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The Voice US Rankdown (Winner Reveal pg. 117)


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7 minutes ago, *Lily said:

The way I kinda want it to be India just so it is the quickest I've ever flopped in an endgame :wub:

If you gave Kimberly a low rating to help India, I am permanently disavowing you!

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15. Kat Perkins

Season 6 - 4th Place


Kat Perkins: Christina Grimmie Will Probably Win The Voice 'by a Landslide'


Average: 11.13



Elliott - 6/15

Andrew - 8/15

Public - 9/15

MJ - 12/15

QK - 12/15

Lily - 13/15

TVITT - 14/15

Chris - 15/15





I mean, duh. 😘  Kat Perkins was the OG queen of the instant save, and her three Instant Save performances were among the best performances from S6. :wub: I also find her ability as a vocalist super underrated on here... like homegirl got assigned both Chandelier and Let It Go in the SAME NIGHT and still lived to tell the tell. ICONIC. I also love that she put out studio recordings of her three Instant Save performances because she knew it's what her fans wanted. Philanthropic icon!





8. Kat Perkins - Ah yes Kat, queen of the Instant Save, Perkins. No one could turn out a performance when they needed it most like her. She first landed in the bottom 3 at the Top 10 and somehow won two Instant Saves in a row and sealed herself a spot in the Top 5. I still think it would have been hilarious if she won that third one and ended up in the finale but there was no way with Christina in the Bottom 3 singing Apologize. Still, because of her instant save wins we got to see her sing Daft Punk's "Get Lucky", Heart's "Barracuda" and won of the most difficult one-two punches of song choices in one night: "Let It Go" from Frozen and Sia's "Chandelier" which she still, somehow, nailed. Regardless of how you feel about Kat, I don't think there is any denying that she can sing her face off and because I love an underdog, she ranks here for me.





Lol why is and how did she even get in the finals? Elliott be playing too many games. 😘 :giggle: She’s alright but not that memorable to me.  - Wallace



Kat is an interesting choice in my opinion.  I liked her slaying the sing for your lives but we could have had someone like Ali, Amber or Hannah in her place and we'd be better for it.  - Sola





 KAT PERKINS, Season 6, Team Adam



Can I just say Season 6 was a lowkey fantastic season that didn’t deserve the flak it got? There’s so many underrated talents here, and if they didn’t reduce the live shows this season and went with Season 5’s format instead, it would have been a perfect season. Anyway, Kat Perkins is one of those underrated S6 talents that I absolutely loved. She’s the token rocker chick of the season, an archetype that sadly isn’t seen anymore in the most recent seasons of The Voice, and I absolutely love her swagger, stage presence and her surprisingly terrific pitch control. I do think she kinda tired herself out during the Live Shows, especially at Semifinals night when she had to sing Chandelier and Let it Go, which is BANANAS if you think about it, but boy did she give it the good ol’ college try. I would have actually placed her in the S6 finale easily over Jake, but alas, Minivan’s gotta Minivan. I also remember Kat for being one of the friendliest Voice contestants ever. She’s very responsive to fans on Twitter, and I remember her following me back after hyping up her audition. I also heard stories from other Voice contestants regarding her, and I’ve heard nothing but positive stuff about how hardworking she is and how serious she is about her craft. Love to see it! I would summarize her post Voice career here, but she’s done SO MUCH in terms of nonprofit work, public speaking, music production, and live performances that I don’t have time to fit it all here, but I do recommended going to her website at katperkinsmusic.com to see what she’s up to. We stan an earnest, hardworking musician!



Why is no one talking about this performance?? This was FANTASTIC! This has so much trainwreck potential, but the control she showed her is perfect! This >>>>>> Dream On, TBH.





 Kat Perkins was on season 6 of the Voice and was on Team Adam. Kat is someone I barely remember and I loved season 6. They had a lot of talented singers on that season but they stuck out to me way more than Kat did but Kat is here in the top 15 so I have to do a 100 word write up on her since she's in my bottom 5. Kat sang a bunch of songs on the voice one of them being Landslide which was done better by a ton of different artists but I will link it below if anyone wants to listen to it.









I think Kat is pretty cool and has a great style/voice, not necessarily one that I would typically root for. Congrats to her on making the endgame but just not a standout in this top 15 to me. Wtf happened with her song choices by the end too?! She went from Stevie Nicks to... "Get Lucky" and "Let it Go"?! What in the 2014 is this. Adam Levine I demand an apology. Anyway, I like Kat overall and think she's done some cool stuff, but just not a big enough fave for me to rank any higher than this.








