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The Voice US Rankdown (Winner Reveal pg. 117)


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Abby Cates vs Matt McAndrew

Caroline Pennell vs Cami Clune

Britton Buchanan vs Billy Gilman

Michael Williams vs Gyth Rigdon

Ricky Braddy vs Jake Hoot

Cory Ward vs Adam Cunningham

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Matt McAndrew


Matt was one of the few guys on The Voice that I actually liked. They haven't had a lot of male rockers period and a couple of the ones they had weren't that good. But there was a couple that I did like and Matt was one of them.  Matt was on Team Adam and was the runner up on season 7. I thought Matt was gonna win but the actual winner was kinda tragic lol.  The performance I remember the most of Matt's was his performance of "Take Me to Church" I thought that was quite good. But while I like Matt he's next to Abby so he can go now I guess lol. 


Here's his "Take Me to Church"  performance.



Saving Abby Cates

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Gyth was kind of a de facto favourite for mine in his season, as all of my actual favourites wound up being cut in the Battles or Knock-outs or at the Comeback Stage stage. (Sheesh, I remember how they tried to make that a thing for two seasons.) He was a country singer on Blake Shelton's team, so of course his song choices were bland, boring and predictable. He even did God Bless the USA. How riveting. I checked out Gyth's original music and dug it, and since it's not exactly like I rooted for Andrew, Dexter or the definition of bland that was Maelyn, Gyth was who I rooted for. However, his Instagram is full of photos of him killing animals as a hunter, he mocked the mask mandate last summer and posted about voting for Tr*mp, so I have no qualms eliminating him here over a twink from Cincinnati.


SAVE: Michael Williams

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Britton Buchanan took part in the 14th season of The Voice, a season that I don't particularily about. He was part of Team Alicia Keys who scored him after Blake blocked Adam Levine during Britton's blind audition where he performed Ray LaMontagne's Trouble - I thought he did a good job with it but not my favourite cover of the song.  He was then assigned one of the most overrated song of our generation aka Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" - I lowkey would have given the win to Jaclyn Lovey as I thought she sounded really good on the song but she never had a chance against one of TCO from the start.   Following his win in the battle, he went on to win his knockout round with "New York State of Mind" where he didn't really impress me but to be honest, no one ever impressed me with song ever since Kimberley Locke performed it on Idol during the 3rd season (note: there's only a few versions that I would put close to Kimberley's version and Britton's version ain't it).  For the remainder of competition, Britton didn't really perform anything that was "OMG worthy" - most of his song choices were either choices or predictable. I really wish he would have been able to give us more performances like his audition so I guess that's my favourite of his by default; I guess "What's Love Got To Do With It" was decent but still nothing remarkable, in my opinion. 

Anyway, I am actually surprised that Britton was able to make it this far despite me choosing him as a fodder for the other contestant on my team :ph34rwave: 



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ADAM CUNNINGHAM, Season 13, Team Adam




Here's an artist that I thought was unfairly criticized and maligned during his admittedly stacked season. Adam has the kind of country voice I like: gritty, powerful and pleasing to the ear unlike some of his predecessors and successors. And I remembered him on the show as being very chill and appreciative of the opportunity to being on the Voice stage for as long as he did, a quality that over the years I learned was very important for a snowflake of mine to have. While he wasn't exactly snowflake material for me, I definitely liked the energy and presence he delivered on stage, and he didn't deserve the vitriol he got during the S13 live shows. He seems to be doing well in spite of the show, at least, although he did have a health scare recently where he had to have a tumor taken out of his eye, but he seems to be better now, so keep at it Adam!


FAVORITE PERFORMANCE: Midnight Rider (Blind Auditions)


Shoutout as well to his performances of Amazed and Have a Little Faith in Me!

SAVING: Corey Ward ❤️❤️❤️


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Jake Hoot (S17, Winner, Team Kelly)


I like Jake because he was on Kelly’s team and he won, but I also liked Rose and Ricky during the finale so his win was kind of bittersweet for me. But mostly I like him because IDF hates him.


Jake’s audition was shown in the third episode. He sang Luke Combs’ “When It Rains, It Pours” and Kelly was the only one who turned for him, which worked out well for him.

In the Battle Rounds, he sang “Always On My Mind” against Steve Knill and won. In the Knockouts, he sang Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up” against Melissa Rodriguez and won again. Then in love playoffs, he sang Reba’s “You Lie” and advanced on the Public Vote.


As we all know, he won, so I won’t detail all of his performances by my person favourite of his was actually his Christmas duet to “Wintersong” with Kelly. Their voices actually compliment each other really well and Kelly, once again, proved she was the best coach by recording a duet with him for his first album.


With all that said, I like Jake and I’m glad he won but Ricky is gay and deserved better on the show so he gets to stay.


save: Ricky Braddy



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