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Who is your favorite among these?

Hamza Tufail

Who's Your Favorite  

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  1. 1. Pick one

    • Cami Clune
    • Carter Rubin
    • DeSz
    • Julia Cooper
    • Payge Turner
    • Ryan Gallagher
    • Sid Kingsley

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Desz for me was usually one of, if not the best of every round with the exception of finale night and arguably playoffs (which was a weak round for almost everyone in general)


HM mention to Julia though, since out of everyone, she has my favourite performance.


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Sid was my favorite from a stylistic perspective, and I also thought he gave a pretty strong performance in every round. 


HMs to Cami and Payge. They were great as well.


I liked some Desz performances, but she didn't do too much for me as a whole. Julia had my favorite audition of the season but I wasn't a fan of her other performances. Ryan didn't live up to the clips of him years ago that I loved. Carter, I just never got into.

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Cami and Sid are probably my personal favorites. I didn’t watch the first half this season live but I remember really liking every performance from them in prelives. I really liked all of Cami’s performances except for her semifinal (her PO was also my favorite that round), and I liked Sid’s PO, even though his prelives were better. And of course, their tones are both excellent. 


Honorable mentions to Carter and Desz.

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Sid and Ryan were solid throughout but never blew me away. I wouldn't mind either advancing further but didn't care much for their elimination.

Carter and Cami did blow me away but only once (Rainbow Connection and Skinny Love), everything else lands in the good category (excluding The Joke obviously). I see why they advanced but I'm not rushing to YT to have it on repeat.

Payge is the opposite. I wouldn't say she had a big moment that propelled her to being my favorite but every performance was pretty good, almost great. I think the show crippled her in showcasing her artistry. 

Desz was great! I'm not big on token divas for the season but she definitely stands out. While vocally inferior to some of the divas we had, her inventive runs, arrangements and tone really made her a frontrunner. 

Julia is definitely among my Top 10 favorite artist from the Voice ever! Amazing tone, great vocals, perfect lane. Poised and connected when performing. Great stage presence. Nothing but superlatives.


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