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~The Masked Singer - IDF Edition~


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Welcome to The Masked Singer:w00tbounce:


This is a competition I've been thinking of starting for quite some time now. Considering we're on a forum about singing, I'd be willing to bet that a lot of you also love to sing yourselves. With this competition, you'll get to do just that... all under a bit of anonymity. ;) 


Each week, one contestant selected by the randomizer will choose the week's theme, and every contestant will record themselves singing a song that fits the theme. The singers will be put up for a vote, with the voters deciding the week's bottom 3 (or 2 in later stages). The scores from the judges will decide who leaves the competition, and at that point, the week's eliminee will be unmasked! 


So here's how sign-ups will work. If you would like to compete, DO NOT sign up in the thread. Obviously, you'll want to make sure your involvement in this competition remains anonymous. When you send in your application, all you'll need to give me is an image of the "character" you're competing as and their name. You can play as basically any character you want. The only other thing you will need to compete is a SoundCloud account where you can upload your MP3s each week (if you're not sure how to create MP3s, you can do so with recording software such as Audacity and a microphone). You'll need to change the username of your SoundCloud account to match the "character" you're playing as (and preferably start a new account to hide any indication of who you might be). 


Contestant sign-ups will remain open until we have twelve contestants. They will be first come, first serve and, once again, done anonymously. HOWEVER, if you would like to sign up as a judge instead, you may do so in the thread. Your responsibilities as a judge will involve submitting commentary for each week's performances and a ranking of them from best to worst. 


If you have any other questions or even suggestions, you can reach out to me through PM. I'm looking forward to hearing you guys sing! :spaz:





~Weekly Index~


Top 12 Week: TBD



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  • rdhaley96 changed the title to ~The Masked Singer - IDF Edition~

If this was 10 years ago it would be OVER for y'all hahaha


In the words of Jennifer Hudson in her song Only Woman feat. Fantasia :



If this was 10 years ago, I'd be at your front door, ready to whoop yo' ass.
But you know what; I'm too grown for that.
I ain't got nothing else to say.


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Yeah, we'll see if this game gets any traction. I haven't had anyone ask about it or sign up in a few days, so I assumed it was dead in the water. :haha:


I guess we'll just see what happens over the next few days. I might just let it die if people don't show enough interest, lol.


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