lopez (+1) - 6.5

8. Derek Frazier (+1) - 7.9

9. Xavier Prather (+1) - 8.1


Week 9 ranking will go until Saturday, September 11th at 8 pm (48 hours after the double eviction)

-Please no "strategic ranking" (this isn't a game, no need to rank a popular contestant you like low just because you wanna see someone you like more rank higher overall)

-Please don't edit your posts. I like adding up the rankings as I get them. If you feel you have to change something, just rank again and let me know that you're ranking again. I'll use everyone's final rankings in the tally at the end of the week.

-Please include all the houseguests, including the houseguest evicted this week, in your rankings.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Weekly Rank the Houseguests: BB23 (Week 9 Ends 9/11 8pm)

1. Claire - that DR broke me.

2. Alyssa - honestly queen. rooting for u!

3. Hannah - will forever stan u but hate ur loyalty to X.

4. Tiffany - Girl....ur probs screwed tomorrow but o well. It's been fun! Thanks for the great feeds but I'm bitter at you nominating Claire (whilst I do understand why) but nope I'm bitter rn.

5. Azah - useless noah fence.

6. Kyland - please eventually take out X.

7. Derek F. - u are so rude to the women of the CO when you've won NO COMPS pls stfu.

8. Xavier - entitled brat. hypocrite. hope u lose. 



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  • Alex95 changed the title to Weekly Rank the Houseguests: BB23

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