This rock singer impressed the coaches with her version of Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman" where she was able to turn 3 chairs including her eventual coach, Adam Levine - I do remember being impressed by her audition although she's not the typical contestant that I find myself to root for. 


She continued to impress during her battle with Patrick Thomas - she was assigned another Stevie Nicks song so it was no surprises that she was able to slay that song choice.  As this season featured a second battle round where she found herself paired against Dawn & Hawkes as they took on "Suddenly I See" - I personally preferred Dawn & Hawks as I thought the arrangements worked more for them than Kat, and I prefer their style more than Kat's.   For her first individual performance during the playoff, she took on "Open Arms" by Journey where I thought she delivered a nice vocal performance - it was very a nice change of sound for Kat as we were more used to her singing more upbeat rock songs.   

In time for the first live performances, Kat continued to go in her comfort zone by delivering a performance of Heart's "Magic Man" - I never really cared for the performance but it seems that enough of the general public preferred it as she was able to make it onto the next week of the competition.  The following week, Kat took on yet another song by Fleetwood Mac where she went with "Landslide" which was a good performance but there's nothing that really setted her apart from any other versions of the song - I do not believe that she should have been in the bottom after that performance though, but I didn't mind her being there as she delivered a killer performance of "Paris (Oh la La)". 


After surviving her first appearance in the bottom, she took on "Get Lucky" which I did not like at all - it was a nice change of pace but being out of her comfort zone did not work for me. Luckily, she brought it back during the instant save where she gave an impressive performance of "Barracuda".     She was able to survive that instant save and making it into the semifinals where she put her own twist on "Let It Go" and "Chandelier" - I am unsure about the song choices but it certainly felt that the bus was coming for her as these songs were not very Kat Perkins-like and I do not care at all for her rendition.  And it seems the public agreed with me as she found herself in the Instant Save for the third time where she sang Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl" - she gave us an okay performance of it; It was nothing special; She found herself eliminated from the competition when she faced off against Christina Grimmie who had a stellar social media presence and her coach pushed for Christina more than Kat in the Instant Save which is a further evidence that the bus was coming for her. 

Overall, Kat Perkins is someone that is certainly talented when she stays in her genre but when she ventures too much out of it, for me personally, there's a bit of disconnection. And I found her to be a tad bit inconsistent mainly due to some of the song choices - certainly one of the more inconsistent contestant for me in the Top 15;  I do not dislike her but she's one that I wouldn't have had in the Top 1 5 especially over someone like Hannah Huston who missed out on a place in the Top 15.   But congrats to Elliott for bringing her to this point.


@sublymonal @*Chris @Elliott @*Lily @Teraginn @QueenKalie @thevoiceisthetop


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Kat coming in last!?


On 1/1/2021 at 8:37 PM, DWTSFan2001 said:

Good luck with the game then - that's me out of IDF permanently. Not wasting one more second of my precious life on a place with this much toxicity and judgement of people.

  • Haha 6
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42 minutes ago, *Lily said:

Lol I kinda mention this in both my writeups but it was hard watching this season as both an India/Kimberly fan at this point, being relieved that India managed to make it through again but also outraged that Kimberly was robbed. :dead:

I felt the same exact way. :dead: It was such an odd feeling. :haha: 

40 minutes ago, Elliott said:

The way we could've had the GOAT of finales with Kimberly, Koryn, Meghan and India, but the two mediocre men had to ruin it. :/


Also I will forever judge The Voice subforum on here after the "comments" they made about Kimberly during S8 dotdotHMMMT

That would have been an amazing finale. ❤️ 


And lol who was the other man (outside of Sawyer) in that final? I literally don't remember. :dead:  

33 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Trying to downplay her vocal ability after HOTRS and claiming that she "stole" Haley's arrangement for Creep and should be disqualified (🙄). My personal favourite was after she did Dirty Diana and people complained that she was too cocky (like okay sorry you're all bothered by a black woman knowing she's the best vocalist this show will ever have!) or that she made it too sexual by thrusting into the microphone stand.


Me reliving those comments:


Ugh this is sad and disappointing but hardly surprising. :broken: 

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20 minutes ago, Elliott said:

If you gave Kimberly a low rating to help India, I am permanently disavowing you!

Now why do you think Lily would do that - when she loves them both? :lmao: :dead: 

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2 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I mean you also love Brandy.

Surprised you didn't mention Zendaya there. 🙈


BUT I have my reasons for doing what I had to do in those games.  :haha: 

2 minutes ago, *Chris said:

to quote Olivia Rodrigo : "good 4 u"


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