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Weekly Rank the Houseguests: BB23


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Overall (+/- from pre-season)

1. Tiffany (+8) - One of my worst pre-season reads ever and I'm so glad to be wrong. Tiffany became one of my all-time favorite houesguests, what a legend. Just absolutely obsessed with everything about her.

2. Azah (+1) - Highkey, she's also one of my all-time favorite houseguests. She is everything I miss about the show. No metagaming or gamebotting from her. She followed her heart and shook the house up just based on her feelings and whims of the day.

3. Claire (-2) - If there's a houseguest in BB history I'd love to hang out with it's Claire. I could really see myself getting along with her. Does this necessarily translate to good tv? No. If we happened to see Claire again, I'm not confident at all she would deliver. But she ended up getting a great storyline this season so in that regard, she managed to deliver.

4. Derek X (+4) - His fan favorite status is deserved I think. Truly one of the most likable men to ever grace this awful show. Derek X has charm for days and is actually really funny. I fear my love for him may fade as the years go by but as of now, I'm still high on him.

5. Sarah Beth (+1) - We truly didn't appreciate her enough in the moment. We've been begging for an unapologetic villain and that's exactly who Sarah Beth was. It's unfortunate she got played by Kyland so hard because if she wasn't under his spell, I really think she could've been someone special.

6. Kyland (-1) - What a trainwreck. The Kyland journey was a really fun one it kinda reminded me of BB20 Sam. Love, then hate, then ironic love.

7. Britini (=) - I thought she would annoy me, but she won me over. I think her story is great and her veto win is still one of the most exciting moments of the season.

8. Hannah (-4) - She was a great houseguest. She had some good moments, but mainly stayed UTR. I can't say I see what her legions of preteen stans see in her.

9. Whitney (+5) - She had potential, I wouldn't have minded seeing her with a different cast. I think she really wanted to be this Feminist Queen, but I'm not sure if that's 100% who she is.

10. Christian (+1) - I do think he's kind of adorable and likable. He played his role on this season well. Good luck on The Challenge in two years!

11. Alyssa (+2) - She had a lot of potential but she completely LOST the plot after Christian got evicted. I couldn't believe how irrelevant she was despite two vetos wins and a high roller comp win.

12. Xavier (=) - He won. Good for him.

13. Travis (+2) - Fine with him leaving first.

14. Derek F (-12) - He had some really funny moments throughout the season, but the bad far outweighs the good.

15. Frenchie (+1) - He gave us a fun first week, but he still sucks. His performative activism was disgusting.

16. Brent (-6) - Pig. See you never.

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14 rankings overall!


Overall (+/- from pre-season):

1. Tiffany Mitchell (+7) - 1.8

2. Claire Rehfuss (-1) - 3.6

3. Derek Xiao (+3) - 3.8

4. Hannah Chaddha (-1) - 4.4

5. Azah Awasum (-3) - 5.7

6. Sarah Beth Steagall (+4) - 6.1

7. Alyssa Lopez (-2) - 8.1

8. Kyland Young (+1) - 8.9

9. Whitney Williams (-5) - 9.0

10. Britini D'Angelo (+3) - 9.2

11. Xavier Prather (=) - 10.1

12. Christian Birkenberger (+2) - 10.4

13. Travis Long (+3) - 12.6

14. Brent Champagne (-2) - 13.5

15. Brandon "Frenchie" French (=) - 14.1

16. Derek Frazier (-9) - 14.6

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Tiffany had a few minor dips, but she pretty much remained the fan-favorite the entire season. Claire, Derek X, Hannah, and Azah were all always right behind her.

Kyland and Sarah Beth were pretty polarizing, starting off more popular and then dropping off a bit. However, both ended up finishing in the top half.

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