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Best blind audition of The Voice S20


Who had the best blind audition of S20  

40 members have voted

  1. 1. Who had the best blind

    • Cam Anthony
    • Savanna Woods
    • Corey Ward
    • Dana Monique
    • Kenzie Wheeler
    • Victor Solomon
    • Raine Stern
    • Lindsay Joan
    • Zae Romeo
    • Avery Roberson
    • Carolina Rial
    • Anna Grace
    • Zania Alake
    • Gihanna Zoe
    • Other (please mention their name)

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I know the discussion of best blind of this season has been discussed a lot, but I went through the search engine and don't think I saw a poll on it ( sorry if there was). Maybe I'll do the same thing with blinds from every season, and then have a poll for the winners. Assuming it hasn't already been done. Because bored.


Since I can't add every blind, someone's favourite audition will surely be missing, please mention and I'll count them

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4 minutes ago, Hamza Tufail said:



I really loved Zae, Halley, Victor as well but Cam was undeniably the best.

On a technical level, maybe ( can't say, I'm no proffesional) but I actually preffered the auditions you mentioned to his plus a few more (Dana, Raine, lindsay)


I am starting to appreciate his audition more though.

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