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Best Knockout of All Time?


Best Knockout of All Time?  

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  1. 1. Pick One

    • Loren Allred - "You Know I'm No Good" (S4)
    • Alisan Porter - "River" (S10)
    • Hannah Huston - "House of the Rising Sun" (S10)
    • Chris Blue - "Superstition" (S12)
    • Janice Freeman - "I'm Goin Down" (S13)
    • Emily Luther - "Glitter in the Air" (S13)
    • chloe mk (Chloe Kohanski) - "Landslide" (S13)
    • Brooke Simpson - "Natural Woman" (S13)
    • Kyla Jade - "You Don't Own Me" (S14)
    • Brynn Cartelli - "Here Comes Goodbye" (S14)
    • Makenzie Thomas - "How Deep is Your Love" (S15)
    • Chevel Shepherd - "Traveling Soldier" (S15)
    • Deandre Nico - "Wanted" (S15)
    • Rose Short - "Big White Room" (S17)
    • Cam Anthony - "Feeling Good" (S20)

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I think this poll should include the 15 most iconic KOs so far... To determine the 15 options, I chose the KOs that appeared to be generally the most popular on this forum as well as some of the ones with the highest view counts on YouTube. I think I included the most iconic KOs on this poll, but if I missed your favorite, just comment it below!


Some that I wanted to include were Shalyah Fearing (With a Broken Wing), Zae Romeo (Electric Love), Vanessa Ferguson (If I Were Your Woman), Morgan Frazier (Even If It Breaks Your Heart), Sharane Callister (All I Could Do Was Cry), Davon Fleming (I Can Only Imagine), and Noah Mac (Hold Back the River), but I didn't think any of those would get enough votes. I also didn't include India Carney's KO (Big White Room) purely because I think Rose's cover is more popular and would receive more votes even though I think India was superior...

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7 minutes ago, ikwonic said:

Vanessa Ferguson (If I Were Your Woman)


this and Ali's No Ordinary Love were my faves as well


this is like the hardest question lol these are all so good, but I had to pick Rose's BWR because the feels + vocals + execution were all on point. but I love all of these performances


it'll be interesting to see who wins the poll this time 👀

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1. Kyla

2. Rose

3. Chloe

4. Cam

5. Alisan

6. Chris

7. Janice 

8. Emily

9. MacKenzie 

10. Brooke

11. Chevel

12. Loren

13. Hannah

14. Brynn

^All of those are great 

I don’t get why DeAndre is here

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1. Cam

2. Chris

3. Kyla

4. Chloe

5. Hannah

6. Loren

7. Brynn

8. Chevel

9. DeAndre

10. Alisan

11. Emily

12. Makenzie

13. Rose

14. Janice

15. Brooke


But overall Jordan has my all-time favorite KO. Tess, Todd, Craig, Sawyer, and Mathew would be in my top 10 as well.


EDIT: Forgot Kyla.

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49 minutes ago, ikwonic said:

some of the ones with the highest view counts on YouTube.

Then you should've added Jordan and Kirk Jay as well. Jordan had more than 10M and Kirk had 8M. They were probably the most viewed KOs ever.

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I don’t know if I’d include Brooke on this poll. Her Knockout was good but it wasn’t one of the best of all time.


Some I really like that aren’t on the list
Corey Ward (Already Gone)

Carter Rubin (You Say)

Cammwess (Say Something)

Max Boyle (When the Party’s Over)

Jake Hoot (Cover Me Up)

Davon Fleming (I Can Only Imagine)

Shalyah Fearing (A Broken Wing)

Jordan Smith (Set Fire to the Rain)

Viktor Kiraly (If I Ain’t Got You)

Matthew Schuler (Cosmic Love)
Will Champlin (When I Was Your Man)

There are many other great Knockouts but these are some that I remember the best.

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10 minutes ago, Daillon said:

Some of these options :whut: Also, skipping S4-S9 in a best KOs thread should be illegal.

I didn't include anything pre-S10 apart from Loren because I assumed recency bias would prevent them from getting any votes 😕 

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In all seriousness,  I loved Corey’s , Kylas, Kyndal, Ricky Braddy, Zania/Vanessa, Lauren Duski, Gihanna Zoe, Anna Grace, Emily Luther, Pia Renee, Cam Anthony,  Marina Chello, Jake Hoot, Cali Wilson, Rose Short and Nataisa Greyclouds.

yes i loved all those knockouts all we’re IMO some of the best performances.

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