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June 27th Backyard Country BBQ ~ Anchorage Alaska

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The sound check I posted is one of three short clips ..they are of Scotty and the band from sound check this afternoon .


They are having problems with all the videos posted right now ..on Ericksons and the Radio Station ..hope it gets corrected SOON


Right now the local guy Elvis is performing on stage  for the crowd.

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Final day in Alaska. Starting with the main reason I came here…a @scottymccreery concert. A great time had by all. Before that a wildlife bonanza. Climbing rams, moose, brown bears, eagles and more. Then off to see a glacier and the beautiful Turnagain Arm. Ended the day by taking float plane ride around Anchorage. Thanks @regal_air and Ellie for making that happen. Lastly the sun sets on this trip, but hopefully another one is around the corner. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQqCY2_jFgJ/
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We got photos, videos, live IG stories, FB entries, etc.  Thanks to Sandy for gathering all of these things for us.  If she feels like I do, she will be napping shortly, lol.  Not used to being up until 3 am!

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