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Who Won The Battle? Amanda Brown vs Trevin Hunte


Who won the battle  

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    • Trevin Hunte
    • Amanda Brown

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Thinking of making this a series, but only doing it with the most evenly matched of battles.


One of the most iconic battles in all of the voice US. Both of them did great. Trevin matched Amanda's range which is insane, and he's only 18 at this point!!!!! But I also think he was slightly shakier


Ceelo went with Trevin as the winner, but every coach pressed their steal button for Amanda. At this point of the show the other coach's didn't say who they would have picked.


And if you skim the comments on youtube, there doesn't seem to be a consensus on who the winner is, in fact, only one comment I came across even declared a winner..


So, who do yall think won this battle? Do you agree with Ceelo that Trevin was better? Or did Amanda win the battle for you?



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I know this battle got a lot of hype back in the day (first ever triple steal, a one chair turn standing up to a frontrunner, huge song, etc), but I´m not a fan of it really. It was a show, for sure, but they were both very noticeably off-key in some of the more powerful parts. 


As for the winner, while I think Trevin pulled off the bigger moments, Amanda was way more consistent. So I´d give it to her.

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I have never tried to choose between the two. Trevin had a much better audition, but Amanda really stepped it up in the battle, and I thought that both killed it. This is the first battle I watched and was amazed by. One of my T5 battles in the history of the show

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Honestly, I agree with @Misirlou, it wasn't as spectacular as everyone hyped it up to be. There were some off-key moments thsre


Although, I myself, was honestly amazed at it on first listen back then, maybe because of the high notes and all? and the coaches seemed to hyped it up a lot during the battle itself 😂


But, I'd say Amanda was in more control here. Idk but Trevin's tone is not my cup of tea 💀 

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I did not think this would be lopsided, I thought they were evenly matched. Oh well.


I do agree about the off key moments during this performance. 


On an unrelated note. We're the early seasons of the voice battle, BA and knockouts live? 


I feel like if this battle were to happen now, it would sound even better..

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